angel arena

Mar 30, 2012 Alpha
up to 14 people, 2 teams 12 closeable heros. 7 currently working 4 skills each each skill will have 5 levels 5 levels of creeps / mobs. iv about reached my limit as to what i can do with it. ill continue to research and learn more but its going to take me a long time to really do more. so im posting it in here with hopes someone might have interest in helping finishing it. just msg me ill get back to you
Theres a wolf in all of us

The Wolf - Lycanthropy

Mar 30, 2012 Release
Theres a wolf in all of us In Lycanthropy, there are 3 werewolves, and 5 towns, (5players) during the day, you will live as anormal citizen under the lights of the city, at night, you can either sleep through the night, or go into the forest, make sure you arnt being watched, and transform, destroy as much of the city as you can in the 1:30 you have, without being killed, if you are caught transforming or deforming, you will have a bounty over you, if all towns are destroyed, werewolves win,...

<Name not yet here> DOTA

Mar 27, 2012 Planning
A new DOTA! With a friend im working hard on a new DOTA (Name not yet here)... We already had one, but the effects were to simple, so we start a new one! General-Info: Every Hero has a passvie since the beginning At Lv4 the most heros get another passive inspirational: LoL (League of Legends) Champs = Heros. Champs: Support: AR.SENAL: Health: 8/10 Damage: 3/10 Spell(damage): 10/10 Difficulty: 8/10 Hes the first hero and very difficulty. His abilities spawn drones, which deals damage and gives...

Hero Battle Extreme

Mar 24, 2012 Release
Play as a Team and Kill the other base Have Fun and Good Luck

sonnert's Random Unit Arena

Feb 02, 2012 Beta
sonnert's Random Unit Arena is a simple square FFA-arena map where every player spawns as a random unit-type unit from a pool of fully custom-made units. When you die you simply respawn as a random unit again. Player with X kills first wins. Beta currently on Battle.Net.
Crash landing site

Legends of the Void

Jan 31, 2012 Alpha
Your planet has been devastated by a war between three hostile factions. Under the command of Captain Reznor, remaining survivors of the war establish an outpost in the Evergreen Forest to defend against the attacks of their enemies. After being found by the Outpost in the Dead Wastelands, you were taken to the medical lab to recover from your injuries. The voice of a mysterious being calls out to you in your dreams. After you awaken from your rest, you find out that the outpost will soon run...

saucysoup's tbs

Dec 27, 2011 Alpha
Overview WIP turn based strategy map. Very tactical (a la chess, Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force), but fast paced play.
Tower Capture

Guardians of the Sacred Shrine

Dec 27, 2011 Planning
●▬▬▬▬ஜ۩ [WIP] Guardians of the Sacred Shrine ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬● Objective: Destroy the enemy shrine by capturing and holding more towers. The team with the least amount of towers will have their shrine slowly degenerate. Game Style: Inspired by League of Legends' Dominion mode, 10 players will be divided in 2 teams of 5 players, exactly like Dominion. Each player will pick a DotA/HoN-style guardian (Hero/Guardian) which will have four abilities and 6 inventory slots for items. Map: The map is very...

Unit-Arena 2

Dec 25, 2011 Planning
It is like the unit arena but u can more units to chose from u have better defense and u can upgrade you defense more. Each unit has 10 different levels and different units have certain level max like 1 unit could only have 2 level 10s. You can also buy more abliliies and special units than unit arena, Each person can chose from 10 heros aswell.

Fury Under the Stars

Dec 15, 2011 Release
It's a 3v3v3 style with 18 heroes. Each Hero has unique abilities that work well with their corresponding faction. Each faction gets an army. The players are in complete control of the computers economy/upgrades/units that are spawned. Your Hero units gain gold from kills and you create workers with gold to mine minerals. They also get 1 ability point to upgrade each level, 2 attribute points, and 2 spawn tokens. Use the spawn tokens to increase the units coming out of the spawn buildings....
Screen shot

CCUT-[11.3Mb] for Download-It is worth for Download and play

Nov 23, 2011 Release
[DownLoad] CCUTChaos Craft : Urun Temple Click me to download At First , i am sorry for my suckily English.(Does it spell right ? suck - suckily ? Whatever ...) Second,i am an chinese player.In chinese bettlenet,i am [JamseRMH],in TW bettlenet,i am [CNdarkadam]. JamesRMH=CNdarkadam=Me And i want to thanks to this guys,you are my teachers,without your models,libs,icons,assets,i can not made this map. Thanks : [Library] Talent SystemArcadeRenegade Hero Selection LibrarySweetZombieJesus WoW...

War of Duality (WoD)

Nov 22, 2011 Beta
War of Duality Note: All subjects seen here are what our end goal is at the moment, and none of them represent our current project state. The current project state will be detailed in a later, clearly marked section. Concept In pursuit of competitive gameplay style, War of Duality takes the basic Blizzard melee tech trees, and adds to it. As any Starcraft 2 player knows, a 1v1 in Starcraft is as much a game of quick wits and strategy as it is efficient spending and correct decision making....

Battle to the Finish

Nov 22, 2011 Release
Use heros to battle your way through lines of hostile units to reach the end of the track. You can also upgrade and buy more units to aid you in your battle to the finish. More bosses coming soon. Currently not my priority as I am working to finish WoD. SimCity Ideas Link War of Duality (WoD): A Competitive Melee Game with Heroes SimCity for StarCraft II Project Link
Hex'd Signature


Oct 07, 2011 Release
EU: Hex'd (Updated April 26th 2011) US: Hex'd (NA) (Updated April 26th 2011) Eight player spellcasting arena battle. Master your spells and outsmart your opponents with them. Nine different game modes. Four arenas. Empty player slots or players who leave will be replaced by an AI with four difficulty settings that can be changed on the move. You can find a thorough review of version 2.4 (scroll down). <iframe title="YouTube video...

Aiur protection

Oct 02, 2011 Planning
save the Auir from the zerg
Project RUST

Project RUST

Sep 24, 2011 Release
Project RUST is a team oriented 6v6 death match set in a randomly generated maze. You control a single gladiator that you select at the beginning of each round. There are currently a total of 18 unique gladiators that interact with each other in different ways, some Gladiators counters others. All of the gladiators and their abilities are explained in detail in the game's help menu. The object is to reach the round's score limit, which is 50 by default but may be voted to be 25 or 50 points....

The Secret Escape

Sep 14, 2011 Release
"Make your way to safety through hordes of hellish monsters. Destroy your foes with different kinds of missile spells. Drop pallisades and explosives to create deadly bottlenecks to your advantage - but conserve your energy." - This is a project I started on this autumn. It features some custom button images, custom minimap image, Diablo-inspired combat (with custom left-click missiles) with mouseover heatlh bars and more. Basically, the general gameplay is heavily insipred by Left 4 Dead, as...

Naz^zombies: the void

Sep 10, 2011 Release
(the two links above are for basic gameplay vids before the update... they lack all of the new features, but summarize the gameplay [tutorial]) NEW VIDEO LINK: this vid contains all of the new updates you choose one of six characters (for six players) and survive against waves of zombies and demons by purchasing weapons, opening doors, using teleporters, perks, and powers UPDATE (because this is a very very vague description): there are 14 weapons, and the list is (1) starting weapon that...
New Map Specs

Extermination RPG

Sep 08, 2011 Release
Extermination RPG Extermination RPG This is my first map, an RPG with a lot of flexibity. How ever its gone through an serious overhaul to give it a hectic, fun feel. Story You are hired mercenarys come to exterminate the infestation on the planet Kuroshin, a nuetral planet in the outer Koprulu sector. A few Zerg fleed to Kuroshin during the Brood War, but once there, in a desperste attempt to save her brood, Broodmother QU'eranrte fused with the Northern Deadlands. Because of the lack of...

Snipers ProMod 2

Sep 05, 2011 Beta
About continuation: The orginal map has been made by gizmomcs.774 He abandoned his project, but fortunately it was on Public Domain license, so I decided to continue his work Orginal Description: My Favourite maps on SC1 were the Sniper Locks and stuff so i decided to make one myself and here it is It can be up to 4vs4 and its a 12 minutes match the team with more points at the end wins. 1 Kill = 1 Point for your team and if you capture the flag you get 5 Points. After respawn you are...