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Mapmakers under 18 unite!

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    Like Java!

    Good day sir!

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    I started being interested in map making by the age of 10. I can't remember for sure which game it was on, probably Lode Runner on Game Boy... My maps were kind of lame most of the time, I was sort of playing in a sandbox without any real goal except having fun with my own maps.

    At the age of 12 I started making more interesting maps, like scenarios and minigames with specific rules... I started learning the Unreal Engine and more complicated editors (like SC1) at that time.

    Around 15-16 I tried modding, especially in NeverWinter Nights. I knew way better how to build interesting maps, so I started making my own campaign in NWN1... I even made a trailer but let's be honest, if I were to play this mod now I think I woudn't enjoy it. It's also at 15 that I decided to become a pro level designer.

    At 19, I started studies to become pro, which helped me to know what you can and can't do (you don't think much about that when you do maps for your own pleasure, do you?). I already had lots of maps, projects, and campaigns made on my own at that time. Most of them were on WarCraft 3, NWN1, or the Unreal Engine. I had to drop my most advanced mod when NWN2 came out though... :(

    At 21, well... I knew the Unreal Engine well enough to give lessons to my classmates... And I did. A few years ago, I also did my first TD map in Frozen Throne. It isn't at all like the usual load of crappy TD maps we can find, I wanted to make a real map, following TD rules, but with some sort of storyline. Actually, now that I think about it, I really should have made this map public. Sumo's TD kind of reminds me of it... Aaaah, good times... I also started another TD map last year, following the same idea, but it was only a few weeks before SC2 came out so... I kind of dropped it. :)

    During all these years, I used (at least once) the following games and editors:

    • Warcraft 1, 2, 3 (+ Frozen Throne)
    • Starcraft 1 (+Brood War), SC2
    • Battle for the Middle-Earth (whole serie)
    • Duke Nukem 3D, Hexen 1 & 2, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage
    • Wolfenstein 3D, Doom 1 & 2
    • Commander Keen (can't remember which one, there were so many!)
    • Unreal 1, 2, Unreal Tournament, UT 2003, UT 2004, UT3
    • NeverWinter Nights 1 & 2
    • Fallout 2 (not sure about this one, I think it was an amateur unofficial editor) & Fallout 3
    • Half-Life 1 & 2, Gunman (HL1 mod)
    • Daggerfall, Morrowind & Oblivion
    • Line Rider (flash game) & LR2
    • Get Medieval (Gauntlet look-alike)
    • The Incredible Machine 1, 2, 3 & Sid and Al's Incredible Toons
    • Fury of the Furries
    • Descent 2 (not sure about this one)
    • Lode Runner (Game Boy)
    • Skynet (Terminator thingy)
    • Titan Quest
    • Farcry 1 & 2, Crysis
    • Worms Armaggeddon & Worms 3D

    ...That's a lot and I'm pretty sure I forgot about a few. Anyway, it was just to show that you should really be curious about the various game engines and editing tools if you plan on improving your skills, even amateur ones. It also helps you understand that you can't become a map maker in a day. Even though you obviously can't master all those, you still can learn the basics and it will help you understand a lot. Now go, mapper wannabes! :)

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    i am almost 16 and i think im pretty good at triggering and i am also good with music.

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    Umm...I didn't start modding in Blizz. There are tons of RTS games out there. I started at about the age of 6. I've been modding almost all my life since then. I believe it started with...Star Wars:Battlegrounds. Was such a fan of Star Wars back in the day. Then I met SC. Did a lot of lame maps back then, but I think I've come A LONG way. My english is near 100% except my vocabulary is a little shorter than adults. My typing is tremendous. My modding is even greater. And, my passion for game design is beyond all of those combined. I may not get into Blizz, but I'll be in the game designing industry for sure. I am currently 15. I've improved my triggering skills by the thousands, my terraining skills are excellent, my data skills are exceptional, and my creativity is still at large. Can't believe I'm even better than a lot of adults out there at making maps and mods. Good luck to all teenagers that are currently modding! :)

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    I'm 16 :)

    Want to be a member of a team who makes fun maps? Join Team War! We are a small, but idea filled new clan and we'd love new members.

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    Nice to hear great minds map alike :)

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    I feel old now! :)

    I'm 27, I probably started at around 12 by creating maps of Duke Nukem 3D. Sector effects were the triggers in these days!

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    16 too! :)

    by 16thSquadSanseki @deviantART

    I found this funny ->

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    Darn kids always causing a scene :P

    I remember the days of making maps for sc1 when I was 14. Back then we had to trigger uphill, in the snow... both ways to Sunday. And they didn't have variables back then to keep you warm.

    My Projects:
    Malum Ruina: SC2Mapster
    Eternal Exile: SC2Mapster
    Spine Crawler Madness: SC2Mapster
    Xeno Crisis: SC2Mapster

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    15 here. I agree with BasharTeg though.

    Also, necro? :O

    Developer of Aradia

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    Quote from BasharTeg: Go

    Darn kids always causing a scene :P

    I remember the days of making maps for sc1 when I was 14. Back then we had to trigger uphill, in the snow... both ways to Sunday. And they didn't have variables back then to keep you warm.

    Garbage collection? We had to take out or own damn garbage and we were grateful!

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    I always act like Im 5 years old, especially on the interenetz.

    My youtube channel: Here!

    Project "Magic RPG" - Enter the Magic

    Project "Goku Firebat" - Kaaameeehaaameee...

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    modded since age of 8 (not much triggers as I didn't know much about english) in wc3 and now I'm 16 and still modding sometimes.

    Was this shocking?

    Yeah! RaNDoMNeSS aka my youtube channel

    Sign up for League of Legends at this link :)
    I'm used to winning so I get my losts prevented. Loss Prevented WHAT?

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    @BloodClud: Go

    Not at all. I have same story to tell.

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    I'm 16. People usually guess around 15-17, because I'm decently smart, but I have just enough dumbass in me for people to know that I'm younger. For example, last year I got stuck in a dumpster trying to find a remote control I accidentally threw away. (I did eventually find the remote, btw)

    But I pick up on things pretty fast... I've been modding since last June. I figured out how to make a marine walk faster and released my first map, thinking that I was amazing or something. Still not sure what the hell I was thinking there...

    At any rate, I've been modding since my birthday in last June, like I said. I don't know if my age shows in my writing or not. Some people's age really shows in their writing... (Grenegg, EVERYONE can tell that you're 15. You sound like a kid :P ) I hope that doesn't apply TOO much to me :)

    Yeah so I'm bored now, gonna go play LoL or something. Gotta love those off days from school :)

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    Oh shit.. I didnt realised it was Feb 2011 :p Sorry for the necro :p What was it doing on main page then? I was like 'heey, i need to write there while theres still poeple discussing things! Quickly!writeeeeee!'
    @TacoManStan I thought you'd be at least 19 or older :) But its good to hear that there is more of my people there :)
    I've been mapping since like 11/12/something like that, but it was very primitive, then I learned of all the beautiful creations and tools for modders and I experimentated with modding and mapping, all SC1. I must say i was quite good at it, I began creating a SG Atlantis total convertion which I think is my top work, I even started to work with IceCC and scripts but stopped. Then SC2 came out, and my path slowly became terraining. I never entered the mod scene though, and never released anything to public. BTW, this weekend I returned to old editor and made a survival map :p Although nothing fancy have been incorporated yet.

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    Get off my Lawn ya damn kids.

    my maps will always be Free. and Available to the public at the earliest possible date.

    If you need a tester feel free to ask IShadowWolf.258

    You can also catch me on the IRC most times.

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    @ktilkath: Go

    Necro != bad. Well, at least not always.

    Some threads (especially ones that don't have a topic relating to a current event) can be revived with no problems, at least in my opinion. And this isn't even really a necro, it's only been a couple of weeks. Also, even if this was a 2 year or old thread it would have been fine. It would be interesting to see how the age of the community had changed.

    But yeah, as far as age goes, everyone who is 16 is boss, everyone who is not 16 is lame. With the exception of Sixen of course, because he has more power than me. So he's boss too. (Literally)

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    @TacoManStan: Go

    A few weeks != 1 year

    A few weeks < 1 year

    Lettuce be cereal, son, I am dissapoint.


    If you're not paying for the service, you're not the customer - you're the product.

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