Stranded on Krydon Renewed Icon

Stranded on Krydon Renewed

Oct 15, 2016 Release
Stranded on Krydon Renewed Description: You have crash landed on the hostile, jungle, infested world of krydon. You and 0-3 other SCVs are the only surviviors of the crash. You must gather resources, explore & find abandoned structures to survive Zerg attack waves at night & find a way to escape or Conquer Krydon! Stranded on Krydon Renewed is a renewed version of the original Stranded on Krydon created by nagnazul. Because I really like Stranded on krydon I decided to create my own. How to...

Ambush: Alien Encounter

Jun 07, 2016 Planning
SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Game is currently in Alpha (meaning it is playable, though EXPECT bugs (I will be/have opened some tickets of current known bugs as known on version 0.49)) Many details are not available at this time, the map is going through some growth and change and as a result details are not available at this time. Will update as to the current situation soon in an announcement here (the map was released Christmas Eve of 2014 A.D. (Eastern Time)) The big changes will occur either in...

Train Station: Zombie Apocalypse

Apr 10, 2016 Planning
Train Station: Zombie Apocalypse The goal of this map is basic, survive as long as you can using buildings and your hero. (Timed) For buildings, an SCV will always be available to spawn at your hero, free of charge. Your hero MUST SURVIVE at all cost! Your resource income will arrive through one or multiple cargo vehicles. Optionally, you will be able to find rare items around the map, increase the amount of resources vehicle can carry and the speed of the cargo vehicle. More information...
New Terrain

Battle Probes

Feb 07, 2016 Release
The Protoss have created a grand facility devoted to the testing of Prototype Probes in an attempt to create the ultimate war machine. This is a top down, free for all, killing spree map; controlled by mouse position in combination with space bar. Weapons are fired with left mouse click and other upgrades are use with right click. Now you can also gain points by gathering minerals, gas, and Terrazine and returning them to the Protoss Beacon. Two movement systems are available: WASD and mouse...
The Rage TD V.1.3 (Source-Edited)

The Rage TD (Full Arcade Map)

Sep 16, 2015 Release
As said in the latest update of The Rage TD the full source of the game has been posted here on SC2! There have been some changes to the fact to disallow cheating! The special login codes have been deleted and the bank values changed as well! This is a Tower Defense map with 3 modes and 4 different difficultys. It has 100 waves, 15 Items, and a lot more. Created based off the Original Rage TD(Created by: Korvin Gump) and the Original Rage TD 2(Created by: Myself, SirStig). Feel free to do...
Rage Td 2 V.1.48

Rage TD 2 (Full Arcade Map)

Sep 13, 2015 Release
As promised and as said in the latest and last update, Rage TD 2 has been posted on SC2Mapster for anyone to mess with and change and publish. You are freely allowed to take this map and copy things or change things and post it on the Starcraft 2 with the given credit to me SirStig. Latest update 1.50: Wondering what Rage TD 2 is? It is a fun Rage game that is also a TD or Tower Defense. It has items, towers, waves, and much more to keep the fun coming! Note: It also makes you RAGE! Go check...
Battle Station

Terran Moon Base Lockdown

Jul 07, 2015 Beta
Terran Moon Base Lockdown Description This is a Large Fortress Base defense map. It is up to Jim Raynor and his band of rebels to protect the moon base from the dark protoss. Swann is a expert at machinery he can build Generators and Turrets to help protect the base and repair them as well. Map Info Hero Base Defense How to Win Survive against the Dark Protoss How to play Basic Instructions Setup Defense and Protect the Base Complete the Loki Battlecruiser Advance Instructions MULEs don't die...
arcade pic

Hero Survival J

May 23, 2015 Beta
battlenet://starcraft/map/1/253683 5 player coop hero survival. WOOT MADE TOP PLAYED GAME #8 NA ....AAAND FALLING OFF NOW v.v I occationally steam the game at my first stream was not archived unfortunately because I didn't know how, but I hope I can save all coming broadcasts for you guys to see what its like ^_^ each hero has a passive trait and 4 unique active abilities that have 4 upgrade stages. one of these abilities is an "ult" and one passive ability....
Pew pew die!

ZombieCraft 0.2a

Feb 08, 2015 Release
Sup guys. This is a sandbox style map, it contains a lot of all new models of units and buildings. There is no goal - just kill zombies, orcs or bosses, get money, train units. Also you can change weather, day time, night time, fog, orc or/and zombie spawn. Open imported files - there are lots of new units and buildings that i have not used. This is just a second test of my map, its really really raw.


Nov 09, 2014 Alpha
Join 7 other players and survive the zombie outbreak in Eden on Mars. Investigate and discover the secrets of Eden.

Zombie Survival - Stop Watch

Jul 24, 2014 Alpha
Zombie Survival - Stop Watch This map is a remake of the original map. The first map was create in Starcraft BW an easy 10 years ago. Description You and your team of self selected heroes are stranded atop a city building during your last stand as you defend against which seems like an endless zombie horde. If your safe house becomes overrun you all lose since survival without a safe house is miniscule. However, venture out and you may not regret it. There is a 'stop watch'-like timer on the...


Jun 15, 2014 Planning
hi i havent got a clue what im doing :)
First Trailer released..!

The Viacre - Chapter 01 [The Probes]

May 22, 2014 Release
The Viacre - Chapter 01 [Probes] Do you like creepy things, horror, or puzzle solving, or just finding mysteries....? ...... What will you do if you wake up in an unknown room, with no memories about yourself? ... This map tells a story about the 7 probes waking up at an unknown research center called the "Param Value." An unknown voice whispers to them, giving them help.... But why..? The voice never reveals itself, but only helps the Probes from afar, by giving them hints and sending them...
Rainbow Gunner in action


Apr 26, 2014 Release
This is Base defence. You can defense yourself with towers or units or both. There's 3 little missions (destroy specefied building, boss) Actually theres only one zombie - zombie-dog, but i have skeletons, archers, bosses and many more for you. The most successful unit i made is a RainbowGun man. His rainbow gun attacks 3 targets at once changing colors of shell. Its early alpha, just want to know what people think about this map. So please comment this map, tell me whats good whats bad about...

hecktro dwells

Mar 08, 2014 Planning
its a test map still testing
The Unknown

Ghost Finder 2

Jan 29, 2014 Release
The Ghost. A folktale proven true by Zion Corp. It knows not more than a title and has existed ever since the unauthorized experiment. From even their youth, the Original Catchers claimed The Ghost was unable to be defeated nor slain. As centuries have passed, the phantom has continued to roam and haunt the lands surrounding Zion Corp laboratories. Many speculate The Ghost was a Scientist once, though corrupted into insanity by Zion Corporation's horrific fear experiments. Some believe The...


Dec 30, 2013 Alpha
I really hope this map can be finally published, but unfortunately, I don't have time to complete it anymore. So anyone who's interested in the map may continue the work, and please feel free to use all the assets.
Hurricane Shrine

Hurricane Shrine (AoS)

Dec 26, 2013 Release
Is an Multiplayer Online Battle Arena inspired with Mob vs Player Elements similar to Diablo 3 :)


Dec 03, 2013 Release
From the dev of Sniping:Sniper.. CLOAKDRIVE Press C to warp anywhere. Cloakdrive a simplified, yet epic space warfare. Build your fleet and dive into any battlefield. Featuring splash damage and green lasers. Available in all regions. Game Take control of your Assembly Mothership and destroy all enemy units. Each game lasts 20 minutes. Player with the best score wins the match. Supports up to 7 players. AI support - Challenging. AIs use all units at will.

Die or Survive

Nov 13, 2013 Alpha
Die or Survive A map where you defend your base. Up to 4 players, diffrent lanes. Backstory: You are a group of miners who were left behind to gather the remaining Blegg Gas. The others set up a superbunker for defence, a Sensor Tower and a Comm Tower. You spotted a Zerg Force gathering, and started building defences for the Super bunker, but you did not have enough time. They were coming. They destroyed the Comm Tower and the Sensor Tower, you lost all connection to the others. This, is...