Team Recruitment

Are you an Owner looking to find additions to increase your Team? How about a player looking to join a Team? Recruit here!
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How to leave a team >>
by Jman1177
Public Message by Unknown User: Locked
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Posting Creation Checklist(Read this Before Creating a New Topic) >>
by _ForgeUser1084231
Public Message by Unknown User: No need for comments.
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SC2Mapster Team Homepages >>
by Sixen
Public Message by Unknown User: Sticky
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Hi. If someone is here who is skilled in the sc2 data editor I have some small tasks I would pay for. >>
by meuchtefuschii
0 1,480
Looking for a someone who can help me to make some little changes to my extension mod SC2Enough (you got paid) >>
by meuchtefuschii
2 438
Seeking PeepMode Maintainers >>
by kylo40
0 1,311
Data Editor needed for TPS Paintballing Map. (Also Terrain Editor) >>
by silentnight1990
1 1,590
[Paid Job] Looking for someone to do conversion of FBX to M3 >>
by Bounty4321
0 1,817
Looking for an experienced, productive prototyper to rapidly iterate on ideas for game mechanics -- $60/hr >>
by c0wpig
0 581
Custom Campaign - The Growing Tide >>
by taelmetra
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Looking for 3 Contractors / Freelancers (Yes There's $$ Pay) >>
by TheOracle_NC
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Map developer needed for prototyping [PAID] >>
by looorty
0 786
Looking for somebody to fix a map [PAID] >>
by jmall187
4 1,178
In need of Voices (No Pay. Sorry) >>
by lorddawnreaver
3 1,172
Looking for a map creator >>
by WanWhiteWolf
1 1,400