Mar 28, 2016 Beta
Action RPG 5 difficulty settings up to 4 players Pick a hero and destroy almost endless waves of Zerg attackers All heroes have unique abilities and talents. Unlock powerfull rewards by playing online! Have fun!

My Nightmare of Stars

Feb 06, 2015 Alpha
Hi folk! Finally I’m making this post. In the last year I wanted to show my project, but there wasn’t much to reveal. After hours and hours spent programming all the aspect of the game (mod), finally I can show you some good stuff. HOW IT BORN === You may already know FTL: Faster Then Light, an indie game that came out about three years ago. When I played it, I got really impressed and I wanted to make a Starcraft 2 mod inspired to it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t good at scripting as I’m now, so...
Magmoor Caverns

Magmoor Caverns

Mar 30, 2013 Release
MASSIVE UPDATE: Apparently I never updated this. This map now has Redstone artificial cliffs as well as logbook scans and many other things, the whole map has been revamped. It now looks much, much better. Enjoy!
Mar Sara Bar

Mar Sara Mission

Sep 06, 2012 Release
One day two Space-Marine Rangers left the locally Bar, somewhere on Mar Sara, when suddenly Zerglings appear on the other side of the road... In this scenario-mission you will be able to control one-of-two marines. The chosen-one who is the Ranger must stay alive at the hole scenario-mission. You and your Deputy-Ranger have orders to patrol this Mar Sara Colony, to prevent the crime and rumors about Zerg-activities. The scenario consists of small mission-quests you have to reach, to go on in...
Old Fog of War

Marine Protocol

Jun 06, 2011 Alpha
Marine Protocol Map Infomation The Current Version is v1.5 Starting 8-2-2011 i will be taking a 3 or more week break from making Marine Protocol. Don't worry I'm not abandoning the project I like working on the game to much for that. ;) This map was created to start learning about the editor. As time went on I've started developing it into a map. Its available on and I'm currently working on it. One more unique thing is this map supports 14 players. Although it has not been tested...
Interface - Outside of combats

Misery of living and dying magic

May 11, 2011 Alpha
This Singleplayer-RPG map is created after the pen and paper game 'Shadowrun'. It includes a character creator, regular combat, matrix combat, magic and almost anything you can imagine what can be on such a giant RPG map. The current status should be this at least: Interface: - Regular Combat: 90% - Matrix Combat: 95% - Out of Combat Interface: 80% - Conversations: 100% Functionality: - Regular Combat: 55% - Matrix Combat: 70% - Out of Combat: 75% - Conversations: 95% Map: - The main town:...
Screenshot for logo


Oct 01, 2010 Release
THIS MAP IS INCOMPLETE still alot of things to add and accepting tips in the comments. Have Fun! If anyone would has a good computer and plays on the highest graphic setting.... The deaths are not complete yet. CHECK IMAGES FOR A SCREENSHOT. THIS IS A THIRD PERSON RPG. YAY. AWESOME. Magicsbane is a map set out in the world of bane where a phantom with armor and weapons made of pure crystallized darkness is trying to get his hands on the most powerful weapon of all: The Magicsbane, a blade...
Screenshot 03

Mystery of the Runes

Sep 21, 2010 Alpha
An RPG in the works. Heros Items Leveling Loot Crafting
Marines Battle

Marines Battle

Aug 28, 2010 Release
Destroy the ennemy HQ for win ! 1vs1 or 2vs2 Fast game possible, but time is limited to 40min. Strategie & Micro-gestion Suggestion : Crash (305)
Movie Makers Logo

Movie Makers

Aug 22, 2010 Release
Make awesome cinematics without even touching the galaxy editor! Use camera angles, special effects, script and more to make movies. Example movie (sorry, I know my recording tools are bad and I had to record on low quality...): Showing a few features: This is an example of a movie you could make using the Starcraft 2 custom map called "Movie Makers". This is the view that a player watching the movie would have, the movie maker still can see controls so he can control the movie. This isn't...
Mini Rappelz Image-1

Mini Rappelz (MightBeChangedLater)

Jul 16, 2010 Planning
For Starters This is MMoRPG Themed map based off the popular game Rappelz. The World Needs Hero's To Fight Back Against The Shadow Beautiful Worlds, Creature Companions, and Fierce PvP Battles! Deep Character Customization! Tame Legendary Creatures! Many Explorable Dungeons! Storyline Quests! AND MORE TO COME!!!!!

Mar Sara Outlaws

May 01, 2010 Release
Play as a sheriff in pursuit of the notorious train robber Blackthorn across the Mar Sara wasteland. Assist the Dominion Military and battle the Zerg en route to catching your prey. Features: Story driven, third person shooter, action adventure. W,A,S,D movement system. Mouse aim combat system. Use a rifle or a grenade launcher. Numerous cinematics. Engaging boss battle. Directions on how to play: Download map and place it in your "Starcraft II Beta>Maps" folder Open the map editor load Mar...


Apr 27, 2010 Planning
An epic battle of Wizards and their armies. Currently Planned Mages: Shared Abilities Sense Magic Mages have a radar-like ability that allows them to detect enemys within double their actual sight range. Mages also can detect cloaked units Conjurer/Illusionist Temperary/Perminant Wall Hallucination (Units) Cloak = 2 options: (Personal, drains)/(AOE, drains faster) Stagger = causes enemy to freeze in place, does light damage Fear = causes enemy to not attack and scatter, does light damage...