Dungeon Runners RPG

Dec 07, 2013 Release
Dungeon Runners RPG In this RPG players do not run around doing quests, finding chickens, killing a wolf, ect. This RPG is based strictly on running dungeons. Teamwork being the most important aspect; the game can be played solo also. Read on for some good information. The Story You awaken in a strange cave with no memory of who you are or where you came from. The few people who are here are a little loopy and don't tell you much. In this cave, there are shadows making shapes on the... err......
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Defence of the Universe

Sep 04, 2013 Release
This map is a map of AoS style. Two factions, Amber and Chaos fight each other and trying to figure out who among them are the strongest. You can choose from 6 unique heroes: Dark Templar, Ghost, High Templar, Marauder, Marine, Ultralisk. Each of them has a 4 different abilities. In the map offers the full classical mechanics AoS map with the new chips.
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Dungeon Explorer

Aug 02, 2013 Alpha
Diablo-style game with procedural items, progressive difficulty, leveling and map variety. (Still in early development) On game start, a dungeon, race, and story is randomly chosen. Enemies spawn in the dungeon with a coherent random pattern. The player then selects a hero and wages battle against these enemies with his/her allies. Killing enemies provides experience and loot, which are used to progress the hero with abilities and crucial stat increases. This game has constant expansion and...

Discord Adrift

Jul 27, 2012 Planning
An extensive campaign created by LOW clan Studios

Destroyer's RPG

Jul 09, 2012 Beta
level up your character with hordes of enemies and bosses throughout this vast map

Desilation Earth

Jan 28, 2012 Planning
The City Is On Lock Down. And You Have Been Dropped Of In The Middle Of The City To Fine The Cause Of The Virus. And Stay Alive Long Enough To Call For An E-Vac.........

Dark Twlight

Jul 13, 2011 Planning
you are a low life merc and you are working for a king of the Twilight you are going to rise a and kill him./
Dark Origin Remake

Dark Origin Remake

Mar 01, 2011 Release
UPDATE: I fixed a few triggers and added a funny Metroid cameo. There is a Metroid in one of the stasis tank doodads, and if you go next to it, there will be a logbook entry. This is a remake of the secret mission Dark Origin in Brood War. There's no ice tileset so I had to use Shakuras. This map features Zeratul as well as a bunch of Zealots and Immortals, 4 Stalkers, and 2 Colossi. You must find the stasis tanks to hear the dialogue. Ultimately, you must reach the glowing purple tank at the...

Deep Trouble

Feb 02, 2011 Release
Full-fledged underwater mission in the third person perspective. Features detailed water effects including realistic camera distortion (think Vashj'ir in Wow). Play the part of Clod, a reckless mercenary who was shot down over the waterlogged planet of Permea. His ship has come to rest on the sea floor and it's up to you to help him find a way back into space.

Defense of the 4 Ancient Kingdoms

Oct 08, 2010 Release
2010 18 Sept (revised 2011 14th August 8 players from 4 factions battle for dominance on a newly terraformed planet! This is a 4 faction MOBA that's capable of 4v4, 1v1v1v1, 2v2v2v2, and other player modes. Third person mode (with WASD) and Default game view modes supported (lock/unlock camera). Optional questing areas for each faction that award a lot of experience and money early in the game (and eventually unlock world bosses). 9 balanced heroes with RPG style gameplay. 6-7...
Diplomacy 7.1 Gold

Diplomacy 7.1 Gold

Sep 10, 2010 Beta
Diplomacy 7.1 Gold is a remake of Diplomacy 7.7 Gold from the original starcraft. The map is still in its beta stages and is subject to change. Please leave any helpful suggestions or email me @ [email protected]


Aug 31, 2010 Planning
This map is a fast pace FPS. The ability's I have put in it already are.. -FPS/slight tps mode..It will have the usual commands, right click to zoom, Q & E to switch between weapons -Map changing- This one is still buggy but it will switch to a new map depending on votes -Slightly edited characters, This game features guns and swords, both similar in the way they work -Perfected aiming, also the bullets are binded to come from the unit, so it wont look awkward shooting from the camera when...

DragonBall Z

Aug 01, 2010 Planning
Dbz - battle to survive is movie story . upgrade`s , transform , and much moree.


Jul 31, 2010 Planning
country battle it out to become dominate

Dragonball Z Saiyan Rage

Jun 30, 2010 Release
July 10, 2010 This map will no longer function properly with the latest version of Starcraft II version (beta patch 17) I have decided to completely rewrite to fighting and movement mechanics since the previous engine was very limited. I hope to release a 2 player version sometime this week. June 29, 2010 Plot Play as Piccolo or Goku and defeat the invading Saiyans to save Earth. Current Status This map will be a multiplayer map on and currently has 2 fully functional...
The beginning

Dark Nights: The Beginning

May 26, 2010 Planning
It has been 1 year since the epidemic has started. Fighting for your life has only strengthened you in your quest to find a cure. Not that the cure is close to being discovered, it is your job to make sure that the darkness is kept at bay while the cure is finished.

Diablo: The curse of Tristram RPG

May 26, 2010 Release
This is a Multiplayer Hack and Slash RPG mods for Stacraft2 Bnet 2.0. (PROJECT REBOOTED) (MORE INFO SOON) Diablo: The curse of Tristram (2014) (OLD STUFF DOWN HERE, 2010 to 2013) ENJOY General Info: 6x Heros (Done) 6x Acts (each Act = one map)(in progress) Around 90xItemPreFix(Done) Around 90xItemSuffix(Done) Randomized Item generator system with Normal/Magic/Rare/Unique(Done) Randomized map events(Done) Semi-Randomized Terrain system (2D with 3D)(Done) Save/Load(Done) LadderBoard with...

D E A D C R A F T EP. 0

May 16, 2010 Release
Update Ending updated to fit release of Ep 1 Localized Version Uploaded Story: The year is 2112 U.E.D ( corporation has monopolized on the gathering of raw ore and metals. U.E.D uses large mining vessels known as Leviathans to extract earths most rarest of resources by extracting them from other planets. U.E.D reach is far and has even bought and sold military power. Sense U.E.D has begun they have become the driving force behind mankind and has pushed man into its most...

Dawn Of The Dead 7

Apr 29, 2010 Alpha
Sequel of the popular Dawn Of The Dead Series maps for Warcraft3. Test Map - Might be a solo map at first and will evolute to Full Coop-Multiplayer Style. raw preview : More infos on the official dotd site: