Trial of Zeal

Trial of Zeal

Jun 22, 2013 Release
Trial of Zeal [3v3 Hero Battle Arena] Enter the Trial of Zeal to join the ongoing gladiatorial conflict between the Corrupt and the Pure. Battle with unique heroes and defeat the opposition! This Map is available in: SEA ,NA, EU. Map Feedback Thread: Following the footsteps of the hero arena genre, Trial of Zeal is best described as a gladiator arena, pitting team versus team duels minus the...

The Bel'Shir Offensive

Jun 08, 2013 Release
The Bel'Shir offensive is a game where you pick a hero and battle against the other team's heroes. Team 1 is protoss and Team 2 is zerg, I plan on adding a way to pick what team you want to be later. In this, you use your heroes and their spells to destroy the enemy team's towers, units, and heroes. To do so, you must have team work. Toravon (me) will listen to all reviews that are posted on the map, if you have any suggestions, post them in the comments, but if you don't have an sc2 mapster...
Theres a wolf in all of us

The Wolf - Lycanthropy

Mar 30, 2012 Release
Theres a wolf in all of us In Lycanthropy, there are 3 werewolves, and 5 towns, (5players) during the day, you will live as anormal citizen under the lights of the city, at night, you can either sleep through the night, or go into the forest, make sure you arnt being watched, and transform, destroy as much of the city as you can in the 1:30 you have, without being killed, if you are caught transforming or deforming, you will have a bounty over you, if all towns are destroyed, werewolves win,...

The Secret Escape

Sep 14, 2011 Release
"Make your way to safety through hordes of hellish monsters. Destroy your foes with different kinds of missile spells. Drop pallisades and explosives to create deadly bottlenecks to your advantage - but conserve your energy." - This is a project I started on this autumn. It features some custom button images, custom minimap image, Diablo-inspired combat (with custom left-click missiles) with mouseover heatlh bars and more. Basically, the general gameplay is heavily insipred by Left 4 Dead, as...

Tactics Versus

Aug 30, 2011 Release
Tactics Versus is a 1v1 turn-based strategy game in which each player commands a group of rpg-archetype unit classes to out-strategize and eliminate his opponent. It has a variety of modes: 1v1, 1vAI, 2v2, Co-Op v AI, AI 2v2 Co-Op, and AI vs AI. Introduction Video GAMEPLAY When the game begins, players can challenge each other through the multiple game modes. Players can currently choose 5 out of 14 playable classes per battle, and either a Nexus or Hive base. The pace is governed by a turn...

This is Anime

Jun 03, 2011 Alpha
Basicly a redone/modernized version of the sc1 game, with 4 maps and 9 heroes
For Glory!


Jan 17, 2011 Release
TagCraft Dark Judicator Xeres has organized a Battle Royal on the desert planet of Ehlna to determine who will act as executor for his next conquest. To prove your worth you must best your templar brethern by superior use of abilities and tactics. Your armor has been outfitted with a warp mechanism that will prevent you from being fatally wounded- instead you will 'respawn' shortly if your shields have become critically low. Choose between 3 different unique abilities each time you spawn...

the infected area

Sep 09, 2010 Planning
my first map umm stay together to survive.
TPS Mode Screenshot

Third Person Direct Control Battle in RTS Mode

Sep 02, 2010 Release
Third Person / First Person ( TPS / FPS ) Direct Control of a any Unit on the battlefield in the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Mode with Role Playing (RPG) elements in StarCraft 2. Multiplayer Cooperative version for 4 players is done! EU map name: Big Battlefield [ FPS TPS RPG RTS ] Feel the Epic battle of StarCraft 2 from first person! You can control your unit in TPS / FPS Modes and upgrade with RPG system (9 upgrades for ANY unit). Video from actual version with new FPS / TPS UI and...

Team-Battle Arena

Aug 10, 2010 Planning
Team vs Team Buy squad of units on your barracks You earn by killing an enemy squad The higher the unit Tier you want the more you have to kill Team-up to defeat your enemy by reducing their reserves Or infiltrate their base and destroy their planetary fortress to win Coming soon at your nearest Starcraft 2 installed PC
Item shop

The Grand Arena

Jul 14, 2010 Release
A hero based map. Kill the enemy and level up. Dotted around are buildings to buy items. Gain money somehow. Not decided on that yet. Still a work in progress. So far I have made a standard marine hero, a 'Zombie' hero (based off an infested Terran) and a silent assassin with unique abilities. I'm busy making a Warlock, sniper and other heros. The Warlock can curse enemies, causing them to lose life. When that unit dies, a psi storm is created. The Sniper can cause critical damage to enemies...
Map Test Screenshot

Third Person Map Test (incomplete)

Jun 27, 2010 Alpha
Test map for a map I am planning to make in the future. This is basically just for testing the functionality of mechanics of the game and the spells/abilities. Right now it's more of a World of Warcraft style RPG game. In the future I plan on making a map that is basically a mix of DotA and World of Warcraft battlegrounds. It will be a 5v5 game where people get to pick there heroes before the game starts just like in DotA. At first there will probably just be one game mode, probably a capture...
Tag! Screenshot!

Tag: You're It!

Jun 03, 2010 Release
- Up to 10 Players - Best played with 6 or more players. - Multiplayer Only. Select your Class, and avoid the bombs. Die and you become the Bomber! Kill another player to get back into the game. Bomber: Watch your Mana. Left mouse click drops smaller, cheaper bombs Right mouse click drops larger, more expensive bombs. Middle mouse click drops 3 smaller bombs, but is more expensive. You lose 1 life every 45 seconds. This timer starts when bombs are enabled. Classes: Dark Templar - Stealth and...

TGS SC2 edition

May 23, 2010 Planning
What is TGS (The Great Strategy)? TGS is a brilliant map that went practicly unnoticed by the custom game community in WC3. It was a kind of Dota clone. 5v5, heroes fighting alongside spawned units from each teams base with the sinister goal of destroying the others. Gaining levels,buying items -> becoming unstoppable. What made it unique was that heroes didn't have abilities by default. They were bought(the ability pool to choose from was about 40) by resources gained by leveling up.Also...
Preview Image

The Final Conquest

May 18, 2010 Release
The Final Conquest is now at version 2.1! Search for this game on EU servers - supports computer AI too. Arena based game featuring four teams of three. Each player has their own base with a shared choke for each team. Main game aspect revolves around cloning any single unit at one time to produce your army An infestor with modified neural parasite for each player in order to acquire new units Choose between commanders for your army - support/defence/offence Features critical no-mans-land...
In Game UI

Tanks War

May 17, 2010 Release
at first, choose tank with left and right key and, backspace to select. w for go foward and a,d for turning. shift is boost ur speed a little to switch weapon use tab key and space bar to FIRE!! and u can up or down ur fire angle with left or right click. 5 Kills to win the game! i'm sorry for not all tanks look like.. 'tank' >>Clickhere<< for very short demo. in korea we can`t upload at youtube and most of korean sites force u to install activeX... so, someone who can uploade movie of this...