300 [Cinematic contest entry]

May 17, 2010 Release
My second entry for the cinematic contest

A common action-rpg map (DEMO)

May 04, 2010 Alpha
WASD : Move (I used library, KeyboardMovementLib, from TopDownFighersV5) Left-Click : Attack I didn't give a name to this map yet. You can play to a first boss. (plz remember that this map is a demo.) This map is based on Korean so I'm so sorry for you using English.

Alien vs Predator

Jun 17, 2010 Alpha
So far only a basic concept of implementing Alien vs Predator into starcraft in a form of a multiplayer map/mod. Zerg = Alien, Protoss = Predator, Terran = Humans of course. I am looking for any kind of idea about what the game should be about in general. Also made a promo video showing what kind of style I'm aiming for. This cinematic was also made to demonstrate the effects of using different lighting settings. HD Quality thanks to Azu:
Rebels Campaign

Alien Worlds Campaign

May 03, 2015 Alpha
Campaign for Alien Worlds mod: Rebels Campaign Episode 3 is now AVAILABLE on Arcade to the open public. The Alien Worlds Campaign is currently in closed Alpha. Screenshots and videos will come until it is ready to be publicly released. If you would like to enter this current Closed Alpha stage then please private message me. The project is approaching completion (2016 Jan 27) and will be publicly available in a trial format following release. DONT WORRY IM...

AMV-I devise my own demise

May 17, 2010 Release
51s ver, To be continued...... 51秒版,未完待續.......

Angel Arena - Inifinity

Jan 15, 2013 Planning
Hello everyone ! This is my current project : Angel arena - Inifinty Yes, it's over the map in w3 but in sc2 ^_^. But it's with more options, more faculty (...). In global : 2 teams 10 players Spécial event ! (wait what? ho sure it's not a event with some gold, or maybe sometimes but .. Ok it's a random event with a random time) Mobs (ho really?) with lvl per times (example : After 5 min of the game, mobs is lvl 2 etc.) A little story Duel (1v1 and ...) Stuff ... chose the language IG...

Animus Changeling RPG

Mar 22, 2012 Alpha
You are a changeling from a small brood of Zerg that was just getting settled on a random planet. The Protoss noticed you and, paranoid after the loss of Aiur, took you out immediately. One overseer however, had been scouting. Though doomed by Photon Cannons, the overseer gave birth to a Changeling before his death. Now you are all that's left. Master the art of shapeshifting and wipe out the Protoss (and Terran) forces on the planet. Avenge your brood! You learn to shapeshift as almost every...
Mission 06 - new

A Silent Scream - Custom Campaign

Aug 22, 2016 Release
Intro A Silent Scream is my first custom campaign. My nickname is IeZaeL , you might know me as the creator of some famous melee maps , such as Coda , that stayed in ladder for over 2 seasons and got played at Blizzcon 2015. Lately I lost passion putting hours of thoughts into a map layout only to find out it will never work, so I started creating a short adventure following the character of Ma'lash, a character that I really liked even though he did not really have a whole lot of story...


Feb 12, 2011 Planning
The new generation of TPS (Third Person Shooter)! Play with 5 Mates against 6 Opponents. Capture the Towers and kill the Boss to win! Functions: -Zoom -Reload -Flashlight and much more! See the great World with lots of Doodads, and learn all Unit Types :)

Battlefield: Bloody Knoll

Sep 30, 2012 Planning
Mountains Buildings Trees

Bio Hazard Rescue

Oct 16, 2013 Beta
Hello everyone, this mod is a project for my university, i hope you guys enjoy it and please give me some feedback so i can improve it. Here are some in game screen shot. Please inbox me if you have any feedback, all feedbacks are welcome :D [email protected]

BorderCraft - Cinamatics

May 18, 2010 Release
Submission to the Cut-Scene contest. Totally not a rip from Borderlands... Could someone upload this onto youtube for me? I can capture a video but my internet connection isn't so great so it would take years to upload.
BraxoN Loading


Dec 03, 2011 Beta
When a mission obsessed Psi Reader finds his parents have been killed, he searches for powerful weapons in order to get his revenge. This is a movie style story and structure in which you play the action packed parts with the help of a seductive chick named Tarnya.
Call of Ancestors thumb

Call of Ancestors

May 19, 2010 Beta
Call of Ancestors v1.2 is out. It features FULL VOICEOVERS for ingame cinematics and tons of fixes based on your sugesstions!!! Plot: After learning that Terran mercenaries are desecrating one of their planet, young Protoss warrior Tarsalis lands on a planet and begins his quest to reach lost ruins. But unknown to him, his superiors have more sinister plan in place. Version notes: This v1.2 release of CoA map contains tons of changes here is the list: New Loading text. All voiceovers have...

[Cinematic Contest] - Bloody Mountain

May 19, 2010 Release
Watch it on Youtube here: Contest entry here:

Cinematic contest - Deliverancelost

May 18, 2010 Release

[Cinematic Contest] Mini Battle cinematic

May 19, 2010 Release
Simple battle cinematic for the sc2 mapster contest

[Cinematic Contest] Not Enough Time

May 17, 2010 Release
A 2 man sniper squad is stuck in the jungle... This is my submission for the cinematic contest by vjeux Runtime: 1 minute Best viewed in Ultra Settings (obviously :P)

[Cinematic Contest] Nucleomituphillia

May 25, 2010 Release
A short 1 minute cinematic involving a lush, green, earthen paradise. In the world of starcraft, what could possibly go wrong?

Click Attack

Mar 18, 2013 Beta
Monsters are attacking, click them to kill them. Kill monsters to gain energy, use energy defensively to protect you from monsters or offensively to make things more difficult for your opponent. The player who better repels the attacking monsters will win.