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Zeratul's Arena 2!

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    #1 Mar 07, 2012 at 16:50 UTC - 0 likes

    Thank you for your interest in my new custom map. You may have heard of the classic Zeratul's Arena from Brood Wars. I haven't seen many types of games with that style so I decided to do my best to make a sequel to the famous classic map. Some things I've added are new units, heros and king of the hill twist for the fighters.

    Gameplay, -To win, all you have to do is destroy all enemy Pylons. -Fighters fight for control of 6 hills on the field that provide them with minerals. -Minerals are used by the fighter to upgrade his units. -Minerals are used by the builder to support the fighter with units and heros.

    Here's a couple screenshots I took for a quick Idea of what the game is about/looks like. [IMG][/IMG] This is the whole map layout.

    [IMG][/IMG] This is the builders base.

    The map is Public on NA servers. I am looking for testers and anyone that may want to help with this project and make it into something that will really shine bright! PM me your name and Character code and I'll get to you asap.

  • 1 post

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