Train Station: Zombie Apocalypse

Apr 10, 2016 Planning
Train Station: Zombie Apocalypse The goal of this map is basic, survive as long as you can using buildings and your hero. (Timed) For buildings, an SCV will always be available to spawn at your hero, free of charge. Your hero MUST SURVIVE at all cost! Your resource income will arrive through one or multiple cargo vehicles. Optionally, you will be able to find rare items around the map, increase the amount of resources vehicle can carry and the speed of the cargo vehicle. More information...
Battle Station

Terran Moon Base Lockdown

Jul 07, 2015 Beta
Terran Moon Base Lockdown Description This is a Large Fortress Base defense map. It is up to Jim Raynor and his band of rebels to protect the moon base from the dark protoss. Swann is a expert at machinery he can build Generators and Turrets to help protect the base and repair them as well. Map Info Hero Base Defense How to Win Survive against the Dark Protoss How to play Basic Instructions Setup Defense and Protect the Base Complete the Loki Battlecruiser Advance Instructions MULEs don't die...


Mar 08, 2014 Alpha

The Bel'Shir Offensive

Jun 08, 2013 Release
The Bel'Shir offensive is a game where you pick a hero and battle against the other team's heroes. Team 1 is protoss and Team 2 is zerg, I plan on adding a way to pick what team you want to be later. In this, you use your heroes and their spells to destroy the enemy team's towers, units, and heroes. To do so, you must have team work. Toravon (me) will listen to all reviews that are posted on the map, if you have any suggestions, post them in the comments, but if you don't have an sc2 mapster...


Feb 04, 2013 Beta
Workers standing is a map where the Tainted will be attacking you with the goal of your destruction. To stop this you will use your skills as an SCV to build a base using power plants ,gun turrets ,flame throwers and more. A video of an older version of the map is here . New video! The latest version includes Bug fixed and balance changes like walls been...

Test of Survival: Under Siege

Feb 24, 2012 Release
2 - 6 players will attempt to hold out against unyielding masses of zerg and protoss. While each player is of course able to upgrade, so is the AI. If a player does not keep on top of upgrading armor, the AI will unmercifully overpower them. Objective: Destroy the AI before they destroy you. Enemy Surges: Every 3 Minutes AI Evolution: Every 3.5 Minutes AI Boss Fights: Every 4.5 Minutes Player kills against units will result in set mineral rewards, depending on the unit and a shared resource...

The Secret Escape

Sep 14, 2011 Release
"Make your way to safety through hordes of hellish monsters. Destroy your foes with different kinds of missile spells. Drop pallisades and explosives to create deadly bottlenecks to your advantage - but conserve your energy." - This is a project I started on this autumn. It features some custom button images, custom minimap image, Diablo-inspired combat (with custom left-click missiles) with mouseover heatlh bars and more. Basically, the general gameplay is heavily insipred by Left 4 Dead, as...

The Artifact

Jun 06, 2011 Beta
My first map. Inspired by "The Last Stand" made by PsychoMC. Story: Group of scientist found an alien artifact, and accidentally turned it on. In that same moment artifact started to charge, and five warp gates have opened. Its up to you to defend artifact while it charging up. Scientist say that when fully charged, artifact can release a lot of energy capable of closing warp gates forever. Available on EU servers.

This is Anime

Jun 03, 2011 Alpha
Basicly a redone/modernized version of the sc1 game, with 4 maps and 9 heroes

Test number 1 Daniel

Feb 27, 2011 Planning
basic Defend you Tower kind of game. Use your hero and towers to defend waves
Third Person View

The Secret Cow Map

Sep 13, 2010 Release
The monstrous cows are running rampant! Do not let them near your electrical fence, or it will be drained of power! Fire missiles using left mouse click, move around with the mouse in normal camera overview, or with WASD in third person. 1-4 players. Custom map contest entry (Sep 2010). Released in public the 13th of September on (EU).

the infected area

Sep 09, 2010 Planning
my first map umm stay together to survive.

The Last Stand

Sep 05, 2010 Planning
While evacuation was in process, a chopper piolet infected with the virus crashed the helicopter in the middle of the desert leaving the survivors with few guns and a whole lot of zombies. As the survivors kill more zombies they will learn new devistating strategies to obliterate the infected.

Taurens vs Swarm

Aug 09, 2010 Release
Video: Try to survive as long as you can. Alone feasible Necessary player: 1-14 3 boss items Siege weapons Hey guys, wanted to make an offical thread so I could hear some folks feedback and such about this map. I'll read everything posted on this thread and give you updates about how it's changing and such in the future. I'd love to hear what you all think about it, what would you change and such. Whats coming soon: Even more boss, new items, fewer...
Map Preview

Top Vs Bottom Snow map with Heroes and Mercs

Aug 08, 2010 Release
3 Types of Heroes. - Low Rank Heroes (Early Game) (2): + Terran: Jim Raynor and Tycus Findlay (marines) + Protoss: Karass (High Templar) and Stone Zealot + Zerg: Hunter Killer (Super Hydra) and Aberration. - Heroes (Mid Game) (2) + Terran: Gabriel Tosh and Nova + Protoss: Zeratul and Mohandar (Void Ray) + Zerg: Kerrigan and Brutalisk - High Rank Heroes (Late Game) (1) + Terran: Hyperion (Battle Cruiser) + Protoss: Purifier (MotherShip) + Zerg: Leviatan You can only train 1 of each type. Mercs...

Terran Troopers

Jul 06, 2010 Planning
This is a proof of concept, with filler text. The other team members will write out the professional description at a later date. Stay tuned!
Top Down Fighters V8 Screenshot

Top Down Fighters

Jun 26, 2010 Alpha
Skill based WASD movement, fast paced action shooter! This is the prototype for my upcoming map. The confederacy has heard rumors of a new badass zerg type. The "Badass Ultralisk". You have been assigned to asses the threat and deal with it!
Units To Choose From

Temple Defense; My Life As An Executor

Jun 22, 2010 Alpha
A Tower Defense game with a twist, based of off Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord by SquareEnix.
The Intersection

The Intersection

May 22, 2010 Release
You are an elite Hydralisk. Ordered by the Queen to search for a new breeding zone. After several days you have come across to this vast green land. Unfortunately, it is one of the most busy intersection point of Terran between their trading cities... Your job as an elite hydralisk is to kill all terran that come across and cut off their communication! What is this in short? - 3rd person action role playing game! (Hack & Slash) - Zerg story! - Midnight theme! Rate my map over at curse:...
Preview Image

The Final Conquest

May 18, 2010 Release
The Final Conquest is now at version 2.1! Search for this game on EU servers - supports computer AI too. Arena based game featuring four teams of three. Each player has their own base with a shared choke for each team. Main game aspect revolves around cloning any single unit at one time to produce your army An infestor with modified neural parasite for each player in order to acquire new units Choose between commanders for your army - support/defence/offence Features critical no-mans-land...