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A good CvM/PvZ2/Island Defence 1.5.. any in the works?

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    I'm looking for a map (that may or may not be in existence yet) that's similar to the maps in the title. The current Probes vs Zealots 2 by Coast is great but there's a few things I don't like about it/think would be funner if changed. If you're interested in making a new map similar to these and are looking for inspiration, definitely check out this map.

    It'd be best if the map has rewards in the form of skins and maybe at a high level.. some unique but balanced new abilities that you can choose from. PvZ2 has some free skins for everyone via the -swap 1-29 commands and achievements. 2-resource system (Min/Gas) with one being auto-mated and the other requiring progressively more auto-mated currency.

    A really impressive idea is the variety of builders in Island Defence 1.5 and a lot of people would love to see something like this. There's 3 main categories and they are Baser, Unit-Makers, Supports. Basers are the ones that can build turrets/cannons and strong walls, there's 3 - 4 of them and they all play slightly differet. Unit-Makers are the ones that build several units and/or a hero unit instead of turrets/cannons. They can build walls, but they're not as tough as a Baser's. Lastly, Supports are units that act like hero-units. They have abilities that deal damage, help cc, ect. They don't build cannons or walls, they upgrade their hp, shields, ect. and get cool abilities with maybe a couple units. Make them all different; check out all of the builders in ID 1.5 for influence and then innovate.

    There shouldn't be too much base clutter, that just makes it seem too complicated for a lot of people and take too long for the average person to learn. For Base Clutter, I feel like Galaxy Vampirism is a good example of what not to do. It takes a long time to salvage 30 different buildings in your base and it becomes annoying. Ideal buildings would be;

    - Income Generator (Main building) - Wall - Turret - Market (Hire miners for 2nd currency, ground/air vehicles to load up workers, trade one currency for another) - Mercenary Production Facility - Mercenary Upgrades - From here, a class-specific building but no more than 2 - 3 each

    As for the one who chases down the builders, give them several different ones to choose from. Again, ID 1.5 has the right idea. The Zealot in PvZ2 feel a little dull and boring.

    I'll update this and check it often, but I have work in an hour and my mind is wandering right now.

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    Hi PKHustle!

    I'm the lead developer on a remake of Island Defense V1.5, Island Defense 2. Island Defense 2 will address some of the more core issues which are present in Island Defense V1.5. The new map will completely change the game, combining elements from some of the most successful maps to create a unique Island Defense experience.

    ID2 began about a year and a half ago. Eight members of the ID1 community decided to remake the map as we were of the belief that the game was fundamentally flawed. It strayed too far from the game we all knew and loved from WarCraft 3, and didn't provide the same gameplay experience. Soon afterwards, the project collapsed - the logistics of running a development team with 8 members was enormous, and problems arose. Earlier this year I began working on the map again. Currently, there are two people working on the map, and 6 months on from when I restarted it from scratch the map is nearing completion.

    Here's what the new map is going to include:

    • Brand new Titans, Builders
    • Extensive Titan Shop
    • New Terrain
    • Percentage-based armour
    • Item-based Titan Hunters
    • Anti-clutch basing

    ID2 is about 70% complete, with 6 Titans, 3 Minions and 8 Builders. If you want more information about the project, head on over to our website and have a read of some of the threads. The website *might* be done for maintenance at the moment. If it is, it should be back up soon.


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    I'm the 2nd developer of Island Defense 2 and am just here to comfirm what Masterful (EpsilonAlpha) said.

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    Hey, thanks for the detailed response and I'm excited to hear about the progress, I just got off work. I tried clicking on the link to the site several times throughout the day and it keeps giving me a 404 Not Found page, has it been under maintenance all day?

    If you ever need someone to test out your map and maybe even swing a few ideas around afterwards, feel free to add me in-game @ PKHustle.615

    Is there an ETA on when you guys think the game might be completed enough to be added to the Arcade?

    From my understanding, a lot of the modders for SC2 left because Blizzard wouldn't fix the tools and/or add more things to the editor. Has this been addressed or are modders still disappearing because Blizzard has still done nothing to fix it?

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