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Dragon Escape

Aug 03, 2015 Release
Click for Rock The Cabinet Forum Entry Gameplay Pick a Dragon, and then race your friends on various custom made tracks. Each dragon has a unique skill. Additionally, players can unlock new dragons by winning more races. However, beware of Fantasy guards, they are not too fond of dragons and can halt your ability to succeed. Achievements can also be earned and can be viewed by typing "-achievements". Currently, the map holds 4 players. Gameplay Footage Cup Mode The current game mode is Cup...


Feb 16, 2014 Beta
Moo! Cows run away and hide from zealots for as long as possible. A simple 4v4 hide and seek game. Each team has a turn at being cows, and the team that survives the longest as cows wins. link: starcraft://map/1/225063 How now brown cow?

Ice Baneling Escape

Feb 16, 2014 Release
Ice Baneling Escape is a co-operative (3-10 players) puzzle/bound/dodger/ice escape game for the Starcraft II arcade, in which several ice banelings find themselves stuck in a mysterious land of snow and ice. It is inspired by the "Area of Ice Escape" maps by swpmoele in Warcraft III. As one of the ice banelings, it is your mission to escape. On your path to freedom you will encounter perilous puzzles and numerous hostile creatures. Only with the help of your fellow ice banelings will you...
Dodge The Observers

Dodge The Observers

Jul 05, 2013 Release
Race against your allies to reach the End Zone while reviving each other along the way, will you be the all in dodger or the patient life saver? - Avoid touching observers or die! - Touch an allies marker to revive them - 35 levels: 20 Ground, 12 Air, 3 Bonus Some of the in game features include: - Individual playlists with track buttons - Default lighting button - Anti AFK - Host override - Host ban authority Many initial game settings are possible (as host), you can set your "Unit Range",...
Zerg Icon

Dodge the Zerg

Sep 30, 2012 Mature
A 1-8 player dodging game In the future there will be points to spend on 10 different perks every 30 score, 3 more challenges, achievements, and multiplayer rank

Battle to the Finish 2

Jul 14, 2012 Beta
How to play... At the start of the game, players will choose their hero and difficulty level. Then, players will use their chosen heroes to fight waves of units throughout the map in order to reach the final bosses. To win, all the final bosses must be killed. In addition to their heroes, players can buy more units at the various shops placed in the map, as well as upgrade those units. Leveling has also been added. Note: This map is inactive because of work from my other maps. SimCity Ideas...

Destroyer's RPG

Jul 09, 2012 Beta
level up your character with hordes of enemies and bosses throughout this vast map

Battle Stations

Jul 04, 2012 Alpha
In this map you command a space station of many different parts that can be destroyed, defence turrets only fire when powered, docks build fighters, corvetes and transports. your station frame/ nexus /lair is is the main part of your base, capital ships are trained from it and it collects resources more coming soon including screenshots

Runling Run 1

Jan 07, 2012 Release
Continued work on the map Runling Run by Wolfwood - Immunegamers.
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Tribal Wars

Dec 23, 2011 Release
Offical Forum Images/Screenshots Millions of years ago even before the Xel'naga made contact to the Protoss, The tribes of the Protoss were at major battle... With, each other... The Journey Begins It wasn't until a strange pod fell from the sky slamming into the ground, where a massive creature came out of the ground, a worgen... Xel'tir Xel'tir, one of the leaders, tamed him, gave him armor but this was a mistake The worgen broke free and destroyed the city. The Worgens seek infestation of...
SC2 Expanded

SC Expanded River Valley

Nov 06, 2011 Release
Soulflitcher, has allowed me to use his SC Expanded Mod, so I went around creating 10 different maps, this was one I liked, but wasn't the biggest, I added the mod, added a few triggers for water states, and incase you don't know what SC Expanded is, all you have to do is build a forge, evolution chamber, engineering bay, select your upgrades at the bottom, and build normally, but with different units ano tactics, ALL mod credit goes to Soulflitcher, hope you like... :D

Cats and Ratlings

Sep 19, 2011 Beta
Cats and Ratlings Description This is a tag map, similar to Cats and Mice available for Wacraft 3. This map has a heavy focus on quality. The Ratlings will try to run and build up defenses while the Cats will try to eliminate the Ratlings. The Ratlings have the ability to sprint, blink and burrow (with movement). They can also build buildings. If a Ratling dies, all his/her buildings will be destroyed and an egg will be created in the middle of the map. The eggs will spawn new Ratlings If...


Aug 26, 2011 Planning
boldly going where no terran has gone before

Green Tea AI Maps

Jun 28, 2011 Release
Green Tea AI using a commander system which give the AI different strategy every time you play. To know more how it work: Just select the "Easy" or lower difficult, it will reveal the commander name at the start which represent one kind of strategy You will find yourself suitable with one of the 6 difficult Very Easy : 10 minutes countdown, the AI won't attack you in that time. APM limit 300. + Easy : Don't using micro. Show Commander name + Medium : Using Micro ( like evade storm,...

Infestor Conquest

Jun 17, 2011 Planning
Protect your infestor den at day, come out to infest whole town's at night, infest human's to make your army and use them to destroy other infestor den's.
Urubu Hunt Extreme Loading Screen to be

Urubu Hunt Extreme

Jun 08, 2011 Alpha
In this map you will be able to vote on game modes that will last from 10 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the game mode. All game modes will involve the critter - Urubu. Current Game modes include: Urubu Hunt Classic - In this game mode you will have 20 seconds to find and snipe the Urubu on a small map cluttered with other types of critters. Urubu Mineral Defense - In this game mode Urubus will come after your 2 mineral patches and you must snipe them as fast as you can to win. Angry Angry...
Cat'n'Mouse Fights

Cat'n'Mouse Fights

Mar 17, 2011 Release
Remake of Warcraft 3 Cat Catchs Mouse map. Now for SC2. Now in open space. Great battle of cats and mice continues. Bad old pussycats return to catch down the last mouse in the University. Main Information Map consists of 3 different modes: - classic Cats Vs Mouse - Mice (players) Vs Cpu controled Cat-Droids - Cat-Hero Defence (just like Enfo's) Classic gameplay isn't new for those players who played Cat Catchs Mouse at Warcraft3. The goal of cats is killng all the mice. Cats grow up in...

Sheep Tag Basic

Mar 04, 2011 Beta
An Ultimate Sheep Tag parody from Warcraft III. Shepards try to capture all the sheep before the time runs out. Sheep build farms to block the shepards. Shepards win when all the sheep are captured. Sheep win when the time limit (20 minutes) is reached.

Critter Civilizations

Jan 16, 2011 Alpha
Gameplay Choose from one of 3 different tribes. Populate the world and defeat all other tribes to win this game. All tribes have a unique gameplay and special abilities. This project was created in one day. Races Automatons This race depends on power supply. While all units generate power, the station drains it and needs to be supplied. Units can construct Turrets for defense and more Stations. Karaks While the females feed on the males and give birth the whole packs of children, the males...

Pokemon Idea

Jan 04, 2011 Alpha
So I wanted to do a pokemon map. I have no idea if I'll even finish this at some point in the future. But I thought if I uploaded it here, then I might get some feedback or whatever. If you want the fighting as turn-based, or keep it as is, let me know or whatever. I haven't decided on that yet.