Happy Town

Sep 11, 2010 Planning
MAP R 1337. Made by Lady Gaga.
Infested Arena

Infested Arena

Sep 10, 2010 Release
Infested Arena By: Etravex Summary You, along with three other companions, are being deployed into the Infested Arena. You will have to work together as a team to make it through each round. You will have to revive your fellow teammates when they become incapacitated. You will have to dispatch hordes of Infested as they relentlessly attack for 3 minutes each round. You will have to gang-up on Special Infested Units (SIU) before they pick you off one-by-one. You will have to spend your money...

Zerg Evolution

Sep 09, 2010 Planning
I haev been messing around witht he editor and have made some maps on Warcraft 3, and now I'm up doing a game where you play as a zerg eating and gaining evolution points. When you'r evulution bar is full, you can evolve into diffrent DNA-trees with diffrent units thats good on diffrent things. So you evole and eat and evolve and eat and so on. You start as a larva and goes up untill maybe you becomes an Ultralisk or a Queen, thats you'r chois in the game. DNA-tree: Larva Chancling Broodling...

the infected area

Sep 09, 2010 Planning
my first map umm stay together to survive.


Sep 06, 2010 Planning
ok have fun this map is my first time so it might be a failure
TPS Mode Screenshot

Third Person Direct Control Battle in RTS Mode

Sep 02, 2010 Release
Third Person / First Person ( TPS / FPS ) Direct Control of a any Unit on the battlefield in the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Mode with Role Playing (RPG) elements in StarCraft 2. Multiplayer Cooperative version for 4 players is done! EU map name: Big Battlefield [ FPS TPS RPG RTS ] Feel the Epic battle of StarCraft 2 from first person! You can control your unit in TPS / FPS Modes and upgrade with RPG system (9 upgrades for ANY unit). Video from actual version with new FPS / TPS UI and...
Player 1 Base

Capture The Flag

Sep 01, 2010 Beta
Description Capture the flag is a 3rd person shooter where you and your team have to capture the enemys flag as well as defending your own. Progress Todo Shooting triggers: 0% Main terrain: 0% UI Triggers: 100% - may build custom ui for map Complete Base terrain: 100% Teams / alliences triggers: 100% Flag Triggers: 100% Camera Triggers: 100% Movement triggers: 100% Disclamer If you want to use parts of this project for your own maps feel free but you have to link to in...


Aug 31, 2010 Planning
This map is a fast pace FPS. The ability's I have put in it already are.. -FPS/slight tps mode..It will have the usual commands, right click to zoom, Q & E to switch between weapons -Map changing- This one is still buggy but it will switch to a new map depending on votes -Slightly edited characters, This game features guns and swords, both similar in the way they work -Perfected aiming, also the bullets are binded to come from the unit, so it wont look awkward shooting from the camera when...
Mini Map

Brain Dead - Crash landing

Aug 31, 2010 Beta
"Brain Dead - CRASH LANDING" is the first of many Left 4 Dead type games. Survivors must work together as they move through the map finding items and "secrets" along the way. While the zombies try to prevent this at all cost. Human Heroes: Jim Raynor - Standard Hero unit with damage and utility Skills. Tychus Findlay - Strong Hero unit with few skills but high weapon damage and Hp/Hp armor. Egon Stetmann - Weak Support hero unit with many support skills. Rory Swann - Engineer able to build...
Banelings Title

Baneling Arena

Aug 31, 2010 Release
A 3rd person shooter FFA style map, where multiple types of banelings make up your arsenal. Game modes and maps are selected at the start of each match, allowing for a variety of gameplay. I am looking for a lot of feedback and ideas for weapons / maps. Gameplay video: The game has solo play! To change the number of bots, change the desired number of player controllers in the 'player properties' to computer. Over, computer filled slots automatically become bots in game.
Forge Basic Placeholder


Aug 27, 2010 Release
A new concept that is inspired by a combination of Unreal Tournament, Defense of the Ancients [DotA], and perhaps, most of all OMGDotA. Ping the author for more details. Look forward to it!
Brutalisk: Spawn Seeker

Specter's Hero Pack

Aug 23, 2010 Release
This pack contains the following: -8 unique heros modeled after wc3 heros, complete with leveled abilities and stats -2 shops, 1 finished accessory shop and 1 unfinished potion shop -well documented data. All data is custom made (no changing a field on a marine and calling it new) This map is meant for people who either want to learn more about making heros in the editor or who want heros for their maps but do not want to create their own from scratch. You are welcome to use these heros in...
Epidemic Loading Screen


Aug 20, 2010 Beta
Description As a remake of my beta map Zombie Attack, Epidemic is a zombie survival map with a twist. Instead of controlling a bland group of marines with upgrades, you control a Hero much like that found within the old favorite Warcraft III map, DotA Allstars. Four players control a Survivor, and four players control a Super Infected. As a Survivor, your goal is to simply survive for 15 minutes until rescue arrives. As a Super Infected, your goal is to eradicate the Survivors before they are...


Aug 19, 2010 Release
Buy units to fight in the arena, objective kill the enemy Nexus. If your units die, you will be given minerals to purchase more units. Every 20,000 you gain an extra 1 mineral per spawn and 1 vespene gas. Kill All Owned Units: If you need to quickly change the units you purchased, use the sacrifice ability from the command center however you will be penalized the cost of the units killed. Note. No unit stats have been edited, the only Balance i am associated with is the amount in which each...


Aug 18, 2010 Beta
Teamliquid thread that nobody ever posted in: This is a shooter game developed entirely by me, using the map made by irninja. Right now its just 1player, but I can copy/paste essentially to create more. Since I haven't had anybody to test the map with me, I did not bother to do that copy/pasting for more players because I can't be sure that it'll work unless I get people to play it. I was going to enter this into Blizzard's...


Aug 17, 2010 Beta
Remake of Wc3 map Warlock (by Zymoran and Demestotenes) Spellcaster arena, players fighting each other on an island surrounded by lava. Players can buy and upgrade different spells from the shop (8 max). They're divided on offensive and defensive. All bought spells (and 1 standard) are upgradable to lvl 9 There are also 2 standard spells: 1) Plasmaball - Simple projectile, deals low damage 2) Call Storm - Damages nearby enemies (includes caster) in short range, deals high damage Almost all...
Overview Look At Map

Zealot Wars

Aug 16, 2010 Beta
Remake of Footmen Wars for Starcraft 2. The Footmen replacement are zealots and there are three races with 5 tiers each. For more info check out my thread: Also I'm looking for people that would like to test the map with me on in the US. So send me a message if you're interested!
Map Image

Golem Wars Classic

Aug 15, 2010 Release
Golem Wars Classic is a port of Golem Madness Mass Attack from the original Starcraft. Much of the classic gameplay is preserved and updated to work with Starcraft II, with a few new additions and mechanics changes to this beloved favorite. Players choose from three types of Basic Golems, which are spawned periodically at their Golem Factory. Using these, they wage war against their opponents, attempting to destroy their opponent's factory. As they rack up more and more kills, their basic...

Gormor's Hero Testing Map

Aug 15, 2010 Release
Hero testing map. Trying to work around the stupid dependency thing. Its screwing me over.
Overhead view

Vexal Team Survival

Aug 11, 2010 Alpha
Contact Info Facebook (Matt Swarthout) Email [email protected] Youtube Map Overview Genre Hero Survival Players Two teams of five Description Each player commands a Hero. Waves of enemies spawn at the top, and players must hold them off using their heroes. Players lose when their Pylon is destroyed. Combat Fast-paced, based on skill. Spell Casting Most spells can be dodged. The cast system is set up similar to Diablo. Players may bind a spell to...