Jun 15, 2014 Planning
hi i havent got a clue what im doing :)

Omega Protocal

Jun 01, 2011 Planning
The base is breached and you must kill the creature before it kills you.

Outbreak 1-3 players coop with FPS / TPS / RPG and RTS modes

Feb 20, 2011 Release
Starcraft 2 campaign mission Outbreak with zombies edited for 1-3 players cooperative with FPS/TPS/RPG and RTS modes EU map name: Outbreak [ FPS TPS RPG RTS ] You can play at any mode - standard RTS and TPS/FPS mode for any unit with RPG upgrades. You can cooperate with your friends and play with both modes - your friend in RTS mode and you in FPS/TPS mode! In the video 3 players (my friendsand me) destroying the waves of zombies :D

One Soul

Feb 04, 2011 Planning
One Soul - RPG Target Alpha Alpha (1 boss all abilities) = Nextweek Wensday Looking for Alpha Alpha Testers PST around 4-11pm Please PM One Soul is an RPG set (kinda) in the SC2 Universe. When a player dies in One Soul it makes the other players more powerful. The dead player re-spawns as a very basic unit with no special abilities. The other players must VOTE to allow that player gain their soul back 49% Majority to pass. (There may be another way to get your soul back, but with some...
UI (1)

ORPG - Star World

Oct 04, 2010 Inactive
ORPG is a huge concept that allows players to play with multiple maps to increase the power of their hero. This ORPG game tries to include all World of Warcraft user-friendly concepts... And the same systems. Blizzard Games Systems included Loot System World of Warcraft Loot System. Quest System World of Warcraft Quest System (using QL 1.2r). Trade System World of Warcraft Trade System. Crafting Original based system. A mixe between World of Warcraft and Lineage 2. You can have a job. A job...
Messing around with UI in prep for mondays alpha release

Operation Recovery I

Aug 24, 2010 Alpha
Alternative name: Operation GTFO I A team of specially trained marines answer a distress signal and loss of contact from the site of Operation Zeus, a top secret dominion operation site where Dominion war weapon Zeus is being developed. You are to see 'nothing', read 'nothing' and remember 'nothing', go in, find out what happened, and report back. But when your lives are at risk what will you do? Part 1: Minimum requirement of players: 2 (solo only atm till beta (which will take a while))...