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[Closed Alpha] VGA Rumble

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    I should probably start off telling you that VGA stands for Video Games Anime. The premise of VGA Rumble is similar to that of Anime Fight or Fight of Characters from WC3. You will start off picking a Hero from a video game or anime. Your Hero will have 5 spells, and the Hero will use up to 2 primary attributes for powering these spells.

    It's a Hero Arena map, you kill wandering minions around the map and gain EXP and Levels, kill the other team's Heros who are fighting for control of the map, Bosses will spawn, periodic Events will occur granting Event Winners temporary or permanent buffs, and a specified win condition, or "Mode" will be chosen in the beginning of the game.

    This map has a custom progression system. You will start off with specified base stats according to the Hero you choose, and when you level up, you have the choice to place points in your primary or secondary attributes. You also get one Spell Point, in which you can place into any of your 5 Spells for a small boost in power! This is determined in the spell tooltip, which will tell you what you get every time you put a point into the spell. Some spells may even evolve once they reach a certain level or reach a certain threshold of damage.

    The primary attributes are the most important, and they are as follows

    ( note : all primary attributes will grants bonus endurance when a point is placed in it. )


    STR - Strength, per point will grant bonus HP, crit chance, HP regen and armor

    INT - Intelligence, per point will grant bonus MP and MP Regeneration, hopefully cooldown reduction

    AGI - Agility, per point will grant a bonus to Move Speed, Attack Speed, crit chance and END Regeneration

    SPR - Spirit, per point will grant bonus ARM, autoattack damage to heroes, hopefully CDR, and MP Regeneration



    The secondary attributes are as follows -

    AS - Attack Speed

    MS - Move Speed

    ARM - Armor (per point, reduces 1% damage from all damage types, caps at 50%)



    Resources are as follows -

    HP - Health

    MP - Energy

    END - Endurance (explained on forum)



    Mode - Condition for Victory, one may be chosen a game.

    Boss - Every 4 minutes, a random boss spawns! The bosses name will be shown along with the reward for defeating it.

    Event - Whether periodically or completely random, an event is a map-based quest basically. The World Tournament event will pit you and your enemies against eachother in duel style combat periodically, sending the team to spectate at the World Tournament section of the map! Another example would be the Silver Mountain event, in which many Pokemon spawn along Silver Mountain and Victory Road. When all the Pokemon are defeated, Trainer Red will be placed at the top of the mountain, and when engaged will send his team of Pokemon to fight you! When defeated, your team gets a Pikachu that will follow the team around and deal damage, along with an Event Win.

    Modes, Bosses and Events, they will all be either Anime or Video Game oriented. Bowser currently randomly spawns in the part of the map I use as his castle. There will be bosses like King Piccolo, Knives, Metroid, Ganondorf, etc.! The map will be very random, and will eventually have hundreds of bosses, and tons of game modes, such as

    Traditional Deathmatch - First team to get 10 kills per player on their team wins.

    Boss Rush Mode - Bosses instead spawn in 30 second intervals, and only one Boss may spawn at a time. Team with the most boss damage after 15 minutes wins.

    Capture the Flag Mode - A flag is placed in the middle of the map, and Heroes compete for control of it! Heroes with the flag will use 500% more endurance than normal when casting spells! First team to get 3 flags wins. Teleporters are disabled during this mode.



    The map only needs more heroes, the deathmatch mode, a few more bosses, 3 more tiers of minions (minions spawn and wander lovely like, I just need a wider variety) and it will practically be ready for pre-open beta! I'm posting this here now so that if anyone has any brilliant ideas, they can feel free to contribute to the forum in any way they see fit! I'm not only making this map to bring a cool new map to, I'm really making this so I can play it! I love to get the community involved, and once it gets rolling a bit, almost everything I put into the map will be derived from something posted on my forum.

    So without further adieu, I don't suppose anyone wants to see screenshots?

    Below is an old screenshot somewhat, but the spell is the important part. Goku extending his power pole to an enemy! Kenshin, amidst his Ryu Tsui Sen technique Below is Goku, fighting some Koopas in the Bowser's Castle area. Below is Goku, unleashing his Kamehameha Wave on some poor Goombas Below is Goku, deftly using his After-Image Technique to escape!

    There is more on the forum, although they are older.

    Here is a succinct video of the character Kenshin Himura from Samurai X! It shows off some minions, all of Kenshin's abilities except one, a small bit of the map and the progression system. Sortof a confusing video but it showcases some things.

    Before I finish this post, I have to answer some questions that I know are going to be asked. Later on this will become the Q/A for the map, for easy reading.

    Q 1 - Will there be models?

    A 1 - This is a blaring eventually hopefully. Currently Blizzard and the copyright issues prevents me from going further than using the names of characters, and even still I risk getting the map removed. I have messaged them, and if I create the models myself or obtain them from someone who created them, there may be less of a chance, but I don't want to risk it until I know for a fact. With that said, on to the next question

    10/18/2013 - Models are being made, by me, for this map! Blizzard said there's a very low chance I'll get my map removed, it does not imitate any of the games who's characters I'm using.

    Q 2 - Isn't there copyright issues with this map? Won't it get removed?

    A 2 - Very minor ones, that are very often overlooked. Perhaps it will. If that happens, I have messaged Blizzard and they told me if I took appropriate actions to remove the content in question or change it to be dissimilar, I would be allowed to re-upload the map. This would be a rare occurrence and if this happens I have methods to get the map back up on it's feet.

    10/18/2013 - This is no longer an issue!!

    Q 3 - Is this map available for download yet?

    A 3 - Not yet, the Open Beta is estimated to launch 8/1, approximately one month away from now. Until then, feel free to give your best ideas to the forums if you feel like contributing to make things go a slight bit faster. Currently I am the one thinking up hero designs, and I need people who understand spell synergy and perhaps have knowledge of how WC3 Heroes worked, that may help in the design of the heroes they would post. If you aren't one for designing heroes, throw out every idea for a game mode you possibly can think of, that's equally useful!

    10/18/2013 - Open Beta is now estimated to 2/15/2014, the models will take a huge portion of time. I am slowly teaching someone to help me with this, so we can hopefully assume the workload will be less soon, but until then, I must keep my estimate realistic. I thought I could release the map by August, but that just can't happen. 2 months more into it (as of today) I have 2 models 6 heroes and most of the map complete. Right now I'm optimizing my script so that I can make hero scripting as EASY as possible.

    Q 4 - What about the multiple versions of characters (ex. Ocarina Link and Twilight Princess Link) Which one will you choose? A 4 - This will be based on community census. Until then I will typically choose the most popular variant (ex. Ocarina Link), afterwards I will potentially add most viable versions of characters as new heroes. Maybe you will be able to pick a character, then pick a version of him. I don't know yet.

    I'm really excited to hear what you guys might think! I know some of you might not be a fan of anime, but isn't that much more reason to pick Jim Raynor or Mario and stomp those anime guys? Just a thought!



    edit: Link to Forum below -v

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    Check out my map-in-production's forum or mapster thread!

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    VGA - Rumble (Video Game Anime) Nearing beta phase, look for it soon!

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    Added a short video showcasing a character and some of his spells, a little bit of gameplay. This map will be 7v7 or any combination of 1 team vs 1 team, so playing with only myself isn't the most intense thing, but it does showcase some effects and what the progression system looks like! Enjoy!

    Edit: I would also like a moderator to move this to the projects section! Thanks!

    Edit 2: If anyone is interested, here is a progress spreadsheet for the heroes in the game! Updated often!!

    Edit 3: July 15 2013 - I'm still working on this!

    Edit 4: July 30 2013 - I'm still working on this! Open Beta pushed to 9/1, summer has taken a toll on my working body and I've had to get some camping trips in, thus less work on the map.

    Edit 5: August 12 2013 - Definitely still working on this, I might have some help soon though! Open Beta pushed to 9/29, so I can make sure everything is working properly. I changed some of the heroes that will be released upon Open Beta, the change is on the Hero Spreadsheet so take a look if you haven't already! For instance Kratos has been replaced with Dante, Alucard from Castlevania has been replaced with Spyro the Dragon, Vyse was replaced with Darth Revan and Tsunayoshi has been replaced with Naruto. All replaced characters are still planned for later dates My topic has been pushed to the 2nd page now, but as soon as I have a major update I will bump it up!

    Edit 6: August 31 2013 - As my schedule clears up during winter I will be increasingly working on this, when I start cranking the heroes out I'll edit this again and hopefully have a real date to look forward to. Until then I'm going to leave a release date out, but it will be before the year is over! Thanks to everyone who keeps up on this, I hope to have something for you to talk about very soon! - Unclesatan

    Edit 7: September 21 2013 - As the month progressed, more and more people pushed me to do models for this.. so I am now doing models for all the heroes. As it stands, there are no models for any of the characters I plan on doing here on mapster and I'd love to contribute somehow, even if my map fails. The game will be delayed until I finish all of the models I will need! :)

    Edit 8: October 10 2013 - I've been working on the map quite a bit, mostly learning modelling currently.

    There's a screenshot for prototype Kenshin Himura! Hope this gets someone excited XD

    Edit 9: October 18 2013 -

    Need a break from making big models, goombas here

    Edit 10: November 4 2013 - Title: Model Progress - SPYRO - Vash the Stampede W.I.Ps - Locke from Final Fantasy 6 - Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic - Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist - Alucard from Hellsing - Inuyasha from Inuyasha - Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 - Samus from Metroid (Prime suit) - Crono from Chrono Trigger - Son Goku from Dragon Ball - Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

    Hope this is enough to keep the few people who keep up on this going, thanks for at least looking at this thread (and I know you guys do or else it wouldn't have 1000 views from 500 in 3 months)

    Keep up the good work Uncle :) cough I mean me.

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