WW2 Shatttered Europe Eco

Jun 27, 2016 Release
it is an edition of WW2 Shatttered Europe 5.3 Global economical and warfare map goal of country is to capture other countries which is impossible without building economy and researches Purpose of the map is the same create map about World War 2 with priorities from top to bottom(higher - lower) 1) dynamic (most of strategies are available from start) 2) balanced effective price/dmg/health units has bigger tech cost to research 3) realistic...

We Who Bask in the Twilight

Jun 14, 2016 Inactive
This campaign follows recently appointed Matriarch Vorazun on her quest to liberate a crumbling Nerazim society and rebuild it. She'll face many familiar dangers in her path to victory, but win she shall. This campaign, in order to recreate the Nerazim charisma, focuses largely on lateral thinking, exploiting enemy weakness, and using what some may consider "dirty tricks" Be prepared. MISSION LIST: The Engulfing of Unity The Secrets of the Archive Writhing Darkness Unification Ancient...

World of arms

Jan 03, 2014 Release
World of arms - это стратегия. Строй танки,солдат,самолеты (в будущем еще и линкорны, надеюсь :) ) Сражайся против других игроков (в данном случае ИИ). Тут все просто, только добывай,строй и побеждай!
Nearly Complete Terrain

Wheel of Time RTS (Risk)

Jul 18, 2012 Beta
Current Status (07/19/12) I'm putting the finishing touches on the terrain. Completed Advanced Terrain (mountains, hills, rivers, fords, passes, textures, etc.) 90-95% completed. (07/18/12) Basic terrain (the landmasses are created, excluding rivers). (07/17/12) Description Essentially, this is a Risk map in a Wheel of Time setting. I will have the Westlands and the Blight. The game mechanics will draw from CrazyRusski's (code 925) popular Risk Revulsion map. Probably the most notable...
Top down view of terrain

Working Title Defense

Feb 13, 2012 Planning
First project of team Zug-zug. Have a lot of ideas but want to start small, get a playable alpha as soon as possible. (internal play test) Looking for trigger experts, Data guru's, Terrian enthusiasts play testers and anyone wanting to help. The plan is to have a clean ui, with a clean way to choose your hero and purchase items. Currently completed - Terrian is completed and waiting for play testing - Place Holders for towers/barrack/HQ created. - Jungle set up and creep placement
in game test

War of the 12 Kingdoms

Jan 31, 2012 Release
PUBLIC RELEASE ON EU AND NA SERVERS December 16, 2011 War of the 12 Kingdoms, the wildly popular map by Mr. MoneyBags and Edited to it's final form by King_Leopold on Warcraft 3 is now entering development. The map is being terrained by Milpheus and Coding By Shock on NA Server. Some footage of the gameplay in alpha testing: A terrain overview: The project will be officially hosted at, and is part of the projects @, the official home of Broken Alliances,...

Waters of Aethell

Aug 04, 2011 Planning
A battle for the control of a planet.
Screenshot A

War for Helm's Deep

Aug 04, 2011 Release
A defensive siege map. Like many of the other (10? 20? more?) Helm's Deep maps, it follows the same basic guidelines for objectives. The defenders (Rohan, the Elves, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli) have to hold out long enough for the Riders of Rohan to arrive with Gandalf, or kill the two commanders of the Uruk-Hai (Saruman and Ugluk). Saruman's forces (Saruman, Ugluk, and Lugdush) must destroy the fortress before the Riders come (50 minutes). My version was derived from the Helm's Deep-Annatar...

Water bridge

Jul 10, 2011 Planning
one path to the enemy by ground. capture the expansions close by. high yeild is hard to keep.

War of 2013

Jul 02, 2011 Release
This map is basically a war between two Terran forces and they are duking it out to see who the better one is so the player must build up mass forces and the goal is to kill the town hall and that player wins

War of the Elements

Apr 06, 2011 Beta
Four elemental worlds meet at a crossroads; it is there that the forces of earth, air, fire and water battle for supremacy. Join forces with an element and defend it from the others, in return you will be able to call upon the champion of your element from your factory, lair, or robotics facility.

Warlords: Battle for Captum

Dec 08, 2010 Release
ATTENTION: Due to an error where we were not being registered as a new map, Warlords is now hosted on as "Warlords: Battle for Captum" by my partner MrVanderCake Warlords is a “wars” style game similar to Desert Strike, Colonial Line Wars, or Nexus Wars, but with a personality all its own. Less of a focus on the unit stacking “tug” effect, making the victory of each wave have a more concrete impact. 4 player FFA, meaning your victories and defeats are attributed entirely to your...

war of ancients

Nov 29, 2010 Planning
this is just the beginning


Aug 31, 2010 Planning
build units and then send them across the map to kill the opponets base
War Games (Sim-331)

War Games (Sim-331)

Aug 25, 2010 Beta
A small perfectly symmetrical map divided between two teams Red and Blue. Each team has its own HQ building and a Requisition Center building. The objective is to destroy the enemy HQ. You earn credits through a special income system mainly by killing enemy units. You spend credits at the Requisition Center to buy units. There is a low unit cap so you must work together with your team mates to complement each other's unit types. The team that scores first blood will get a one-time credits...

Wasteland Arena

Aug 24, 2010 Beta
4 teams of 2 players duke it out in the Wasteland Arena. Fight with an endlessly spawning army of Marines and build other units like Mercenaries to destroy your opponents.

Warcraft 3 Reborn

Aug 22, 2010 Beta
Hello everyone, im redoing the WC3 Campaign in SC2 !_! so i will be updating the maps when i can. I began to use the Editor two weeks ago and i need to learn a lot of things !_! Enjoin and have fun! ATENTION: Set the Portraits to 2D, I need to learn how to force this !_!

War of the Gods

Aug 21, 2010 Planning
Two teams battle with unique units and spells.
Whiskey Outpost Attacked

Whiskey Outpost

Jul 29, 2010 Inactive
This map is a remake of the most known scene in the movie Starship Troopers. You start of with one SCV and only one you have a couple of minutes to prepare for the attack waves. So far the waves only attack one spot but I'm working on it. You start with 10,000 Minerals and Vespene Gas, you earn by killing enemies. That is all I can tell you for now. I will be releasing the alpha version soon.

Warpgate Defense

Jun 22, 2010 Release
Use your Warpgate to warp in units to defend your Master Pylon from waves of attackers. Each unit warped in lasts only 10 seconds, and there are no static defenses, so you will need to constantly reinforce each ramp with new units. How long can you survive? Features: • 21 Waves • 9 Defender Units • 3 Levles of Difficulty