Core Fight

Feb 05, 2011 Release
- Introduction: CoreFight can be classified into the Tug of War game style. It's inspired by two of my favourite wc3 games: Castle Fight and Missile Wars. I've tried to mix both game conceps by including some of their game basics, as well as adding some new features. So if you used to like some of these wc3 games, I'd suggest you to try this game. Currently this game is published in EU servers. Feedback and bugs are appreciated. - GamePlay: There are two opponent teams, the red team and the...

One Soul

Feb 04, 2011 Planning
One Soul - RPG Target Alpha Alpha (1 boss all abilities) = Nextweek Wensday Looking for Alpha Alpha Testers PST around 4-11pm Please PM One Soul is an RPG set (kinda) in the SC2 Universe. When a player dies in One Soul it makes the other players more powerful. The dead player re-spawns as a very basic unit with no special abilities. The other players must VOTE to allow that player gain their soul back 49% Majority to pass. (There may be another way to get your soul back, but with some...


Feb 03, 2011 Release
Three mage class.frost fire shadow(not finish project)and abilities,items,potions...
Galaxy Defender Map

Galaxy Defender

Feb 03, 2011 Planning
Galaxy defender is a map about ennemies that come from Fedju planet and try to steal our electricity. Your goal is to defend it from getting steal buy killing all ennemies that come from gates. If 20 attackers can get thru the Zerg beacon, it mean that you lost. To defend the electricity you need to build towers with a builder. The builder can be a SCV, Probe, Drone. You first start with 20 Minerals. To get more mineral you need to kill attackers. Each attackers is around 1 or 2 minerals...
Miranda Jungle ARENA

Miranda Jungle ARENA

Feb 01, 2011 Release
On this map you will face other players in a match to the death. It's recomemded you play this map on FFA or Melle or Team FFA but it's most fun with FFA and beware there are a lot of minerals but a low amount of vespine gas. Keep in mind your ememies are close by. And don't let your guard down because there multiple enterances into your base. Oh and be aware that there are at least several cut throughts throughout the map so you can use those to spare you some time while you tech. It's very...
tested map


Feb 01, 2011 Release
single player map.test warcraft models.

Doc's Unit Test Map

Jan 26, 2011 Alpha
Test maps with up to 4 players Campaign units, Hero units, Custom units Test different tactics or just screw around includes an infant capacity transport
Sharicasmi's Red Square Mine Defense

Red Square Mine Defense

Jan 22, 2011 Beta
There are 4 types of mines, a detector, and multiple ways to tech up your mines. You win if you survive all 30 waves, you lose if there are x100 mobs per player on the board. This map was made from scratch (in about 2 days), inspired by Hydro's Red Circle TD. I wanted to create something challenging and different that embodies all the virtues of a tower defense map.

Predators vs. Prey

Jan 12, 2011 Beta
It's a twisted Predators vs Prey kinda map. Description: 2 teams, Predators and Prey. The Predators are less than the Prey but they are more powerful or at least they start out that way. The game has a rich dynamic environment that can affect the gameplay. The Predator's objective is to stop the Prey from mining minerals and activating their artifact. Predators get money with time and from kills. The Prey's objective is to mine minerals to charge up their artifact. Prey get money only from...
Loading Screen

Codename: Moebius

Jan 06, 2011 Release
3 Player Cooperative Campaign The Moebius Foundation needs DNA strains fom Zerg Ultralisks to continue their research. Your team must setup a temporary base on Aiur and capture a number of Ultralisks from the Hive Clusters that have remained behind after the Zerg invasion.
Flame Thrower Gun Test

Night of the Dead City Survival

Jan 05, 2011 Alpha
NIGHT OF THE DEAD (CITY SURVIVAL) == Overveiw == Hello everyone. I have made this page to give information on a map i am working on. The map is based in a City somewhere in the Koprulu Sector. The City has recently been infected by the zerg Virus, and now a Special Op's team has been dropped in to retreive a vital peice of information. You are part of this team. And your objective is to retreive the peice of information and get your team out ... Alive When you start the game you will either...

Warpath Tower Defense

Jan 02, 2011 Beta
Warpath Tower Defense Features (Note: all features have NOT been implemented) Mazing - Use your creativity to gain the upper hand on your opponent. 9 Towers - Each tower has 2 unique & 1 basic upgrade to choose from. PvP - Adds re-playability due to different strategies players will use. Spawning - Players control which unit and when it spawns at all times. 9 Units - Each unit has 5 basic & 1 unique upgrade. 3 Slate - Tile buildings which apply buffs or debuffs to nearby units. Strategy -...
The World OF ArmaghedoN

The World OF ArmaghedoN

Dec 31, 2010 Release
This is a 3v3 map u can play too vs AI the picture say anything about this map i think u guys will enjoy it


Dec 29, 2010 Beta
A map back in ScI, i remade with a bit of slight alterations

10x Speed

Dec 27, 2010 Release
As you could probably guess, this is a version of SC2 on 10 times normal speed. The map is Twilight Fortress with new textures (in space). there are several different game modes, Terran, Protoss, Zerg, and All Races. I suggest that first time players start with there normal race, just to get used to the speed. It is 2 v 2, and AI works very well. Please realize that I (TheDingos) am BAMFPKMN, the creator of this map.


Dec 22, 2010 Planning
Loading Screen

Next convo in 20s

Dec 07, 2010 Release
A melee game using a chatroom mode.

Koprulu Mercs

Dec 02, 2010 Alpha
Unfortunately, this project has been cancelled.

war of ancients

Nov 29, 2010 Planning
this is just the beginning

Hydra Rancher Pro

Nov 25, 2010 Release
Like the old Hydra Rancher Pro in Starcraft 1, Your main forces are constantly spawning Hydralisks that can upgrade up to 255 levels! Minerals are earned by killing other players units. Buildings and units are created in 1 second.