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Apple, Apple, Orange

Jan 02, 2015 Release
Edit (1/1/15): A 4 player mini game in which you collect fruit and turn them into the correct bin. There are 4 fruits that spawn, each of them giving you different points on turn in: Grape 45 points, Apple 60 points, Banana 75 points, Watermelon 90 points. If you turn in the same fruit several times in a row you will receive a bonus that stacks to 5 (1.5X bonus). You may alternatively turn in a specific fruit to an infestor for a game-long buff. On the top, an energy regeneration buff. To the...

Angel Arena - Inifinity

Jan 15, 2013 Planning
Hello everyone ! This is my current project : Angel arena - Inifinty Yes, it's over the map in w3 but in sc2 ^_^. But it's with more options, more faculty (...). In global : 2 teams 10 players Spécial event ! (wait what? ho sure it's not a event with some gold, or maybe sometimes but .. Ok it's a random event with a random time) Mobs (ho really?) with lvl per times (example : After 5 min of the game, mobs is lvl 2 etc.) A little story Duel (1v1 and ...) Stuff ... chose the language IG...
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Advance Wars

Mar 03, 2012 Release
Turn based game based on the famous "Advance Wars" series of Nintendo DS Every player start with the same units, buldings and income. Only ability will be able to decide the winer of this combat. Single Player enable. If this mode is activated the player will be able to control both armies

Approximation War (Proxy War 3)

Feb 08, 2012 Release
In this game your objective is to capture the ever moving hill area marked by a caution line and glowing area, You can Pick up items that heal you or upgrade your weapon. - 200 proxy points to win - Points can be gathered by owning a Hill( 3 every 4 seconds) or Killing a player for 2 points. Minimap by: .Talon Testing and Suggestions: EvilJason & AggronandPals Music: 18Multiplayer-versus Dr. Robotnic's Mean Bean Machine, 07-Fullbore Killer Instinct, 08 Cressant-Grizzly-Stage Megaman x5,...
Arathi Basin01.jpg

Arathi Basin/Strands of the Ancients

Nov 23, 2010 Release
With 10 heroes, supporting up to 12 players, Arathi Basin/Strands of the Ancients is a remake of the battlegrounds from WOW. Third person mode and default game camera modes supported Arathi Basin is a battle for control points Strands of the Ancients is a 2 round hero siege arena Add bots by adding AI players! Unique wow-like targetting and hotkey system (with fully functional default sc2 targetting as well) Questing content (and raiding content) available for testing to the winning players.


Oct 28, 2010 Release
play 15 random picked minigames with up to 9 players for fun & everlasting glory. features: classic games like pacman,tetris & arcade racing sim many other skill based minigames shared sync bank system to store top 10,personal best& average for every player replayability because you just dont see all minigames in 1 match no terrain because I dont like terrain editing :P (if YOU wanna edit the terrain - msg poc#176) no intro because everyone skips those anyways vid of #24 tetris...

Arcade Space Shooter [Game Engine]

Aug 19, 2010 Planning
A game engine for the classic arcade space shooter games. Currently, I'm basing it off a Space Invaders-style classic called Space Junkie. Version 1 will have one-dimensional ship movement, and enemies will only appear at the beginning of each level. By version 2, I hope to have two-dimensional movement and scrolling levels. This system will be free to use, no permission or credit required. Here's an untested link to play the original Space Junkies game:...

Archon X-ing

Jul 25, 2010 Release
Use the arrow keys and avoid the archons for as long as possible

Alien vs Predator

Jun 17, 2010 Alpha
So far only a basic concept of implementing Alien vs Predator into starcraft in a form of a multiplayer map/mod. Zerg = Alien, Protoss = Predator, Terran = Humans of course. I am looking for any kind of idea about what the game should be about in general. Also made a promo video showing what kind of style I'm aiming for. This cinematic was also made to demonstrate the effects of using different lighting settings. HD Quality thanks to Azu:

APC Alien vs Predator vs Colonist

Jun 05, 2010 Alpha
ALIEN VS PREDATOR VS COLONIST This is a game of player versus player, hero versus hero, objective completion. Your choice of unit against your opponents choice of unit that is very micro and strategy intensive.

Arena Fighters

May 26, 2010 Planning
so im trying to make this arena game that i have in my head. its kinda of a cross between a game from SC1 "Omega fighters" ,"Lets be friends", and dota. im still trying to get some custom skills to work. after i get the first guy done it shouldn't be too hard to get the others working and balancing.....
Avoid The Bombs

Avoid The Bombs!

May 23, 2010 Release
v1.0 Up to 6 players Modes:(Player 1 must activate) Hardmode - Engages and activates timers for all Beacons. Super Hard Mode - Engages Faster spawns with larger explosions. Speed - Changes the game speed. Last Man Standing - Pauses Rescue timer and changes win condition to last player standing. v 0.9.5 Added ability for Single Players to control both units. WASD and up/down/left/Right control units. Adjusted Difficulty. Set players to Allys, Give ability to push each other. Gave credit to the...
AC130 Escort 3

AC130 Escort

May 13, 2010 Release
View the trailer here! Now contains part 2 and localization! If you're anything like me, you've come to love the pure awesomeness of AC-130 gunships. So here's a mission where you're in one! Contains parts 1 and 2. 3 and 4 are planned. Part 1 is an escort, part 2 is a base defense, part 3 is another escort, and part 4 is a bombing run. It features a camera that circles around AC-130 style, following a convoy that you have to protect. Once it reaches the base, you must defend until more forces...