Aug 27, 2010 Planning
To get the discription you must play only way to find out is to play so lets rumble..
Character Screen

World of Starcraft

Aug 27, 2010 Beta
Project Inactive, recreated version is out, tho poorly finished. PROJECT INACTIVE DUE Recreation projects being not populated and this would take loads of time, for recreation a game. But there was no loss in this project :-| tho, the systems work fine ;)

Cat And Mouse (Vit)

Aug 27, 2010 Beta
The fight between cat and mouse countines. After a year of fighting, both have created new technology and have new friends. -Mice get seige tanks -Cats get Neighbor Cats
Twisted Tower Wars

Twisted Tower Wars

Aug 24, 2010 Beta
Similar to the Towers wars that everyone is familiar with from wc3, with some twists to it. There are a good amount of races to choose from, with some different types of game modes.

Wasteland Arena

Aug 24, 2010 Beta
4 teams of 2 players duke it out in the Wasteland Arena. Fight with an endlessly spawning army of Marines and build other units like Mercenaries to destroy your opponents.

Infestation: A World Consumed

Aug 24, 2010 Planning
You and three allies are stranded on an alien planet totally overrun by Zerg zombies. You must defend your base from the waves during the night and can purchase upgrades and fortifications during the daytime. Hellbender: Flame turret: creates a flamethrower turret to assist Hellbender. Jump Pack: allows Hellbender to jump up cliffs like the reapers. Pentagram Missile System: Hellbender fires a volley of missiles at a target area doing high damage to everything targeted. Marine: Grenade: The...
Messing around with UI in prep for mondays alpha release

Operation Recovery I

Aug 24, 2010 Alpha
Alternative name: Operation GTFO I A team of specially trained marines answer a distress signal and loss of contact from the site of Operation Zeus, a top secret dominion operation site where Dominion war weapon Zeus is being developed. You are to see 'nothing', read 'nothing' and remember 'nothing', go in, find out what happened, and report back. But when your lives are at risk what will you do? Part 1: Minimum requirement of players: 2 (solo only atm till beta (which will take a while))...

Bad Guys Go Around The Circle

Aug 24, 2010 Beta
Two teams of up to 4 players battle it out in a Red Circle TD esque version of tower defense called Bad Guys Go Around The Circle. If you have played Red Circle TD many of the towers will look familiar to you. We based out towers on the look and feel of this popular TD. But after late nights of SC beta and loads of drinking made us miss the TD's of old and in an homage to Skivi's Castle for War craft 3 We decided to Make Bad guys Go Around The Circle. Packed With Mini games and NEW SUPER...

Retribution 2015

Aug 23, 2010 Beta
Retribution 2015 The object of this game is keep the monsters that spawn at designated locations from getting to the Temple of Retribution. In order to do this, you construct structures (towers) that will attack the monsters on their way to the Temple. The monsters attempt to follow a set path on their way to the Temple. They will attempt to touch each glowing hexagon on the way from their spawn point to the Temple. If you completely wall off the hexagon, then the monsters will go around it....
City burns

Destroy All Monsters v1.24b ( fully functional)

Aug 21, 2010 Release
Visit our website and forums: Most recent game play video: Hopefully with music people won't hate. Lyrics include: (STAND YOUR GROUND THIS IS WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING FOR, OUR SPIRIT AND LAWS AND WAYS) (CRY HAVOC AND SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR, FOR HEAVEN OR HELL) How to play/game play tips: Defend the city from monster attack. Use your dropship to deploy squads. All city buildings are garrisonable, larger building...

resident evil outbreak

Aug 21, 2010 Planning
Interstate Commerce

Interstate Commerce

Aug 21, 2010 Release
Each team starts on opposite sides of a water reserve; a road runs down the center with a pit stop in the middle. Play time usually does not exceed 30 minutes on this map.
Epidemic Loading Screen


Aug 20, 2010 Beta
Description As a remake of my beta map Zombie Attack, Epidemic is a zombie survival map with a twist. Instead of controlling a bland group of marines with upgrades, you control a Hero much like that found within the old favorite Warcraft III map, DotA Allstars. Four players control a Survivor, and four players control a Super Infected. As a Survivor, your goal is to simply survive for 15 minutes until rescue arrives. As a Super Infected, your goal is to eradicate the Survivors before they are...

Arcade Space Shooter [Game Engine]

Aug 19, 2010 Planning
A game engine for the classic arcade space shooter games. Currently, I'm basing it off a Space Invaders-style classic called Space Junkie. Version 1 will have one-dimensional ship movement, and enemies will only appear at the beginning of each level. By version 2, I hope to have two-dimensional movement and scrolling levels. This system will be free to use, no permission or credit required. Here's an untested link to play the original Space Junkies game:...

Dred Canyon

Aug 19, 2010 Release
This map was designed for Melee or CoOp play. Max Players is 4 vs 4 and comes in a Hostiles and Diet (non-Hostiles) Version. What is the Hostiles Version you ask? Its a Melee map that includes Hostile AI forces (meaning Hostile to everyone) to prevent Cheap Win Strategies like Peon Rushing or Turret Rushing. Regular rushes should still be able to find a way through as I did not intend to prevent normal early game rushes. Hostile Presence: Medium Strategic Locations: 2 High Mineral Locations...

Dred Canyon - Diet

Aug 19, 2010 Release
This is the Non-Hostile or "Diet" version of my Dred Canyon map.

Jaded Space Pre-Alpha New Lin Map

Aug 18, 2010 Alpha
This is my first map, but has been all consuming as I knew nothing of coding when i started it, only an idea map of what i wanted in the game. Remaining to be completed is Hero Creation, interaction between abilities and skillbook, and skillbook to wow UI. Targeting is pretty much done, and vehicle code is finished. The mech is to the left of the main street. All funtionality works for 4 players (as far as ive been able to test). All quests work in real time, so you can keep your log open and...

SpineCrawler D!

Aug 18, 2010 Release
Just like the old one. Enemies come from the top bottom left and right and all four corners. You spend your money on either more drones for crawlers or for units that do extra damage vs some of the waves! it's set up for 1 player testing and can be altered to play at one of the corners or for multiple people to play Project Plans Adding more instructions to the beginning of the game. v1.0 Original Map v1.0B Added anti-wall ref Added building boundaries. Hopefully increasing the difficulty :)...
Live-Action Screenshot

Starship Troopers MEGA

Aug 18, 2010 Beta
The bugs have found our homeworld and are invading by the swarms! We have an experimental bio-weapon that can kill all the bugs without killing a single human. We need you to hold up our primary millitary base for 30 minutes while the the genetic bio-weapon is prepared. We must keep our base operational until the the biological weapon of mass bug destruction can be delivered! You will see every single type of zerg in the starcraft game, from drones + swarmlings to zerglings + hydralisks +...

Puzzle TD

Aug 17, 2010 Beta
Puzzle TD Here's my early version of Tower Defense map. At the moment you can build only few things like wall, 1 tower, base, probes. Your main builder is a unit that can build, gather resources and serve as base for your probes. Cool thing is that you don't get minerals from killing mobs. You have to gather them on your own by building probes and/or gather yourself. You are walking base to where minerals can be gathered to. You can also build small bases on the map for shorted gathering way....