CTF Arena

Nov 16, 2010 Beta
Take 3 parts (Capture the Flag), wisk gently and add 6 parts of (Hero Arena), Mix thoroughly and incinerate until crispy. Basically the idea, Capture the flag, 3v3 geared in the direction of DOTA/Hero Arena. Capturing the flag is only considered a bonus, or leading to a score. There are 6 flags, a team would have to go through a maze to find an opponents flag (maybe just a simple one) within their respectable base. Experience points stays with the player, and they have a choice to switch...

The Amazing Probe

Nov 13, 2010 Release
Maps created for SC2Mapster Out Of Bounds Contest Guide The Amazing Probe out of the flame maze Be prepared for the surprise ending (which I did not show) If you beat the map on insane, send me a video/replay to claim your achievement :) Walkthrough on Insane + Ending:


Nov 12, 2010 Release
Take on the role of an up-and-coming dissenter; you must guide your Agitator through a variety of locales while avoiding detection from the oppressive Dominion regime! See if you've got all the skills necessary to be a hated Revolutionary guerrilla just like Jim Raynor! WANTED: Level 1 WANTED: Level 2 Features/Objectives: Level 2 added: after successfully punching in for work, you have to make your way up to the mines to give a rousing speech. Along the way you'll have to avoid more...

Mini Golf Project

Nov 11, 2010 Planning
Experimenting with a concept for mini golf.

Unnamed Bound Project

Nov 11, 2010 Planning
Planning stage of a bound.


Oct 28, 2010 Release
play 15 random picked minigames with up to 9 players for fun & everlasting glory. features: classic games like pacman,tetris & arcade racing sim many other skill based minigames shared sync bank system to store top 10,personal best& average for every player replayability because you just dont see all minigames in 1 match no terrain because I dont like terrain editing :P (if YOU wanna edit the terrain - msg poc#176) no intro because everyone skips those anyways vid of #24 tetris...
Passing Go!


Oct 28, 2010 Release
Hi, yes i know other have started work on this project, but here's mine I made from scratch. I like working with triggers, I'm a bit beginner so some of it may seem like it needs correcting. Please help me move along with critiques and helpful comments. Thanks for looking!


Oct 27, 2010 Planning
you and your team are going to face unimaginable chalenges in this map and most will not survive. good luck
Map Image

Starcraft 2 Sprint

Oct 23, 2010 Beta
Inspired by Birth.BuzZ, and based off the map Blood Pressure Marathon by VerB! Race with over 50 different units around the track, and be the first player or team to complete the required number of laps to win! Use a variety of special abilities to aid you and your team in order to come out on top. That, and a a bit of luck! Supports FFA, and 2-4 racing teams Beta Version Released! Coming Soon: In game unit descriptions New abilities and tweaks to unit balancing Map is released on NA and SEA...


Oct 22, 2010 Planning
Counter-Zerg is shooter type map. Adapt from Counter-Strike game and its not fps type map, nor rpg but I've an idea to create it as strategy top down shooter. As strategy shooter, I will use ASWD movement type and original camera to my map with many class from both terran and zerg (likes team fotress) There will a bomb-defuse scenario, food for momma (hostage rescue scenario for zerg). I will update it when i have other ideas and screenshot will come later.
Diary of a Drone

Diary of a Drone

Oct 19, 2010 Release
Screen Shots - Forums - FAQ - About the Author Diary of a Drone Dairy of a Drone is a single player game where you need to navigate your drones across a map full of hazards and obstacles. It combines elements of Frogger, Lemmings and 'bound' into a Starcraft 2 map. This map was my entry for the Blizzard map design contest (with a few improvements and bug fixes). Play it Now! This map is available on the US servers. Since it is a single player game, you will need to create a new game under...
Four Corners (Map Editor)

Four Corners

Oct 19, 2010 Beta
Four Corners is based on that game you played when you were in elementary school!!! :D Features: - 8 Players - Banning System - Random "It" chooser - Restart System - If you want to leave but you don't want to count it as a lose you can wait til the end and you can leave and counting it as a win. Bugs that need fixing I have a problem with the game.. alot of the triggers will not run. Also i put a timer in the game and it would show up and worked perfectly but then i did some trigger editing...
Map Preview

Worm War

Oct 08, 2010 Release
Worm War is a complete overhaul of the original Blizzard title Worm War for WarCraft III. In StarCraft II, there's plenty of new powerups, a fully dynamic player system, tons of custom music, and loads of downright fun, guaranteed. An old video is posted below - I'll have a new one up shortly!
Gameplay Screenshoot 02

Crush Company - The Last Hope

Oct 07, 2010 Beta
Introduction This is the first of a campaign made by Enclave Studio. It's based on old arcade games of Beat'Em Up style like Golden Axe or Double Dragon. You can choose between 4 heroes + 2 secret heroes unlocable discovering some secrets inside the map. Each one will have unique weapons and combos. Some of them will be limited by pickable items (like grenades or missile barrage) or by special game mechanics (like weapon heat or rage). It will be composed by 13 levels but you can play only 7...


Oct 05, 2010 Beta
Payload is a gametype from Team Fortress 2, in which one team must push a bomb from one end of a track to another while another team tries to prevent them from doing so. I thought it would work in Starcraft, so I put something together. This is a first version but I think that there is a lot of scope to improve upon the original gametype offered by TF2.

Xenosteel's RAARGH

Oct 04, 2010 Alpha
... What? RAARGH! Introduction Xenosteel's RAARGH is a hide & seek type minigame, designed with the objective of comedy and good gameplay. Gameplay Summary 2 Units: "RAARGH" "AAAH" RAARGH eats AAAHs. Each round 1 player is RAARGH the others are AAAHs. The round ends when all AAAHs die RAARGH gets faster each second The AAAH player that survives the longest in all rounds (total) wins the game Features Up to 15 Players (8 Players in open beta) 9 Maps (so far) Dynamic music Exciting music! Voice...

Planetary Boss (WoW Edition) - Zaragor the Compactor

Oct 04, 2010 Release
Features and Abilities -4 PLAYER CO-OP -3 Boss themes/music based on what the current phase is -4 Extremely powerful boss abilities -4 Player Abilities -3 Phases based on current health -3 Difficulty settings (Gamespeed = Difficulty Level, Normal, Fast and Fastest should be used) -Use your Templar to summon a Tank, DPS, or Healer depending on the sitaution...then bash your enemies in with your blade! -Destroy the reactors scattered throughout the junkyard to deal a massive 15,000 damage to...

Drawing Contest 2

Oct 03, 2010 Release
LOOKING GLASS LEAGUE TEAM NOTES : Minimap Utilization : By using the mini-map it allows for a person to "draw" a picture within their section utilizing a select structure type. Structure-Of-Choice : Pylon - easy, quick etc. - Life : 1 LIFE for pylons; thus allowing for a perosn to delete them if need be. Eraser Function : Allow 1 FULL eraser per round. This eraser will erase everything that person has on their section. Timers : 3, 5, 7 minute timers to draw a picture. We might concider...
Loading Screen


Oct 01, 2010 Beta
OUTRANGED is a competitive 1v1 modification for StarCraft II. Your goal is to defeat all enemy units with clever use of the three unit types and breeding at pools. Each unit has its own movement speed and attack range, so you have to combine their power and use them efficiently. Visit our YouTube Channel ( for introduction videos (more coming in the next days/weeks)! Rules: 1.) Your goal is to eliminate all enemy units. 2.) There are 3 types of units: Scouts,...
Poker Defense - Full Deck (2/5)

Poker Defense - Full Deck

Sep 30, 2010 Release
Short Description An advanced remake of the original Poker Defense for StarCraft: Brood War. 52 card deck, 3 change draw poker. Are you good enough to be a poker ace, or will you loose it all? Play poker to earn units, use your units to kill all enemies that spawn each wave. Any enemies remaining at the end of each wave will cost the player one life. Loose all of your lives and it's game over. Beat all 25 waves, and you've won. Features Standard defense gameplay, but you earn units through...