Apr 03, 2016 Beta
Hey guys ive been working on this map awhile and cannot continue it because i cannot fix player being able to use variances for players to be able to select a nation so player 1 chooseing to select russia or europe does not work so i cannot continue the map or start agin. I would love for some one to actually be able to fix this for me and send it to me but if you decide to email me email me at [email protected] otherwise i think i will restart this project and recreat it a second time. i...

Ancient Protoss Temple

Nov 13, 2015 Alpha
A somewhat rushed attempt at making a protoss temple located in a jungle/rainforest kind of biome. Was designed as a campaign map where you go from one point (far away in a jungle location) to the entrance of the temple.

This is a test don't approve it

Feb 08, 2014 Planning
This is a test don't approve it


Aug 07, 2013 Release
This is an example of the for-loop bug found in patch 2.0.10.

Starcraft RPG Master

May 14, 2013 Planning
I make my first rpg so if you have comment, tell them

judgement time!

Mar 31, 2013 Alpha
unfinished idea in progress hoping to finish it when i find people to help me kearn the how tos behind the map editor

Battlefield: Bloody Knoll

Sep 30, 2012 Planning
Mountains Buildings Trees


Jun 10, 2012 Planning
ok look you just live ok so be sure to make a camp.

Misc Maps

May 10, 2012 Release
Random Maps, Thats all, somewhere to place started projects.

Data: Unit Catalog Bug - Cannot issue commands / buttons masked

Mar 17, 2012 Release
[Purpose]: This map demonstrates a bug associated with the SC2 Data editor. Buttons become hidden/masked and orders may not be issued. [Bug]: Unit catalog entries with too many abilities cannot receive commands when 'buttons' on the 'command card' become hidden / masked as additional abilities are added. Seems to occur around 22+ abilities + 1 morph ability. [Bug Details]: Upon running the map, you will notice that the single marine on the game board cannot receive 'move' commands. This is...

Broken Abilities

Feb 17, 2012 Release
One of the two abilities doesn't show up in the Human unit. Ability 1: Drag Ability 2: DragRAGE Ability 1 does not show up, while ability 2 does. They are both completely identical as far as I know and I can't find anything in the map that would disable the Drag ability, I searched through all of my XML data and couldn't find anything that would point to that, and the word "Drag" isn't even in my trigger editor.

Broken Camera PTR 1.4

Sep 13, 2011 Release
In patch PTR 1.4, the camera does not work properly when adding to the current rotation value. The only instance of "glitching" is at the -90° angle. Once the rotation hits this angle or passes it, regardless of velocity or value change, it will cause the camera to momentarily stop in it's track, reset at exactly -90° and continue onwards. It is highly annoying, especially in WASD type movement settings for FPS/TPS cameras. NOTE: Please note that it only glitches when ADDING to the current...

blank space - broken map

Jun 29, 2011 Release
editor version 1.3.4 (18701) this map has a broken camera. when loaded its way un in the air but scroll like its very close to the ground. pressing the middle mouse button or the menu selection to return the camera the to game default doesnt do anything, even when the camera is moved away from it original position its an empty map that i created with: - custom dependances, adding campaign - 256 x 256 - castinar tileset with tiles as the defeault placement - ground height 8 with no variance i...

Ender's Game Battleroom Camera Testing

Jun 13, 2011 Planning
I got a strange type of camera movement that follows both your unit and your mouse, and I am just uploading to ask people to test it out and see if they like it. The camera follows the point 2/5s of the way from your unit and your mouse, so you are always looking at your unit, but you can still move your view a fair amount.

zerg tower defence

May 23, 2011 Planning
DON'T let the zerg over run your base use all you have to defend it. DON'T waste all your money on refineries make sure you have defences. And most importantly HAVE FUN! and don't die
v2.3 Screenshot 1

Cutthroat Mafia

Apr 13, 2011 Release
There are 12 townspeople, with two of them randomly selected for mafia. Those two will be trying to stealthily pick off the rest, one at a time. After they kill someone they have the option of hiding the bodies. If someone finds the body they can use an ability that starts a meeting to execute who they think the mafia is. This continues until either there aren't enough innocents left alive to hold a majority over the mafia or there aren't any mafia left in the game.

Random Squad War

Nov 29, 2010 Alpha
The map is nearly complete, but still missing a few extra features. I've uploaded this because it's been broken since I added the campaign dependencies. I started it with the early beta editor and am uploading at Sixen's request. The primary problem is that I get the "Team (mod)" error which creates a hidden dependency so I have 5/4 possible dependencies when trying to publish.