Family First Aid

Jan 06, 2014 Planning
Family First Aid map contains four maps: First Aid - survival - at the moment the game is over 15% First Aid v. 2 - survival - the game is over 95% . Parody of the game MineralZ Evolution . First Aid 3 - SVC Battle - capture points ( flags ) - game over 75% First Aid TD - zahita tower - it is not yet in the public domain , it is written only in the Russian version . Will be written when the Russian Persia , fighting will be a separate card with a note (EN) English version . Soon all the cards...

Frozen Glory

May 25, 2013 Alpha
defend your base and destroy your enemy

FFA Defense

Mar 15, 2013 Beta
FFA Defense map. There are 10 levels each consisting of 5 waves. Each wave starts with 1 column of 5 units, adding an extra column of units each wave.


Jan 02, 2013 Release
This Map Has its own Tile set configured It uses blizzards Niflheim textures its that secret Ice terrain that is in wings of liberty galaxy editor. YPu can contact me on bnet if any things or here

Fosse D'Infestation

Jul 19, 2012 Release
THIS IS AN OUTDATED MAP. MY NEW PROJECTS WILL BE UPLOADED SOON. Infestation Survive as long as you can Create units and defend the reactor. Easy gameplay. * Playable units: Marine / Marauder / Firebat / Goliath / Siege Tank / Viking / Void Ray / Nefs / SCV / Medivac / Sci. Ship * Ennemis: Zergling / Banneling / Hydralisk / Ultralisk / Queen / Mutalisk / Broodlord Beta version: may contain unbalances, bugs or weird things.

Fury Under the Stars

Dec 15, 2011 Release
It's a 3v3v3 style with 18 heroes. Each Hero has unique abilities that work well with their corresponding faction. Each faction gets an army. The players are in complete control of the computers economy/upgrades/units that are spawned. Your Hero units gain gold from kills and you create workers with gold to mine minerals. They also get 1 ability point to upgrade each level, 2 attribute points, and 2 spawn tokens. Use the spawn tokens to increase the units coming out of the spawn buildings....
Fleet Assault Loading Screen

Fleet Assault

Jun 08, 2011 Release
Join the epic battle between the Protoss Fleet and the Terran Fleet as a fearsome space captain and decide the fate of the galaxy! The first to destroy the enemy Mothership wins the battle! Map Features: Up to 11 ship classes to choose and switch from at any time, from Squadrons to Capital Ships Customizable Weapons and Equipment Dozens of Weapons and Equipment to choose from Custom Inventory and Item Shop UI Dodgeable projectiles Turret-based weapons(placement of weapon item in the inventory...

four-corners td

Mar 19, 2011 Beta
4-player maze TD. The enemies go around the outside of the map and hit the 4 corners. After going to the 4 corners they will go to the center where you will lose lives. If you block they will go around your maze by passing through the center. Please PM me with comments. (Enterest)

fastest map by tinogripe 1.3

Mar 15, 2011 Beta
This is a fastest map made by tinogripe mineral,gas harvest time 0 food limit 250 added boundaries so that i reduce the dead space by more than half ZERG: -dont have to click a lot to build banelings -queen reduced spawn larva cost to 12 -reduced roaches food cost from 2 to 1 -infestor reduced fungal growth cost to 50 -increased mutalisks food cost from 3 to 4 TERRAN: -reduced ghosts emp cost to 50 -if more ghosts are selected they all snipe instead of 1 -reduced helion food cost from 2 to 1...

Fusion Defence

Feb 16, 2011 Beta
Defend your dark shrine from hordes of Zerg and take down the Zerg Overmind. Fuse units together to create deadlier warriors. But be careful, the deadlier you are, the more fragile you become.

Free Zerg

Jan 20, 2011 Planning
After years of research the Moebius foundation cuts Dr. Jacob's funding on DNA manipulation to control a generation of lab spawned zerg units to make them docile. The foundation finds Dr. Jacob's project to not be cost effective and would rather find a way to weaponize units or to develop a virus that would kill and effect the zerg only. Angry at the decision to discontinue his life work Jacob's goes nuts. And alters his DNA by splicing it with the DNA of the Overmind amd exposing it slightly...
Frontline Wars!

Frontline Wars!

Nov 14, 2010 Release
Can you defend and stop the enemy getting through? Can you rebuild your battle cruisers as fast as they are taken out? Can you build up your spawed marines to enough to break through the enemy defenses? Placement of battle-cruisers is crucial to both defending and attacking the enemy. Upgrade timing is crucial. The battle cruisers will spawn marines which will attack their way through the enemy base to portals. But the enemy will be doing the exact same thing to you. And if you both are...


Nov 07, 2010 Planning
In Flaceland you don´t have to be fast but strong, be very strong. -Evolve to higher Tiers when possible. -Always go with mass of: marines, zealots or zerglings. -Don´t focus in killing the enemy, but in protecting yourself. -Never attack with all your units, you also need to have protection. -Have fun!


Sep 23, 2010 Release
My Footmen map is based on the Warcraft 3 Map "Footmen Frenzy". Fot those who dont know it: 4 Teams, 3 players each team. Every player has a main building (tier) which spawns units (the "footmen") all the time + each player has a hero. For killing enemy units you get xp and gold which you can use to buy items for your hero or upgrade your tier so it spawns better units. Theres 7 heroes, 20 skills, 30 items (potions, weapons, recipes, ...) The map is still beta but 100% playable. The map is...
Battle 1

Facility 17: A Terran RPG

Sep 15, 2010 Release
The map is a turn-based RPG, reminiscent of FF7, based in the starcraft universe (did you know you aren'tt allowed to publish maps with the word "starcraft" in the description? crazy, eh?). Your party consists of 3 characters each with their own special abilities, upgrades, and limit breaks, and you fight through 10 unique battles, with intermittent cutscenes to advance the story. Please email any feedback to [email protected]


Aug 08, 2010 Beta
Defend against the Zerg swarm as they try to overpower you and your allies, wait for reinforcements as the brood go at you! This is the Beta, so expect it to be not complete. Any bugs or suggestions: [email protected] - -0.1 Beta Release -0.2 Added units: Ghost/Zealot/SCV/Tank and Fixed: Balance issues -0.3 Added units: Stalker/Archon/Thor and Fixed: Tooltip and balance issues -0.4 Added upgrades for all units (excluded Thor) with new enemy waves and Fixed: Balance Issues
Forggoten-Island 1


Aug 03, 2010 Release
Forggoten-Island 1vs1vs1 Multiplayer map

Fortress Fight (vs AI)

Jul 24, 2010 Release
If you have played Castle Fight or Nexus Wars, you have basic idea of this map, however this map is 3v3v3v3 and takes some more skill with research choices what reset after round and more. Upgrade siege upgrade for siege tanks and they know how to use it automatically and more! Armies automatically move to enemy bases in clockwise order and try destroys any opposition what shoots them.

Final Disaster - The Tales of Qliphoth Mirage

Jun 02, 2010 Release
Extremely difficult hero defense map from China which originally map from Warcraft3 Gameplay is designed for 2 or 3 hours. Save function may add in next version or after retail of the game to solve it. Special Thanks to GA and my sponser Special thanks to IchigoShadowdance who done the translation work for me :P I know it's difficult to translate these Chinese style things into English LASTEST DEMO HERE Demo of version1.1 with new hero - Grand the Champion...
3-d side veiw

fastest melee v1

Jun 02, 2010 Release
This is a very fast pace map. There are lovely choke points and even spots for terran to utilize the reapers abilities, much like the Extenction map that you would play 4v4 on. This map is a Melee 4v4 map. It still needs a little work.