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Team recruitment - Star Battles: The Kingdom of doom

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    Hi there! On start i'll say it will be released on the EU.

    What are we talking about actually? This project, beacuse it won't be single map, is somekind of melee map, BUT it will be custom-ish. What's the custom elements? For sure there will be new races, there's no place for zerg, terran or protoss, but for now i'm not sure what these races will be, beacuse game making didn't start yet. If you still didn't get interested in it, I shall say there will be rich achivment system, but not worthless pictures in your profile, but more something like unlocking units by leveling of the specific race, upgrading your kingdom and hero. After every game players will get some amount of gold which depends on game time and match score. For this gold you can upgrade your kingdom which helps you out in fights. Kingdom will be more neutral-ish, beacuse there will be mostly upgrades for every race, not for the single ones. Of course kingdom won't bring crushing changes to your troops, but more something like +20 to every starting resource or maybe +1 armor for every building or something like that. Now let's talk about hero. Hero will be very important aspect, beacuse he brings numerous upgrades to your troops, economy and he can fight aswell. Hero will have his own inventory, BUT it won't save every game. Inventory will be temporary. You could've drop items from neutral camps, enemy hero or buy those in neutral, destroyable shops. Hero can be changed after game in your kingdom, but these changes will be minor, like +0.5 hp regen or hero gives you advantage of one 1st lvl mine of each resource. Yes, now about economy, beacuse it's the most important part of melee games. You will have 4 resources, for now i don't have names, but i'll say how do they work. On every map there will be some fabrics of every resource. There will be 3 levels of fabrics: 1st level - 1 resource every 2 secs 2nd level - 1 resource every second and finally 3rd level - 2 resources every one second. Every player will start with 3rd level fabric of each resource. Fabrics normally are neutral, but Hero can take over them. There will be big snowball effect, beacuse this guy which takes over most of fabrics will have big advantage in troops, BUT there will be skills in spellbook which can stop, or limit income of enemy or more double-sided which shall stop income of every player in game. Now about spellbook. Spellbook will contain one-use scrolls and normal spells. Hero can learn spells by leveling and spending LV. points for spells. There will be 10 schools of magic. Every is used for something else: Destruction - As name says, it will be used to smashing enemy troops and destroying buildings Anti-Magic - Specific type of magic which will give immunity for your troops for magic or it will burn enemy's hero mana Fusion - Speeding up things, but it mostly will sacriface life or other resources for trade Ancient - These spells are very special, every race have special spells AND every school of magic have one special spell which can be learned after full-mastering these schools. Of course those spells are very powerful, but very costly Technological - This isn't magic but it counts too for spellbook. These are lategame spells which aren't changing much, but can be used very often Illusion - This magic will mostly depend of skill of player. If player plays bad he won't recognize what enemy casted. This will be suprise magic which can change much, but can be totally useless too Summoning - Better version of Illusion. Summoned units will be same as created units, but they'll cost a lot of energy. Rush friendly spell category Information - Mostly for better players, which wants scout enemy and know what he does. This magic will easily help you against rushes. Alchemy - Economical school of magic. Resource boosts and bonus income for you! Quantum - Fully just for defend. Creates temporary powerful defend structures. I wanna see cannon rush And that's about magic.

    There will be of course maps like FFA 2v2 4v4 3v3, not just 1v1

    Now you wanna know who do i need, huh? For real i'm someone who can't create miracles in editors, but my data knowledge isn't small. I know how to make new thingies, but mostly i'll need team for everthing else.

    You like idea? You wants help? Sure join in if you: -Knows how to set up hard triggers -Know well Data -Can make good terain -Doing great job with models -Can do good interface -Can do good sounds -If you do really good constructive critics -Wanna be part of something big if it works out If i forgot about really important role, sorry for that.

    Well i think that's all and someone will help me with it. Post here your feedback and if you wanna join post in topic and say who you're and what are you interested in.

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    Q: What you will actually do for this project?

    A: Mostly design and some data

    Q: How much time you will spend for it?

    A: Everytime when i'm free

    Q: You will add new races after release?

    A: Of course! I and my team will do new races, but I don't know how often.

    Q: You're prepared for no feedback?

    A: I'll just throw this project to trash can, beacuse without help it will be crappy and will take too much time to release

    Q: What was your inspiration?

    A: Very good old game War Lord battlecry

    Q: When you think it will be released?

    A: Depends how big team will be, but i bet the full version won't be out this year

    Q: It seem to be nice idea, but how you wants interest in community?

    A: Community likes achivments, there will be a lot of them.

    Q: If this will get released how often you will play that?

    A: When i'm not working on it

    Q: I wanna help, but I'm not good at anything

    A: Watch tutorials, read forum. That's all what I can say. You always will find something for you.

    Q: Data will be open? A: Yep, beacuse it's from people to people.

    Q: There will be special ranks for 1v1 and 2v2+?

    A: We will see, for now I'm planning rank from level of hero and Kingdom, but if it's possible I wants make ranking system.

    Q: You expect tournaments?

    A: If we will get enough feedback and donations, Sure!

    Q: You wants it more casual or meta for pro?

    A: Both.

    Thanks for reading!

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