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Odyssey (custom campaign) >>
by eivindll
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[Review] Blizzcon Custom Map from SC2Legacy >>
by _ForgeUser4343562
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[Monthly Test - February] Warfare 1942 by Ajax >>
by glorn2
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[Blizzard-made Custom Maps] FEEDBACK >>
by rodandrod
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Law of the Map Review Forum >>
by _ForgeUser4382652
Public Message by Unknown User: No discussion may change the law in this regime.
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Custom Map Review Panel >>
by _ForgeUser4569591
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Custom Live: Map testing night! >>
by IceBadger
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NOTICE - Minimum Review Requirements >>
by _ForgeUser4382652
Public Message by Unknown User: No need for comments.
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CRC - Partycraft >>
by _ForgeUser4382652
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1p RPG map in post-Beta, needs testers [screenshots!] >>
by bilxor
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I played a map so much that I knew it backwards. >>
by steven_hammon
Public Message by Unknown User: Necrothread
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HotSHoT (Hero Battle) >>
by _ForgeUser11837068
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Bi-Weekly Testing Thread #9: Banshee Strike by Coyc1 >>
by _ForgeUser4519330
Public Message by Unknown User: Destickied in favour of BWTT #10.
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my review of Incinerate's Zealot Frenzy >>
by _ForgeUser6671464
Public Message by Unknown User: ok i think the point has been made read the last point of reference from sandround for more info... btw i feel sorry for him in a way... he is lost in a sea of darkness....
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[Monthly Test - January] Stranded on Krydon Renewed by R0binicus >>
by glorn2
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