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map idea theorycraft

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    #1 Feb 24, 2012 at 22:41 UTC - 0 likes

    I came up with this idea after all the tons of time spent creeping general forums. There is a lot of theories out there about awsome strats and i really enjoy coming up with strats but my macro and micro skills are terrible bc though i have tons of time to think about SC2 and watch it I dont really have any time to play it and practice at it.

    In that spirit i was wondering how hard it would be to program an AI to macro for you. basically it will make sure your always making workers, and it will make sure you never get supply blocked. there will be type commands that can make its excute certain BOs at a master level.

    also adding in certain micro commands as abilities like a stutter step button on the marine and maradar that when you click it and then click another location all the units selected would stutter step to that location.

    zerg queens would larva inject perfectly, mules drops would never be missed and chrono would always be used.

    There would have to be some sort of abiltiy that allowed u to interrupt the AI for things like macro mechanics incase u want to chrono something different or scan instead of mule. zerg queen could be set to auto lay creep tumors and those tumors would auto spread. mutas would have a button to magic box them.

    I am not sure about things like storm, emp, fungal, and FF but if it was possible to have a single button command to make those more automatic that would be nice too.

    the whole goal here is to allow a bronze player to play at a diamond level without really doing anything. Then he is free to concentrate on unit compositions special tatical choices and trying to perform things that he has only theory crafted in the past.

    It could be set up so that you can play vs specific BOs and standard meta that is programmed into an AI or it can be set up for two players to fight each other also with the option for a player to disable all the AI stuff and do it manually so potentially a bronze player could play on even ground with his diamond friend.

    what do you guys think, is this level of AI programming possible? if so i think this would be awsome just as a fun game to play and as a great learning tool for players to see first hand what they should be doing to play at a higher level.

    TL:DR- can a custom be made that uses AI programing to allow a bronze player to play like a diamond by letting the comp do all the macro and micro for him?

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