Zergling Madness v.2.0

Aug 26, 2010 Release
This is my first little fun map. You had to kill the other Zerglings and upgrate your abilities. You win if you had 20 vespinegase.

Bad Guys Go Around The Circle

Aug 24, 2010 Beta
Two teams of up to 4 players battle it out in a Red Circle TD esque version of tower defense called Bad Guys Go Around The Circle. If you have played Red Circle TD many of the towers will look familiar to you. We based out towers on the look and feel of this popular TD. But after late nights of SC beta and loads of drinking made us miss the TD's of old and in an homage to Skivi's Castle for War craft 3 We decided to Make Bad guys Go Around The Circle. Packed With Mini games and NEW SUPER...
Movie Makers Logo

Movie Makers

Aug 22, 2010 Release
Make awesome cinematics without even touching the galaxy editor! Use camera angles, special effects, script and more to make movies. Example movie (sorry, I know my recording tools are bad and I had to record on low quality...): Showing a few features: This is an example of a movie you could make using the Starcraft 2 custom map called "Movie Makers". This is the view that a player watching the movie would have, the movie maker still can see controls so he can control the movie. This isn't...


Aug 19, 2010 Release
Buy units to fight in the arena, objective kill the enemy Nexus. If your units die, you will be given minerals to purchase more units. Every 20,000 you gain an extra 1 mineral per spawn and 1 vespene gas. Kill All Owned Units: If you need to quickly change the units you purchased, use the sacrifice ability from the command center however you will be penalized the cost of the units killed. Note. No unit stats have been edited, the only Balance i am associated with is the amount in which each...

Arcade Space Shooter [Game Engine]

Aug 19, 2010 Planning
A game engine for the classic arcade space shooter games. Currently, I'm basing it off a Space Invaders-style classic called Space Junkie. Version 1 will have one-dimensional ship movement, and enemies will only appear at the beginning of each level. By version 2, I hope to have two-dimensional movement and scrolling levels. This system will be free to use, no permission or credit required. Here's an untested link to play the original Space Junkies game:...

Deceptercon Valley

Aug 17, 2010 Beta
See for info, and please leave feedback, still a Beta product.


Aug 15, 2010 Planning
As your light cycle speeds along the arena, it leaves a lethal wall of light in its path. Avoid other racers' paths, and don't hit the wall.

zerg swarm

Aug 14, 2010 Planning
made by kiler goodluck havefunn!!! ur gonna need it XD
SCV Football Tournament

SCV Football Tournament

Aug 14, 2010 Release
8 player SCV Football tournament with options for single or double elimination.

The Changeling - Part 1

Aug 12, 2010 Beta
The first mission of a campaign I am making. This map is very short and it isn't done yet and probably has a lot of bugs. The next levels will be much much larger. You play a changeling, on a mission to enter an underground terran facility while the base is overrun by Zerg. You can take the form of a zergling and marine to fool either the zerg or the terrans.
Card Shop

CardCraft SC

Aug 12, 2010 Beta
You start with a Deckmaster, create decks of 32-64 cards having normal cards with a maximum of 3 per cardtype. Play against other players with your preferred decks. For SC2 it will be possible now to have team matches in any combination from 2on2 over 7on7 up to 14on1. There will also be a tournament mode implemented. These too functions are working already. For the future it is planned to have a campaign mode later on where you can buy booster packs getting random cards and you can sell or...
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DroneBuster - Survival Tower Defense

Aug 11, 2010 Beta
Work in Progress - Try to survive an onslaught of 50 waves of enemies, including boss fights and escorts. Players have the ability to build towers to defend their base, minerals, and call-in air support and base guardians.

Bomberman Classic

Aug 10, 2010 Release
A bomberman clone. Place bombs (which explode in 4 directions), collect powerups, and destroy every opponent.

Team-Battle Arena

Aug 10, 2010 Planning
Team vs Team Buy squad of units on your barracks You earn by killing an enemy squad The higher the unit Tier you want the more you have to kill Team-up to defeat your enemy by reducing their reserves Or infiltrate their base and destroy their planetary fortress to win Coming soon at your nearest Starcraft 2 installed PC
SCV Football

SCV Football

Aug 09, 2010 Release
SCV Rugby Australia v New Zealand first team to get 56 points / 8 touch downs wins the game. u can kill the other teams SCV's they just respawn back at their goals instantly :) i also added a leaderboard for who has the most kills oh and it has a real football as the ball.. u get 11 scv's each and its 3 v 3 on a small map


Aug 08, 2010 Release
Want to play chess? No Problem! In this map you can play chess with the Starcraft 2 Units! Play against your friends on your PC or in Bnet. This is still BETA ;). I am working on: - Nothing... Need a break ;D For full change log in German see: Published in BNet: Name: Starchess Author: Fyrby I don't know if you can find it . (But i hope so ;D) Known Issues: - Multiplayer: Klicking on the Go! Button at the same time will spawn...
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Reaper Arena

Aug 08, 2010 Alpha
I flipped the reaper model on it's side and turned the camera to face directly down on it, creating the illusion that the floor of the map was actually a backdrop and the changes in cliff height were actually the floors, walls, and ceilings, in order to create a sidescroller effect. Here I present a simple demonstration of what can be done with this idea, and I plan to make a fully functioning game out of it. I'm working on making the Grenades look more natural and realistic, as right now...
Entire Gas Station Zone *HQ*

The Desert Station

Jul 31, 2010 Planning
You follow the journey of a Murloc Marine who runs out of gas while in the middle of the desert. Luckily you run out of gas at a gas station... Unluckily, you don't have any money to pay for the gas. So what are you gonna do to make up that money? Well, how bout doin' some minigames, stealing, and other crazy stuff. The map will include: Unique Storyline Social Gameplay Multiple Minigames Housing System Pet System Bar + Other Areas Shops Planning on Including in Future Updates: Multiplayer...
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ReaperXZergling Race

Jul 30, 2010 Release
You play one of up to 12 Reapers. Your objective is simple: live as long as possible and eventually reach the finish line. The obstacles are numerous: Creep, trees that obscure sight, patrolling banelings and masses of zerglings! The map is still in beta, but some basic functions are already added: -Mindblowing background music every Blizzard-approver will remember!! -WASD as well as arrow key acceleration system -Abilites hotkeyed as well as usable with custom buttons -up to 7 Waves...
Whiskey Outpost Attacked

Whiskey Outpost

Jul 29, 2010 Inactive
This map is a remake of the most known scene in the movie Starship Troopers. You start of with one SCV and only one you have a couple of minutes to prepare for the attack waves. So far the waves only attack one spot but I'm working on it. You start with 10,000 Minerals and Vespene Gas, you earn by killing enemies. That is all I can tell you for now. I will be releasing the alpha version soon.