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    #1 Sep 08, 2010 at 20:19 UTC - 0 likes

    Greetings, I'm the creator of the "Spleen of the Swarm" mod featured on B-net forums

    The goal is to re-imagine Zerg in a way more consistent with the 'Swarm' nature of play while incorporating some fun old and new units. In turn the Protoss and Terrans will get their own rounds of improvement (with Spoof names) to create hopefully create a reasonably balanced psudo-expansion.

    I have a number of Play testers so far and while I'm always glad to have more, I now want to see if their are people with technical or artistic skill that can add to the project. On the art side I just want simple 2D button making and perhaps some modifying of meshes (such as say grafting a piece of one onto another or moving a weapon effect attachment point). On the Technical side I'm looking for someone who has more experience with the editor and can more easily create spell/effects particular ones that are original. If your interested just post in the thread and/or msg me on B-net at Impaler#790 (NorthAmerica)

    For those interested in trying the Mod search for "Spleen" under Create Custom Game and it should be the only entry.

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