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Marine Arena Contest Entry

Dec 02, 2012 Release
This map was my entry to the Marine Arena Map Contest that sadly I did not win :( However, seeing that I have no desire to create a Footman Frenzy based map hopefully someone could use this map as a template to design their own custom arena because it is a pain in the butt and time consuming to create a octagon based arena. All I ask is that you give me props for map design. And hopefully if you map is successful you will allow me to feature it on a youtube channel I am attempting to set up....
Hero Attack 3X

Hero Attack 3X

Nov 04, 2012 Beta
Hero Attack 3X is a 10-12 player DOTA style game. You choose a hero, pick a lane, and proceed to fight for supremacy as you work your way towards the enemy base. Hero Attack 3X differents from most DOTA style games in that it is fast paced and there are actual bases to destroy, and not just towers. It's a true game of strategy and tactics. Hero Attack 3X is a total rewrite for the original game Hero Attack. It's currently in BETA, but most of the major bugs currently present in the original...
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Oct 08, 2012 Beta

StarQuake Arena (Demo)

Oct 07, 2012 Alpha
This is one of my billions and billions of projects, as advertised by Carl Sagan in my imagination. First Person Shooter. Arena type combat. Essentially I'm rustling up a Call of Duty type multiplayer thing, but I have several versions of this concept in the works. It's only half-finished. I still need to finish my terrain collision projectile (almost there), and then create collision for doodads, and weapons and stuff. But most of the hard thinking is done. I'm putting this up, just because...
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Dodge the Zerg

Sep 30, 2012 Mature
A 1-8 player dodging game In the future there will be points to spend on 10 different perks every 30 score, 3 more challenges, achievements, and multiplayer rank
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Sep 29, 2012 Release
BiO-WARFARE published in EU -9 Weapons -9 Perks -7 Kill Streak Rewards -12 Characters/Heroes (Head Skin) More to come... if you play call of duty or battle field then you'll find this game fun to play with friends. Please post bugs or suggestions here.. Thread:

Star's Heroes' Uprising

Sep 27, 2012 Planning
Warcraft 3 concept map, original starcraft 2 gameplay elements combined with warcraft 3 stuff like 3 Heroes, Mineral fields as trees, outlaws for experience.
Conquest Assault: The Crystal Heist

Conquest Assault: The Crystal Heist

Sep 12, 2012 Release
Published in NA and EU, 6vs6 Assault Game Mode. In Conquest Assault: The Crystal Heist, two races, the terran and protoss forces, fight for two ancient khaydarin crystals found in an old Xel'Naga temple in the deep jungle of Bel'Shir. You can choose between 4 different classes, control one hero and play with up to 5 additional teammates. While the terran must steal the artifacts, that are hidden in the protoss base, the protoss defenders must do everything to defend these rare crystals at all...

Bounty Hunters

Sep 09, 2012 Release
BOUNTY HUNTERS Wandering in different locations, as a Bounty Hunter you'll have to survive to the others. You have one unit, no auto-attack and some special abilities. Use your abilities subtly to trap, hunt and kill your enemies! A skillful and challenging map, which hilarious while playing with friends on microphone! Greed mode Carrying items gives you 1 point per second and per item. You win if you reach the right amount of...
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Snipers Promod

Sep 05, 2012 Release
Snipers Promod Published on EU need ppl to test and give sugestions add gizmomcs . 774 My Favourite maps on SC1 were the Sniper Locks and stuff so i decided to make one myself and here it is it can be up to 4vs4 and its a 12 minutes match the team with more points at the end wins. 1 Kill = 1 Point for your team and if you capture the flag you get 5 Points. After respawn you are invulnerable for 2 seconds so theres no spawn camping Both Teams have camera facing the other team base. Hide behind...

Elfins District ORPG: Vel'Halras

Aug 09, 2012 Planning
Looking at other RPG maps i have decided to take a new take on them. And show people what i think will be a great RPG, lets see what you think. =) So far into my development i have created a decent 3rd person style RPG camera. And have been working dilligently on the triggers. I'll post some screenshots of ingame and post some comments on here daily to show you all my progress as i go. If you want to help or have suggestions for what you think should be in my RPG. Just throw me a PM. So far,...


Jul 26, 2012 Planning
SpellCraft is an RPG where the players control their individual heroes. Each hero has 8 "bases" or elements that they may combine (permutate, really) into different abilities. As a starting point, the game will allow up to 2 bases for each permutation, adding to a sum of 8 + (8*8) = 72 different abilities. At this point, the alpha version will release and additional abilities will be implemented. Using this dynamic and versatile spellcasting system, the players will have the opportunity to...

Arena of Battle Trolls : the day of war

Jul 20, 2012 Release
EU server Trailer: Quake-like (FFA).Choose your troll and eliminate your opponents using various weapons and ammunition picked up during epic battles. The first who reachs the frag limit wins. LET'S TROLL Quick start guide : Step 1 : Choose your Troll (only apparences change) Step 2 : Pick up weapons (big items) and ammo (small items) Step 3 : Kill your opponents to reach the frag limit How to play : - right click to move - the mouse...
Hero Domination

Hero Domination

Jul 18, 2012 Release
Hey Starcraft community, I'll give a short introduction... My name is Eric and i come from The Netherlands, i started mapping about 5 months ago and my first project was altering a desert strike map, which turned in to a desert strike hero map. Anyhow since starcraft and warcraft ive been fascinated by the variaty of maps and never really knew how they were created til starcraft 2 came out and i started exploring the editor. So, i have created this new map which mainly envolves battles...

Unit Battles

Jun 27, 2012 Beta
Based somewhat off a DOTA style gameplay, use normal units to destroy your opponents' base. You gain money from kills which you can use to buy various upgrades. Note: This map is inactive because of work from my other maps. SimCity Ideas Link War of Duality (WoD): A Competitive Melee Game with Heroes SimCity for StarCraft II Project Link
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Jun 18, 2012 Inactive
Create a Hero, selecting class, race and specialization. Gain spending points to upgrade your hero to suit your play style and goals. Purchase items in several catagories to become more lethal. Use your Hero across a variety of maps, ranging from campaign, to PvP, to all out war. CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES (some pending) -12 classes, 10 races, 2 specializations per class. -5-7 ability options per class, each with multiple levels (144 total). -5 Hero attributes to increase your Hero's base stats....


Jun 05, 2012 Beta
SC2 Frenzy is designed with a game concept best described as: a competitive next generation MOBA game, with an increased skill cap. We are attempting to realize this concept with in-depth heros, small team sizes, control node based play and player controlled minions. We have been experimenting with differant game mechanics in order to refine and perfect the best game possible.

Level Up Wars

Apr 14, 2012 Beta
Level Up wars is a fast paced Free For All hero arena. If you want to dominate your opponents you're gonna have to level up quicker than them, do this by killing creeps or other heroes! 4 Player FreeForAll Arena 6 beta heroes currently : Colonel , Inferno , SuperZergling , Spirit , Volt and Blade. 1.7 published on EU servers and in Files.

Island Empires

Apr 08, 2012 Beta
Test Build 3.4 is currently published on EU servers, test builds can also be found in the Files section.. -- Capture key buildings across the island to gain control of them. Each building gives you annual income so you can build an army from them. Will you dominate the land? Special thanks to: - helpful resources SuperMonkey - extensive beta testing Changelog (3.4) : Extended map New zerg hero (Inferno) Known bugs (3.4) Certain buildings may not capture, try with...

Weapon Ace

Apr 08, 2012 Release
Fight computer units similar to the style in Impossible Scenarios (a custom map from SC1) and gain minerals and gas to buy items or research stronger abilities. Each hero has 9 abilities of which 5 needs to be unlocked by research. There are 6 types of heros, each requiring unique gameplay as they are technically roles, from all-around unit, spellcaster, support, etc. Of course, you must defeat opposing human players you encounter. The map is essentially a maze with big corridors for PvP...