Baseship Commanders

Baseship Commanders

Oct 06, 2016 Alpha
Baseship Commanders is a 5v5 arena battle in which the objective of the game is to destroy the other teams Oblivion Towers. Upon entering the game, players choose a team, and then choose a warship hero. It is a traditional MOBA in the sense of choosing a warship hero with a slight twist. Each team is also required to have 1 Base Commander who is in charge of constructing base defense, researching new technologies, and equipping Ship Commanders with powerful buffs which can turn the tide of a...
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Angel Arena Original

Dec 26, 2015 Alpha
This map will be remake of Angel Arena map from Warcraft 3. For the base i have token my map Vampirism Zero. It means that a bunch of stuff is already done. Heroes, shops, hero revival, triggers, some abilities. What next: Create a terrain. Create stats, points & rank system. Create achievements. Create about 15 heroes. Each hero have 5 abilities. He can choose to learn from 24 different abilities. It means that hero can have a tons of different unique builds. First hero is almost ready....
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Death By Night

Sep 02, 2015 Alpha
New map currently in progress featuring several heroes, unique abilities, leveling, ultimate abilities, the things you see in every MOBA as well as a twist with the zerg, effectively haulting the war between Red and Blue, forcing them to turn their efforts to defend their base and survive the assault.

Zombie Survival - Stop Watch

Jul 24, 2014 Alpha
Zombie Survival - Stop Watch This map is a remake of the original map. The first map was create in Starcraft BW an easy 10 years ago. Description You and your team of self selected heroes are stranded atop a city building during your last stand as you defend against which seems like an endless zombie horde. If your safe house becomes overrun you all lose since survival without a safe house is miniscule. However, venture out and you may not regret it. There is a 'stop watch'-like timer on the...

Marine Arena [Test]

Jul 22, 2014 Alpha
This map is a simple marine arena like all of this type, but i tryied to make my marine arena. You have a hero that will not return if die and your objective is destroy enemy bases with your marine that you have to spawn manually at your base. You can also up them (new ability) and you can buy mercenary. In this map there are 2 "Boss", and if you find and kill them you earn 500 minerals each. Good fun, i hope you like this...


Mar 08, 2014 Alpha

Frozen Glory

May 25, 2013 Alpha
defend your base and destroy your enemy
Psionics: Hero Selection

Psionics: Chaos Rising

Apr 22, 2012 Alpha
II Updates II The Reaper II The Infested Marine II The High Templar II The Story II Gameplay Goals The game is set in a post apocalyptic war a few eons after LotV (Legacy of the Void). The overarching goal for this ARPG is basically a Diablo 2 clone set in the Starcraft Universe. There are 5 initial classes to choose from, only three have been revealed. You can view the revealed classes by clicking their name at the top. This project will span across an undetermined amount of maps and will...

angel arena

Mar 30, 2012 Alpha
up to 14 people, 2 teams 12 closeable heros. 7 currently working 4 skills each each skill will have 5 levels 5 levels of creeps / mobs. iv about reached my limit as to what i can do with it. ill continue to research and learn more but its going to take me a long time to really do more. so im posting it in here with hopes someone might have interest in helping finishing it. just msg me ill get back to you

Aftermath of the Overmind (Beta)

Jan 03, 2012 Alpha
A mixture of a 3rd person map and an RPG. Testing.

Death Haven v2

Sep 22, 2011 Alpha
I have updated the original map Death Haven. Look for it on Starcraft under Death Haven v2 US only Current Changes: - New hero called Marauder (only available at 10k kills) - Voice overs on all cutscenes - SCV for base repairs aswell as base defenses In Progress: - New character selection - New hero based on poll - New map layout Been put on hold as im trying to get my Diablo map finished
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Seismic Showdown

Aug 15, 2011 Alpha
Seismic Showdown Project Page Donate Don't forget to donate! The button is located in the top right hand corner of the page, to the right of Overview, Files, Images, Tickets, Pages, Repository, and Subscriptions. The Gameplay Seismic Showdown is a Tug of War action game. The game is largely focused on creep control, hence the "Tug of War" description. Although ever game starts out as a Tug of War style gameplay, from that point on you can choose how you want to play. Hero Arena Gameplay You...

Zero's Hero Defense

Jun 06, 2011 Alpha
This map is for testing my skills and building my knowledge. The map is based off of the wc3 map Enfos. if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to type it up. both criticism and suggestions are welcome. progress is slow and im learning alot. terrain progress = 10% ---- so far just the essential pathing for practicing for left lane units progress = 10% -----just a basis of heroes and a few spells items = 1% ---none really just a test boots for running

This is Anime

Jun 03, 2011 Alpha
Basicly a redone/modernized version of the sc1 game, with 4 maps and 9 heroes
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Jan 26, 2011 Alpha
Ironhome Private Pre-Alpha Testing on NA Website Ironhome Website Map Info Map Designer: Rhadamant (NA:Rhadamant/245) Pre-Alpha Testers: VJain (VJ) @ NA Hawke (Tom) @ NA Pushover (Simon) @ NA EvilCupcake (Dylan) @ NA Phase: Pre-Alpha General Map Info: Map Size: 256 x 256 Playable: 236 x 228 Max Players 10 Features Save / Load System Unlockable Content Ranking System 3 Unique Playable Heroes (More to come) Three Difficulty Levels Hordes of New and Unique Enemies Player Vote System for Dynamic...
Flame Thrower Gun Test

Night of the Dead City Survival

Jan 05, 2011 Alpha
NIGHT OF THE DEAD (CITY SURVIVAL) == Overveiw == Hello everyone. I have made this page to give information on a map i am working on. The map is based in a City somewhere in the Koprulu Sector. The City has recently been infected by the zerg Virus, and now a Special Op's team has been dropped in to retreive a vital peice of information. You are part of this team. And your objective is to retreive the peice of information and get your team out ... Alive When you start the game you will either...

Space cowboys

Oct 11, 2010 Alpha
Im making a Sc2 version of my favort all time starcraft map "space pirate wars". Continuing the legacy of the Nox but with new features. Enter/exit of ships will now be a button instead of a unit location trigger(except for the nox hanger, that will remain the same). New classes of ships for the pilots (ie, fighter, frigate, cruiser). It is a work in progress given that this is my first time going really indepth with the editor, so if anyone wants to join me on the project just pm me(...

Stockade Runners

Sep 19, 2010 Alpha
Up to 14 Players Currently 14 Different Heroes Item Shops Boss Encounters Choose your hero and be part of the last pocket of resistance making their hectic escape.

Heroes And Empires - Heros

Sep 16, 2010 Alpha
Test Heros for the map Heroes and Empires
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Sep 12, 2010 Alpha
Crap Patrol - Marines Expansion Summary Inspired by the Movie "Starship Troopers" this is a Basedefence- and Siege-Map. Select you Hero, defend the CP-HQ against incoming Zerg-Waves and destroy the enemy Zerg Hives located in the corners of the map. ToDo Enemy Outposts (2/7) Strong [huge] Boss [huge] Repair Aura Hollow Plateau Backdoor Boss spawn Enemy defence Forward moving Defence Rebuilding Defence Dropship/Artillery CP Outposts Marine Excursions Items Item Combo Hero Abilities Upgrades...