Build Your Own Maze

Dec 31, 2012 Release
Discuss this map with me on North America (LosTacos.877) Last updated 12/30/12

Bel'Shir Terrain Edit

Jun 11, 2012 Release
The for a Single-Player Role-Playing Game. It is an Epic Size Map (256x256). It isn't detailed with much of anything, I did this on purpose so that you can use your own imagination and creativity to create the game that you want. This is my first uploaded project, so I ask you all to be easy with the comments. Though I do like honesty and will respect your opinion; just be easy with them :P Hope you all enjoy the terrain, and please, send me a download link of any finished copies so that I...

Boom Brothers

Mar 16, 2012 Alpha
Boom Brothers is an abandoned Gauntlet/Bound project. You are a marauder mercenary that fires collision-based rockets; gameplay as such encompasses cover-based back-and-forth exchanges with the enemy in addition to traditional obstacle course affairs. The premise and major selling point is that instead of predetermined terrain from within the SC2 Map Editor, levels are designed by means of an in-game level editor, which store your creations as simple strings. Thus, the potential scope of the...
Overview of the map

Burning Streams

May 22, 2011 Release
A Char map I made for my second terraining tuesday. It's a showcase with only terrain and is not playable. It features a bunch of lava streams amidst a pinnacle of rocks, and a path with bridges crossing the streams.

Blood Marathon - Extreme edition

Apr 23, 2011 Release
U run or u die, if u reach a checkpoint u will be given a new unit to race with.


Mar 23, 2011 Release
Line up banelings like dominos and knock them down. Press space to enter and exit edit mode. In edit mode, left click to place banelings, right click to remove banelings. Select a baneling and press X to "kock them down" Don't place banelings too close together or your chain will stop.

Battlefield Nuke

Jan 22, 2011 Release
Battlefield nuke is a very simple card game for up to four players. It currently does not support AI (but it doesn't require 4 players, it is playable, maybe even better, in 2 players). Rules: The rules are totally simple. Players take turns in playing cards from their hands. Each player has 5 cards in hand and can play up to all of them in his turn, as long as they are of the same type. Each card represents a unit that is called to battlefield by playing the card. Each unit has a list of...
Blitzkrieg Assault Logo

Blitzkrieg Assault

Jan 16, 2011 Release
How to Play This map is currently a public beta in the US region only. If you want me to publish in a different region then let me know. You can play the map by going to create game with the popular filter selected and search "Blitzkrieg" - It should show up as one of the results. Gameplay/Features Build unit spawners using your main base (you can only build in the starting area). These unit spawners will automatically send units to the enemy. Train your hero and level up his abilities to...

Bridge Crossing

Jan 04, 2011 Beta
In this game, players on teams spawn units, attack each other to get kills to spawn better units, and than kill each other's forges.

Basic Terraining

Nov 10, 2010 Alpha
Just some terraining i did - Needs work
Bunker Circuits screenshot

Bunker Circuits

Sep 26, 2010 Release
Bunkers can be built in a circuit along with other components such as AND, OR and NOT gates. A binary half-adder is included as an example.

Baneling Physics

Sep 21, 2010 Release
Banelings, banelings everywhere. Up to 8 players.


Sep 01, 2010 Release
I downloaded IWANN's orriginal at Your text to link here... i added air units for each team that include the following units Void Ray, Carrier (modded), Battle cruiser, banshee, medivac, mutalisk, broodlord and a baneling (i know its not an air unit). I also added a canyon type thing in the middle of the map. it increases the excitness of the game. the map is also now fairly even (you wont win most of the time). I have two videos but i cant download them to youtube yet and i will in a few...
Killing the CommandZone

Builders and Fighters

Aug 27, 2010 Release
Builders and Fighters is a remake of Builders and Fighters from Warcraft 3. LATEST UPDATES: (v2.2) Added some resources to the middle of the map for fighters Fixed scan and mule for terran Fixed a TON of other bugs Upgrades for Fighters A new, smaller, MUCH better map A new loading screen Nerfed mules (No longer stack, only gather 1.5 times as fast, repair slower) Currently features: Customized builders and fighters A supering system in which: You can send units into the super spot where they...
Brian's Revenge

Brian's Revenge

Aug 22, 2010 Release
Control Brian, a Zerg thats been captured, tortured and experimented on in his bid for revenge on the humans. The humans experiments have left you with some powerful psionic abilities. Caution will win this for you, as well as using your hotkeys.
Builders & Fighters

Builders & Fighters

Aug 19, 2010 Release
There are two teams, both of which have 2 builders and 1 fighter. The builders are there to make units for the fighter and the fighters will use those units to fight the other team. Please tell me if there are any problems in this map, I will fix them.

Bomberman (on EU)

Jun 01, 2010 Release
Here is my current Bomberman map! The triggers are still a bit too overcomplicated and the functions are limited so far. Its currently uploaded on the EU servers. I would love to get some feedback/suggestions and information on found bugs!
Battlefield Starcraft Desert Beta

Battlefield Starcraft Desert

May 25, 2010 Beta
Note: This map is already uploaded to the publishing feature and further updates will be uploaded as well, to play it will other people, create a custom game in SC2 and load the map. Currently, the person you play against is on your team but will still be your enemy. This is a Starcraft Multiplayer Map that is Based on Battlefield. Spawn Infantry, Capture and hold control points to reduce team tickets/reinforcements. Also Killing enemy units will deplete your foes tickets. Any...
Picture 1 - UI

Black Rocket Car

May 05, 2010 Alpha
What is it ? In Black Rocket Car, each players controls an incredibly fast hellion and the marauder that's trying to stand on it. They must then fight to prove their worth in deathmatches, or team deathmatches. How do I play it ? The controls are very simple : W, A, S and D are used to move the car around (W moves north, A moves west, etc) and the mouse is used to aim and shoot. You can also move the camera and have a look around by simply cliking in the direction you want. A custom UI is...


May 05, 2010 Alpha
Just like in any Bomberman game, your goal is to blow up your opponents before they blow you up. You collect Power-Ups and try to outsmart your opponents. (Will support 4 players) I do not plan to release a testable version of this map until it is playable (right now bombs don't even blow up, so it'd be pointless). I'd like to wait until the beta gets patched so that we can host maps before I release any version. Current Features WASD movement Can place bombs! Bombs now explode *With radius!,...