Jul 17, 2016 Release
A MOBA map with two bases, four boss locations, and six minion spawns... No Data, or triggers. Use the map however you like...
Whos Your Daddy BG

Murderific Minigames

Feb 19, 2014 Release
Now on, Murderific Minigames What is a Murderific Minigame? It is a minigame that focuses on one thing: mass murder. In some minigames, you can't lose. In others, you can't win. But that's not the point of a Murderific Minigame. The point is, I want to see a million of something die in a glorious manner like with a large axe, gross abuse of physics, or suicidal babies. What makes a Murderific Minigame? Two main things: Mass death Power tripping As such, some murderific minigames...
Strike-Craft-Dead Match

Maps Set Strike-Craft©

Aug 02, 2013 Alpha
Strike-Craft© Pagina Oficial:LostTest Iniciations First map of the set with some mistakes but playable. I recommend minimum graphic settings: High Download/See more>>Iniciations Link Map Download Manager/Author:Hemanbrian Contributor:Zeldarules28 CT Park liquidation Second map of the set,error-free I recommend minimum graphic settings:Ultra Download/See more>>CT Park liquidation Link Map Download Manager/Author:Hemanbrian Dead Match third map of the set,error-free I recommend minimum graphic...
Menu 1-10

Minigame Party

May 24, 2013 Alpha
Recent Update: Added minigame 11: Blue smoke Completed minigame 10 Added minigame 9: Changeling Sweeper It is a small project that can become big pretty fast. This map will be for 8 (down from 12 after an update because 12 is kind of too much) players to play many minigames. I would like to create more than 128 minigames (that the original SC1 map had). I've not found any good minigames map except the Raynor's Party that is limited to 10 minigames, which is very very small. I'm always looking...
Micro Wars Evolution

Micro Wars Evolution

Nov 13, 2012 Mature
General: 1v1 micromanagement map with realistic scenarios to battle vs another player or practice your micro with a friend. The map offers matchups that are common in games on ladder. There are 39 rounds in total including "base defense" levels, in which one player has to defend his base vs the attacker. Three game modes are available: Normal: Plays all rounds in default order Random: Plays all rounds in random order Custom: Each round can be picked individually as often as you want. Other...

Minigames Arena

Jul 15, 2012 Release
Minigames Galore. A grand total of 10 minigames


Jan 25, 2012 Alpha
Created by: iBeNommin For 2-8 players Average game time of 30-45 minutes Introduction Select your modes, spawn your units, make and reinforce your towers, upgrade income, and a whole lot more come into play when you play with tug-of-war game of which you must defeat the enemy team! Gameplay At the very beginning you are given a menu of options to choose from such as the map and other game-changing options. Start off with an SCV and decide with teammates who has which roles: spawning units,...


Jan 20, 2012 Planning
MP SV TOWERS A any game type map for fun and anything Yoou want.

Mt Impossible

Oct 22, 2011 Planning
MT impossible was first played in StarCraft BroodWar. This epic map was great fun and many enjoyed it. You were a probe and you had to use pylons and micro skills to get past ultralisks which attacked from the top of the mountain. their were 6 stages each getting progressively harder with building blockers. For each probe playing their was 1 ultralisk. At the bottom of the map their was a randomized shop which chose 2 shop items from 4. You could buy these at the cost of some of your own...


Apr 23, 2011 Beta
Everybody knows the game, I am close to finishing the project. Some things need to be changed. The video will speak for itself. Youtube Vid


Feb 24, 2011 Planning
a map that has mods and is just for fun
Maze Madness

Maze Madness

Dec 23, 2010 Beta
Maze Madness The concept of the whole maze originates from this concept. I decided to work it out further in a different way. I haven't uploaded it yet to bnet, because its not finished yet. Gameplay Powerups This is an arcade like game where each player controls 1 unit. This unit can pick up powerups which can be used on the environment or on other players. At first sight, these powerups are all the same, but when picking one, you get a random powerup assigned. These powerups automatically...

Mario Party Style (beginnings of)

Nov 27, 2010 Alpha
Begginings of a Mario Party like map not finished do not download unless i have given you permission
Metal Slug [Act 1]

Metal Slug [Act 1]

Nov 17, 2010 Release
Metal Slug [Act 1] is now <u>RELEASED</u>. 1 Player: Download the map and drag the file over your Starcraft 2 icon to play it LAG FREE 2 Player: Look up "Metal Slug [Act 1]" on (US and EU) This is the first part of a map series based off of everyone's favorite arcade side scrolling shooter, Metal Slug. Most of the game play is derived from the arcade version. <u>Please report any bugs you find. Let me know all the details about how it happened.</u> Details: - 1 or 2 player - Uses...

Mini Golf Project

Nov 11, 2010 Planning
Experimenting with a concept for mini golf.
Passing Go!


Oct 28, 2010 Release
Hi, yes i know other have started work on this project, but here's mine I made from scratch. I like working with triggers, I'm a bit beginner so some of it may seem like it needs correcting. Please help me move along with critiques and helpful comments. Thanks for looking!

Micro Manager

Sep 11, 2010 Beta
Learn to Micro Manage troops and macro manage your base.. build units, take map control and dominate against the computer. You start off with the same amount of buildings, troops, workers but who will win and who can dominate the map first... only time will tell...
Movie Makers Logo

Movie Makers

Aug 22, 2010 Release
Make awesome cinematics without even touching the galaxy editor! Use camera angles, special effects, script and more to make movies. Example movie (sorry, I know my recording tools are bad and I had to record on low quality...): Showing a few features: This is an example of a movie you could make using the Starcraft 2 custom map called "Movie Makers". This is the view that a player watching the movie would have, the movie maker still can see controls so he can control the movie. This isn't...

Minigame Entry: Pokemon minibattle

Jul 22, 2010 Release
My Minigame Contest entry: Pokemon minibattle! Make sure to try out the game! you can see some abilities and features that do not appear in the video! note: this is more than an entry, but also an engine or tutorial for anyone who wishes to learn or use this. This is made by 100% triggers.

Marine Rescue (Minigame Contest)

Jul 21, 2010 Release
You take control of your medivac and you fly above the marines that you see to save them. You start with 100 minerals and you lose them over time (timer). But, every time you save a marine, you gain 50 more minerals. If you save all 67, you win!! However, if you lose all of your minerals, you lose.