Baseship Commanders

Baseship Commanders

Oct 06, 2016 Alpha
Baseship Commanders is a 5v5 arena battle in which the objective of the game is to destroy the other teams Oblivion Towers. Upon entering the game, players choose a team, and then choose a warship hero. It is a traditional MOBA in the sense of choosing a warship hero with a slight twist. Each team is also required to have 1 Base Commander who is in charge of constructing base defense, researching new technologies, and equipping Ship Commanders with powerful buffs which can turn the tide of a...

BattleCraft (unlocked)

Apr 01, 2014 Release
UBC : is a Triple Star Crown perspective on BattleCraft BCU and its components
Spank My Kerrigan!

Black & White - Pet Kerrigan

Nov 05, 2011 Release
This map is just like using the creature in "Black & White." That combined with a tower defense style game play. Months were spent working out the AI to a point where it's rather enjoyable to play with her. Teaching Kerrigan how to help you defend the base is crucial to surviving as long as you can. If she does something wrong, discipline her. If she does good, reward her. Also she won't do anything unless she sees you do it first. Then she will copy you. If you love Black & White, you'll...

Black and White

Jul 22, 2011 Mature
Black and White ==== EU/US It's a map (top vs bot, 1v3-1v3) that features all the units of SC2 The goal is to defend your Planetary Fortress from the enemy army...and destroy the other one, buying units There is a custom way to buy units and other stuff (just by clicking them!!), there are group of units with relative upgrades at each angle of the map, (Terran,Zerg,Protoss,Mercenary) Your army is AI controlled When you buy a unit you get more income,mercenary doesn't give any income as well.....


Feb 12, 2011 Planning
The new generation of TPS (Third Person Shooter)! Play with 5 Mates against 6 Opponents. Capture the Towers and kill the Boss to win! Functions: -Zoom -Reload -Flashlight and much more! See the great World with lots of Doodads, and learn all Unit Types :)

Bunker Push

Dec 18, 2010 Planning
Basically tug of war with bunkers. Fill your bunkers, place a new one upon the ashes, and advance

Burn Wars

Sep 17, 2010 Release
Erhöre dein Einkommen durch das Töten von gegnerischen Einheiten und versuch die gegnerischen Festungen zu zerstören. - 30 verschiedene Einheiten - 3 Einheitenforschungsgebiete Schaden der Waffen Lebenpunkteerhöhung Angrifstemp


Sep 05, 2010 Planning

Bad Guys Go Around The Circle

Aug 24, 2010 Beta
Two teams of up to 4 players battle it out in a Red Circle TD esque version of tower defense called Bad Guys Go Around The Circle. If you have played Red Circle TD many of the towers will look familiar to you. We based out towers on the look and feel of this popular TD. But after late nights of SC beta and loads of drinking made us miss the TD's of old and in an homage to Skivi's Castle for War craft 3 We decided to Make Bad guys Go Around The Circle. Packed With Mini games and NEW SUPER...

Base wars

Jun 23, 2010 Alpha
An TD of three teams where the goal is to destroy the other teams "base" by sending waves of units while building towers to defend your own teams "base". Will be using the same money method as the old Line Tower Wars from WC3 as in increasing the income by building attacking units.