Ambush: Alien Encounter

Jun 07, 2016 Planning
SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Game is currently in Alpha (meaning it is playable, though EXPECT bugs (I will be/have opened some tickets of current known bugs as known on version 0.49)) Many details are not available at this time, the map is going through some growth and change and as a result details are not available at this time. Will update as to the current situation soon in an announcement here (the map was released Christmas Eve of 2014 A.D. (Eastern Time)) The big changes will occur either in...
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Angel Arena Original

Dec 26, 2015 Alpha
This map will be remake of Angel Arena map from Warcraft 3. For the base i have token my map Vampirism Zero. It means that a bunch of stuff is already done. Heroes, shops, hero revival, triggers, some abilities. What next: Create a terrain. Create stats, points & rank system. Create achievements. Create about 15 heroes. Each hero have 5 abilities. He can choose to learn from 24 different abilities. It means that hero can have a tons of different unique builds. First hero is almost ready....

All Hope is Lost

Apr 03, 2013 Planning
The colonists and terran factions must work together to destroy the Tal'Dariem and the Queen of Blades with her new zombie horde.

A Long Road Home TD

Jun 20, 2012 Alpha
So this is my Very First map and also it's not going to be completely advanced since i am a rather a noob so far in Sc2 mapmaker. but i decided to Release my Map on A very early State which i call Alpha Pre State Release. So my map is Named A Long Road Home because u have to kill those sneeky monsters that are trying to escape from you. In my alpha as i will post here is only for testing, and so there are so far only 1 Tower, no upgradesm or anything else special. You're Job is to play the...

Aftermath of the Overmind (Beta)

Jan 03, 2012 Alpha
A mixture of a 3rd person map and an RPG. Testing.

Aiur protection

Oct 02, 2011 Planning
save the Auir from the zerg

Arena of Violence

Aug 24, 2011 Planning
Temple of Violence is a tactical game, wich you need to bear up against other players and destroy them.

Age of Knights

Jun 02, 2011 Beta
Accepting donations here paypal Contact email: [email protected] Envolved from Emires & Nations II map by Anteep, Remix by TwoDie. Links: Front page: link Forum at forums page: link Models showcase thread: link REQUEST for Voice Actors, Sound Assets: link Current map version out of date versions,, updated: 2014.11.14 EU server ver 0.90 US server ver 0.70 Age of Empires gameplay elements. May Hardly Lag at Late game with Full House. Suggestions for better gameplay experience are...

Astro Wars

Oct 14, 2010 Release
You are a Criminal Sent to a Asteroid Mining Filed Where you Must Compete Against Your planets Enemies for Income and Survival!! Will you be the one to return home and given Freedom or will you fall on the battle field and be remembered as a Failure? you decide your destiny in Astro Wars! Use Special Units and towers to Prevail. Convert the Enemy Sabotage the Enemy Tower , Shield your Allis or fly them in!! Defend your Base with a team As you Collect the Crystal from the flying asteroids to...

Art of Defence Classic

Sep 09, 2010 Release
A remake of the original starcraft "Art of defence" map. The point of the map is to survive all the attacking waves. The original was difficult and i am aiming for the same difficulty. It is fully playable but needs a bit of balancing. Amount of enemies scales with the amount of players. Upgrades normaly having 3 levels now have 127 levels. Video here provided by Myelini! Please come with suggestions on what waves need to be balanced. Published on: EU - exuvo ([email protected]) US - Publisher...
Air Wars

Air Wars!

Aug 28, 2010 Release
Air Wars is my first attempt at map-making, my take on a base defense/tug of war.

Arcade Space Shooter [Game Engine]

Aug 19, 2010 Planning
A game engine for the classic arcade space shooter games. Currently, I'm basing it off a Space Invaders-style classic called Space Junkie. Version 1 will have one-dimensional ship movement, and enemies will only appear at the beginning of each level. By version 2, I hope to have two-dimensional movement and scrolling levels. This system will be free to use, no permission or credit required. Here's an untested link to play the original Space Junkies game:...

attak of the zerg

Aug 13, 2010 Planning
atk of the zerg hold the line untill evac comes.hundreds of zerg will try 2 kill u,surive 20 waves of enemys and u will win!
Map (Beta)


Jul 27, 2010 Alpha
Description: An 8-player online arena. Each team of 2 is equally balanced in each corner. A marine spawns for each player every 3 seconds. You gain money buy killing other units. Once you have gained enough money, you can buy a second building at one of your buildsites. This building will start producing units to further your cause. You have a total of 2 buildsites, but must upgrade to use both. A unit cap is set at 300 units so you must plan tactically with your teammate. Map: Each team are...
Avoid The Bombs

Avoid The Bombs!

May 23, 2010 Release
v1.0 Up to 6 players Modes:(Player 1 must activate) Hardmode - Engages and activates timers for all Beacons. Super Hard Mode - Engages Faster spawns with larger explosions. Speed - Changes the game speed. Last Man Standing - Pauses Rescue timer and changes win condition to last player standing. v 0.9.5 Added ability for Single Players to control both units. WASD and up/down/left/Right control units. Adjusted Difficulty. Set players to Allys, Give ability to push each other. Gave credit to the...
Presentation Screen

Amidia's Temple

May 02, 2010 Mature
Tower Defense - 1/4 Players 20 Wave, and FINAL BOSS (12K life. GL. ... Easy, really ... (a)) VCS Can construct : Turrets - Tank Siege - Fortress - Thor (useless ><')and Ghost You can Upgrade the Tower. 3 Times Hero like : The ghost, Fast Unit, High Damage. ps : Sorry for my weak english :x