Xtreme StarCraft 2

Sep 27, 2010 Planning
In this map all units are improved in some way. It's that simple. However Protoss have 8X improvement and doublecost, terran 4x improvement and no cost, zerg no improvement, half cost and better mining speed. (do the proprortions seem weird? Trust me, its balanced mathematically) hope you enjoy it (or at least try it)
Second Mission

Veteran Ghost

Sep 26, 2010 Release
Terran in the House: Raynor have sent a strike team to clear a dominion platform.Unfortunately the strike team have lost there Command Center so they weren't be able to train any units.Raynor sent a specialist Veteran Ghost to Locate there forces. Rise of Spectres: After Raynor has accepted the faith of piece with Mengsek's son.Everything was cool but not for our friend thanks for Spectres.They attacked the base where he was workin in to steel his suit and revenge Raynor for killing Tosh....
Assault on Braxis

Assault on Braxis

Sep 25, 2010 Release
Thanks to Marco's snow tileset in his Winter Storm map, I have been able to make this wonderful remake of the first Terran mission in Brood War. You must set shaders to low, or else the snow will look gray. The mission is much like the first, your main base has no gas so you need to go to your first expansion where Duran is. Duran is a Tosh clone, his portrait is Tosh as well. I wasn't sure what portrait would fit Stukov best, so I used Rory Swann's portrat for him. As always, the dialogue...


Sep 22, 2010 Release
GAMETYPE Melee: single player offline (matches up on 2 on 2 battle with AI) Rivengard is a highly detailed, realistically rendered map set in the jwoodland planet of Haven. This is designed for fast and medium scale skirmishes ideal for rush and counter rush defense play. FEATURE This map is set for offline play, just for people who needs to play skirmishes offline, to play simply ,double click on the file to open map editor and click on map test/run. please note that the game is set only for...

Heaven's Last Defense

Sep 20, 2010 Planning
The battle between Heaven and Hell wages on in the classic Top vs Bottom defense map. Currently in very early stages of development.

Stockade Runners

Sep 19, 2010 Alpha
Up to 14 Players Currently 14 Different Heroes Item Shops Boss Encounters Choose your hero and be part of the last pocket of resistance making their hectic escape.
Battle 1

Facility 17: A Terran RPG

Sep 15, 2010 Release
The map is a turn-based RPG, reminiscent of FF7, based in the starcraft universe (did you know you aren'tt allowed to publish maps with the word "starcraft" in the description? crazy, eh?). Your party consists of 3 characters each with their own special abilities, upgrades, and limit breaks, and you fight through 10 unique battles, with intermittent cutscenes to advance the story. Please email any feedback to [email protected]
Starforge - blood sport image

Starforge: blood sport

Sep 12, 2010 Beta
Cast units, structure, spell and upgrade with the help of a Caster to fight your way trough the map version beta 1.0 How to Play: - Build 5 Gatherer from your Orb. - Chose a Caster from your Orb. - Your Caster is a Power Source.(like a moving pylon) - Cast units, structure, spell and upgrade to fight your way trough the map. - You have 2 minutes before the Zerg attack. - You have 45 minutes to completely clean the Zerg from the map. Tips: - Try to keep your units in one group. - Your units...


Sep 12, 2010 Release
lava wave are all trying to kill you and player.

Zerg Rush FPS

Sep 12, 2010 Beta
General Info This is a little FPS survival map I whipped up in a little over a week. Goes on forever, dying causes you to spawn again. Use the WASD keys to move, 1-0 keys to switch weapons, left mouse button to shoot, right mouse button to aim down the sights, and the mouse to aim. Post any questions or comments, and I'd love suggestions for future versions! You may want to play on low settings, FPS maps like this use lots of RAM. Feel free to implement this code for your own maps! THIS IS A...

Micro Manager

Sep 11, 2010 Beta
Learn to Micro Manage troops and macro manage your base.. build units, take map control and dominate against the computer. You start off with the same amount of buildings, troops, workers but who will win and who can dominate the map first... only time will tell...
initial image

Heroes Hill

Sep 10, 2010 Alpha
This map takes place amidst the ruins of a long forgotten race. Resources are few and the terrain a claustrophobic maze of death. At its heart lies a prize "Heroes Hill" a place that can turn any fighter into a force that embodies all his time in combat. * Feedback needed This map allows any unit to gain special upgrades and powers based on its veteran status while in the highly contested center of the map. Ideas and concepts tested and/or used: * Veterancy as a usable idea. * Resource...


Sep 09, 2010 Beta
This is my attempt at a remake of Terran01 Wasteland. I made this a while back, I spend about a day on this.

The Reckoning

Sep 09, 2010 Release
UPDATE: No more crappy beta substitutes! Zeratul and Kerrigan and their portraits are now featured! This is the REAL remake! This is a remake of the second-to-last mission (not counting Dark Origin) in Brood War, the one where Raszagal dies. After screwing around with the trigger editor, I was able to put together a scene identical to that in the original. There is a lake in the center of the map with an island where the stasis cell (a psi indoctrinator doodad) is. After you defeat the...

Zerg Evolution

Sep 09, 2010 Planning
I haev been messing around witht he editor and have made some maps on Warcraft 3, and now I'm up doing a game where you play as a zerg eating and gaining evolution points. When you'r evulution bar is full, you can evolve into diffrent DNA-trees with diffrent units thats good on diffrent things. So you evole and eat and evolve and eat and so on. You start as a larva and goes up untill maybe you becomes an Ultralisk or a Queen, thats you'r chois in the game. DNA-tree: Larva Chancling Broodling...

Island hop

Sep 08, 2010 Planning
Hope from iland to island AN SURVIVE
Unknown Picture

Conflict: South-East Asia

Sep 07, 2010 Release
Conflict: Southeast Asia Welcome to South-East Asia Commander... This is the newest in 'War' Category games, much like a WWII or Diplo map, except the enemy is the AI.

zombie attack

Sep 07, 2010 Planning
zombie awsomeness sddsfsdfsdgsdgsd

Desperate Assault!

Sep 05, 2010 Beta
Warning i got dysleksia so it might be some typing errors! It's also my first time using galaxy editor so i dont know all the funcions yet The basic idea for this map is i wanted to try and combinate "imposseble senario" and "assault type maps" meaning the objektive is to kill something in the end but you got limited units to do it, the story is something along the lines of 6 players(tribes / nations) have allied to stop the New Overmind before it is complited, for if that happens the...

Battle of Lake Agrianda

Sep 05, 2010 Beta
Capture Mineral Mines and build your army and fight Its still a Beta version!|...