Rage Td 2 V.1.48

Rage TD 2 (Full Arcade Map)

Sep 13, 2015 Release
As promised and as said in the latest and last update, Rage TD 2 has been posted on SC2Mapster for anyone to mess with and change and publish. You are freely allowed to take this map and copy things or change things and post it on the Starcraft 2 with the given credit to me SirStig. Latest update 1.50: Wondering what Rage TD 2 is? It is a fun Rage game that is also a TD or Tower Defense. It has items, towers, waves, and much more to keep the fun coming! Note: It also makes you RAGE! Go check...

Random Unit Arena By Cstorm

Jun 06, 2011 Beta
Based on the original Starcraft 1 game "Random Unit Arena". Two teams of 4 compete with randomly chosen units to destroy the enemy Planetary fortress. If your random units die, new random units will spawn back at your base. Supports up to 8 players(+2 Computers) Have fun, and send bugs or errors to me at Sc2Mapster.Com
Overview 3

Racing Tower Defense

Aug 30, 2010 Alpha
77 LVL 4v4 Tower Defense Racing map ! Beat the final wave first ! You can retry every wave and keep all income from the mobs. Every Tower you build spawns a unit which you can micro to beat the wave faster / more efficient. Currently Alpha - 71 lvls implemented, all towers implemented If you want to help me test my map and you are on european bnet, please add me: Char: TheDuke Code: 146 Server: EU Change log: v0.8: lvls 72 - 77 added ! 11 bosses added ! autocast enabled for several mobs...

Retribution 2015

Aug 23, 2010 Beta
Retribution 2015 The object of this game is keep the monsters that spawn at designated locations from getting to the Temple of Retribution. In order to do this, you construct structures (towers) that will attack the monsters on their way to the Temple. The monsters attempt to follow a set path on their way to the Temple. They will attempt to touch each glowing hexagon on the way from their spawn point to the Temple. If you completely wall off the hexagon, then the monsters will go around it....