Marine Arena [Test]

Jul 22, 2014 Alpha
This map is a simple marine arena like all of this type, but i tryied to make my marine arena. You have a hero that will not return if die and your objective is destroy enemy bases with your marine that you have to spawn manually at your base. You can also up them (new ability) and you can buy mercenary. In this map there are 2 "Boss", and if you find and kill them you earn 500 minerals each. Good fun, i hope you like this...


Feb 16, 2014 Beta
Moo! Cows run away and hide from zealots for as long as possible. A simple 4v4 hide and seek game. Each team has a turn at being cows, and the team that survives the longest as cows wins. link: starcraft://map/1/225063 How now brown cow?

Minecraftz (Alpha)

Feb 19, 2013 Alpha
Minecraftz (Alpha) (Only available on NA servers) :IMPORTANT!!!!!: Major update coming soon! Watch out! (Update 0.8) This means 0.7 will be out of date! Like minecraft, I decided to do pre-releases!!!(AKA snapshots) So it has been updated to 0.8.1-Pre-release!!! I shall title it: 13W12. (The name is the same because to change the name is to delete the pre-existing map) Do you have what it takes to survive the night of doom? To build a village, town, or even kingdom, and defeat your foes? Well...
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Marine Arena Contest Entry

Dec 02, 2012 Release
This map was my entry to the Marine Arena Map Contest that sadly I did not win :( However, seeing that I have no desire to create a Footman Frenzy based map hopefully someone could use this map as a template to design their own custom arena because it is a pain in the butt and time consuming to create a octagon based arena. All I ask is that you give me props for map design. And hopefully if you map is successful you will allow me to feature it on a youtube channel I am attempting to set up....
Maze Madness

Maze Madness

Dec 23, 2010 Beta
Maze Madness The concept of the whole maze originates from this concept. I decided to work it out further in a different way. I haven't uploaded it yet to bnet, because its not finished yet. Gameplay Powerups This is an arcade like game where each player controls 1 unit. This unit can pick up powerups which can be used on the environment or on other players. At first sight, these powerups are all the same, but when picking one, you get a random powerup assigned. These powerups automatically...
Marine Swarm

Marine Swarm

Oct 06, 2010 Beta
Marine Swarm is a 6-player arena-style map. The goal is to defeat the opposing team by destroying the Bunkers located in their respective bases. Each round (25 seconds long), the players will receive Marine reinforcements and resources. Each player also chooses a Hero Unit to assist. Aside from being powerful in combat and possessing Special Abilities, Hero Units are also used to capture important regions “King-of-the-Hill” style. Each region a player owns will add an extra Mineral bonus at...

Mengsk - Final Battle

Sep 27, 2010 Release
Boss Battle Raynor vs. Mengsk for the sc2mapster boss battle contest
Single Player Madness

Madness Arena

Sep 20, 2010 Release
After 2 years I return to work on my madness map... It's currently called "Explicit Madness" and only playable on the arcade beta. As soon as the arcade goes live I'm going to change its name. The files associated with this account were intended for the SC2 2010 BETA and are most likely broken if you want to play please do so on the Arcade. Explicit Madness This map is a bunker defence map where it pits you against 4 other in a FFA. The AI builds are unique with every match. They counter each...

Mech Wars

Jul 11, 2010 Alpha
Overview Mech Wars is a 5v5 arena map inspired by warcraft 3 maps Battleships and Battle Tanks. There are two bases, the Terran on the bottom and the Protoss on the top, basic units spawn every 30 seconds and try to destroy the enemy base. You start with a basic hero and buy weapons and utility items. Later on you can upgrade your mech to more powerfull ones, while keeping all the experience and items. Weapons Weapons in Mech Wars are very different than on most maps, you do not choose your...


Jun 27, 2010 Alpha
Medieval On Yo Ass Dota like game type for up to 12 players with custom UI. There is no WASD movement, to move hero you just right click, to select unit left click on it. To control hero actions you use A - to attack selected target, S - to stop attacking/moving, D - to deselect target. To rotate camera (which is following your hero) you need to hold Z or Ctrl. To use skills just press 1-8 or X, C or V which are in order 8, 7 and 6. Not yet finished.
Marine Arena v0.9.9 Preview Image (US Gateway)

Marine Arena

Jun 18, 2010 Release
BEFORE YOU POST A COMMENT, PLEASE READ! The only versions that I support, and that are regularly updated are: US Gateway version 1.0.0 (Published by Me and updated weekly) EU Gateway version (Published by MasterKiwa and updated every 1-2 weeks) v0.9.9 is the old beta version and is no longer being updated. The EU version has some minor differences since I've allowed Kiwa to edit and add to the map if he chooses to, but the core of the game between the versions is roughly the same. Any other...

Mech Assault*

May 19, 2010 Alpha
Description coming soon.............

Melee - Survival Mode

May 14, 2010 Planning
Survival Mode This Enhanced Melee Mode is just like a normal 1v1. Except, you spawn with a Hero. The way to win is to kill the Enemies Leader. You get a small income of 50 Minerals, and 50 Vespene, (As of right now) and this may help you if you lose your base. The only way to lose, is to have your Hero die. This is the first of many "Enhanced" Melee Modes. Each race has a specific hero. . . Terran: Raynor Protoss: Zeratul Zerg: Azazel They each have abilities from their race. You must still...


Apr 27, 2010 Planning
An epic battle of Wizards and their armies. Currently Planned Mages: Shared Abilities Sense Magic Mages have a radar-like ability that allows them to detect enemys within double their actual sight range. Mages also can detect cloaked units Conjurer/Illusionist Temperary/Perminant Wall Hallucination (Units) Cloak = 2 options: (Personal, drains)/(AOE, drains faster) Stagger = causes enemy to freeze in place, does light damage Fear = causes enemy to not attack and scatter, does light damage...

Map name:

Apr 20, 2010 Release