Run Run Run

Jul 14, 2010 Planning
Its like Runling Run but that map is messed up and im bored and want somethig to do :p
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Freeze Tag

Jul 09, 2010 Release
A basic game that was recreated from Warcraft 3. Two teams, Protoss and Zerg, attempt to play a game of Freeze Tag. The first team to the selected amount of points wins the game. Your team will gain a point by freezing the entire other team. To freeze an opponent simply right click him, and to thaw an ally easily right click him as well. The game requires team work and strategy to win the game, otherwise you will be picked off one by one. Change Log: Freeze Tag has been updated for the recent...

Terran Troopers

Jul 06, 2010 Planning
This is a proof of concept, with filler text. The other team members will write out the professional description at a later date. Stay tuned!

Zombie Onslaught Survival

Jun 25, 2010 Planning
Your a hero stuck in the zombie apocalypse. Seek survivors to aide you and your fellow heroes in survival.

Netstorm: Islands at War

Jun 23, 2010 Alpha
If you want to play the map join the NetStorm channel on bnet, we might get a few games together Edit: Beta version released on EU and US (thanks to deathnight) Big thanks to Phaos for making me the bridge models and helping with modeling. Here's my progress so far This is an attempt to remake a great game with the same title released in 1997. While the gameplay was fun it didn't get enough attention so it's time to change that. It's basically an RTS taking place on islands in the sky....
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Vexal Tower Defense

Jun 23, 2010 Release
Update coming in the future. Tower Defense. Featuring: - 43 levels, including bosses with special abilities unheard of in a WC3 Tower Defense. - Some levels have special abilities, again, which were unheard of in WC3. - Unique towers which were not possible with the WC3 editor, such as towers with the Carrier's Hangar ability, upscaled to store an unlimited number of a variety of powerful units, or Sunken's ability to stack and uproot towers. - Two unique races, Humanoid and Sunken. Sunken is...
Reflex Defense

Reflex Defense by SquarelyCircle

Jun 22, 2010 Alpha
Reflex Defense is a game that pits your ability to micro a single unit against the chaotic meandering of a huge mass of larvae. The longer you survive without colliding with a larva, the stronger your towers become. Based on Dodge defense from SC1. It currently has 20/30 waves, 3/10 unit abilities and 5/8 towers. I wanted to get it out there for some feedback. Suggested 2-8 players, but works with 1. Changelog

Star-strike 1.6

Jun 22, 2010 Planning
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STRIKE-CRAFT 1.6 英语 和 汉语 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Version of Counter-Strike, in which instead of buying a multiple weapons you buy multiple units. I want to release an alpha before SC2 is released, then with the impending new units go ahead and...
Desert Survival Logo

Desert Survival

Jun 18, 2010 Beta
Please write a comment if you have tested the map to help me improve it :D Try to survive the zerg onslaught using tower's and unit's to defend your builder. Build supply depot's to gain income and use it to upgrade tower's and units. What Im currently working on: * More waves ofc * Terrain changes * Upgrades * More units This map is now in the beta stage, but i still need your feedback :) This map is based on the WC3 map "Fortress Survival".

Zombie Island

Jun 18, 2010 Planning
Perfect for Zombie Defense
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ZigZag TD

Jun 18, 2010 Beta
Zig-Zag Tower Defense A multi-player tower defense map over a zig zag path. You have 20 lives and each time an enemy reaches the end you lose one. Lose them all and it's game over. Features Supports up to 4 players (multi-player not yet tested) 20 levels of enemies including 2 boss levels. 8 towers. 11 upgraded towers. 10 research upgrades. 2 difficulty levels (Normal and Hard) Enemy kills gain you resources to build more towers. In multi-player everyone gains resources from killing so it...
Shrine Defense

Shrine Defense

Jun 18, 2010 Beta
Shrine Defense Defend an old protoss shrine with the help of four friends. Besides your 3 allies there is another little support. Its your personal SCV who helps you to upgrade your marine and even sometimes heal you. Features: Beautiful map design fullly upgradable Marine upgradable SCV some story elements balanced for 1-4 players a lot of fun To be done balancing additional waves

CardCraft SC V0.2a

Jun 17, 2010 Alpha
This is an early alpha version with just a few cards. You can play against computers in this one. To do so: First create a deck using the deck button on the top elft having 32 up to 64 in your deck Then close the shop and click on "Create lobby", then you can invite comptuers by clicking on the C button in the newly opened lobby menu Then change the teams by clicking on "team 1" or "team 2" afterwards press start to start the game You get 1 draw point every round, click on your deckpile to...

Spacestation thing

Jun 13, 2010 Release
This is my first map. It's a 2v2 map. One team is on the left and the other on the right side of the map. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Xelnaga Zombies

Jun 10, 2010 Planning
Survive the 30 levels of zombies!
SpineCrawler Defense 4 Ways

SpineCrawler Defense 4 Ways

Jun 09, 2010 Release
There is 15 waves that will come every 45 secondes. The goal is to kill all units before they get to the middle. If only 1 of them can get to the middle the game will end. Every 5 kills u get a Zergling. Zergling are used to buy units or drone to make SpineCrawler. In each wave there is 20 units. This map is a new version from Starcraft 1. Buyable Units : Drone Marine Stalker Tank Archon Hydralisk That all the units that you can buy for now. I will probably add more or change some when ill...
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Jun 07, 2010 Release
All players get the same amount of minerals when a creep dies, so no fighting over kills Over 60 increasingly difficult levels with many types of enemies 6 huge bosses, nydus worm attacks, bonus zerg and more Towers can be mazed, upgraded multiple times, and sold Looks nice too Video:
Starship troopers (SP) (own version) image

StarShip Troopers (SP)(own version)

Jun 06, 2010 Release
You have to survive in your base. Read changelog.
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Basic Defence

Jun 06, 2010 Release
A basic defence style map. Use minerals from killing enemy units and completing levels to recruit units and build turrets to stop the enemies from reaching the end. Enemies spawn at the top lane and travel left to right towards the bottom lane. Make sure you move your units around after the enemies pass each lane and use spells wisely or you wont last long!
Impossible is Nothing

Impossible is Nothing

Jun 03, 2010 Release
A 6-player Impossible Scenarios map with inspiration from the original SC I maps. 6 Levels total, players must work as a team and maximize their unit choices to defeat enemy units in each scenario. The final level can be unlocked by completing 3 of the simpler ones. This final level involves receiving reinforcements every # kills. If players are not present, their control is shared amongst the team (it may be difficult to fill a full house online). The map has been published, good luck!