Hero Selection

Custom Hero Arena

Sep 24, 2016 Beta
Custom Hero Arena! A Warcraft 3 style hero arena with a casual pace and more focus on strategy than on quick reactions. Players select a hero base, customize stat gains, select abilities which can be customized as they level. Kill creeps which spawn in regions around the field for experience and gold. Kill bosses in side regions for points and additional currency. Periodically compete with an opposing team for additional points. Victory is achieved by reaching a point count. Gameplay Once all...


Dec 03, 2013 Release
From the dev of Sniping:Sniper.. CLOAKDRIVE Press C to warp anywhere. Cloakdrive a simplified, yet epic space warfare. Build your fleet and dive into any battlefield. Featuring splash damage and green lasers. Available in all regions. Game Take control of your Assembly Mothership and destroy all enemy units. Each game lasts 20 minutes. Player with the best score wins the match. Supports up to 7 players. AI support - Challenging. AIs use all units at will.
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Oct 08, 2012 Beta
Conquest Assault: The Crystal Heist

Conquest Assault: The Crystal Heist

Sep 12, 2012 Release
Published in NA and EU, 6vs6 Assault Game Mode. In Conquest Assault: The Crystal Heist, two races, the terran and protoss forces, fight for two ancient khaydarin crystals found in an old Xel'Naga temple in the deep jungle of Bel'Shir. You can choose between 4 different classes, control one hero and play with up to 5 additional teammates. While the terran must steal the artifacts, that are hidden in the protoss base, the protoss defenders must do everything to defend these rare crystals at all...
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CCUT-[11.3Mb] for Download-It is worth for Download and play

Nov 23, 2011 Release
[DownLoad] CCUTChaos Craft : Urun Temple Click me to download At First , i am sorry for my suckily English.(Does it spell right ? suck - suckily ? Whatever ...) Second,i am an chinese player.In chinese bettlenet,i am [JamseRMH],in TW bettlenet,i am [CNdarkadam]. JamesRMH=CNdarkadam=Me And i want to thanks to this guys,you are my teachers,without your models,libs,icons,assets,i can not made this map. Thanks : [Library] Talent SystemArcadeRenegade Hero Selection LibrarySweetZombieJesus WoW...


Aug 04, 2011 Release
Overview Features + Liked Battleships from Warcraft 3? Then you will like this. + 114 items, 9 vehicles and 13 abilities. Choose items and abilities wisely to get the most out of your tank. + Drones. These secondary vehicles will automatically support you. + 5 classes of items. Weapons, drones, armour, shields and abilities. + AI profile system, allowing computer opponents and allies. Plans for the Future + Insane amounts of customization. + Stat saving between matches. + Saving your vehicle...


Apr 04, 2011 Beta
Crusades This is my first map. It's a 5v5 where every player chooses and controls one hero. The objective of the map is to destroy the enemy team's titan while protecting your own. There are also 3 towers in the map that provide extra units for the team that controls them. 17 Heroes 85 Abilities Over 200 different Upgrades Please leave comments and suggestions on my map. ☺

Capture the Star

Apr 01, 2011 Beta
So this is my first serious map, I've dabbled in the arts here and there, reason is mainly I am afraid of the data editor, however I'm pretty comfortable with the trigger. Tag based capture the flag. There's a jail system/voting system (for number of rounds, map, and individual runner choices)/round system. Supports up to 7v7. Has a fully working dialog scoreboard. Alpha bot stuff going on, haven't published it yet, I will when I get it more flushed out. Plans for future : Some attributes for...

Conquest Fleet Command

Jan 26, 2011 Release
Conquest map. 4 teams of 2.

CTF Arena

Nov 16, 2010 Beta
Take 3 parts (Capture the Flag), wisk gently and add 6 parts of (Hero Arena), Mix thoroughly and incinerate until crispy. Basically the idea, Capture the flag, 3v3 geared in the direction of DOTA/Hero Arena. Capturing the flag is only considered a bonus, or leading to a score. There are 6 flags, a team would have to go through a maze to find an opponents flag (maybe just a simple one) within their respectable base. Experience points stays with the player, and they have a choice to switch...

Come for the UNDEADS

Oct 23, 2010 Planning
Brand new tower defense ,hope u guys enjoy this fun, bugs and glitches will be updated later (23/10/10) version 1.0
Player 1 Base

Capture The Flag

Sep 01, 2010 Beta
Description Capture the flag is a 3rd person shooter where you and your team have to capture the enemys flag as well as defending your own. Progress Todo Shooting triggers: 0% Main terrain: 0% UI Triggers: 100% - may build custom ui for map Complete Base terrain: 100% Teams / alliences triggers: 100% Flag Triggers: 100% Camera Triggers: 100% Movement triggers: 100% Disclamer If you want to use parts of this project for your own maps feel free but you have to link to in...

Colosseum X

Jul 16, 2010 Release
Xinehp Colosseum, aptly named Colosseum X, is a remake of one of my old maps from Age of Empires 3. I've updated the unit making mechanics, but left the core gameplay in tact - You must kill things to get better units. As there are a number of incentives to being aggressive, this is sure to be a very fun game. Needs multiplayer testers - add me in game as xinehp (433)