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GAx3 Patch 2 - Fix "Actor Site From Attach Point"

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    #1 Jun 09, 2012 at 14:08 UTC - 0 likes

    Just made a update for GAx3 mod.


    Patch 2:

    - Fixed the Attachment position of "Site From Attach Point" function.

    The patch 2 is just a emergence fix for a actor bug in GAx3 for 1.4.3, and didn't include any other features.
    In the previous build, the GAx3 function - "Site From Attach Point" would always set the actor site posion to the given actor's center instead of the given Attach Point. So every beams created by these site would always attached to the center of the actor.

    This bug is caused by some minor actor system changes in SC2 1.4.x. But the GAx3 patch 2 just fixed it, and I have already uploaded the new version of GAx3 to US, TW and CN Server. If you occured this bug in you map, please don't forget to update the GAx3 dependency of your map.

    The local version can be downloaded here:

    This bug was reported by Creation25 and Mille25, thank you! Hope the new GAx3 could help you slove the issus occured in your project :)

    Edit: added a pic - now this action works properly again:


    Actor - Create a beam from (Site From (Actor for Void Ray [19.32, 16.94])'s Weapon 01) to (Site From (Actor for Void Ray [16.91, 12.55])'s Weapon 01) with the model Void Ray Attack Beam

    For more information of GAx3, please have a look at its pathnote and develper manual:

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    #2 Jun 09, 2012 at 14:18 UTC - 0 likes

    Since SC2 1.5.0 introduced may new feathures and changed many things. So I need to modify lot of the GAx3 project to adapt it.

    Becasue of this, any new features of GAx3 would only be added after SC2 1.5 goes live. But I still made this patch 2 as a bug fix. Because this bug broke GAx3's trigger created beam systems.

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    #3 Jun 09, 2012 at 14:47 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks for this update, this is a great help for us. :)

    #4 Jun 09, 2012 at 21:18 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks for finding the time for this Renee! You rock.

    #6 Jun 11, 2012 at 20:13 UTC - 0 likes
    Quote from Stewox: Go

    @Renee2islga: Go

    Good idea to not lose effort and time on the stuff that's going to get obsolete soon.

    Hopefully it would be somewhat trivial to port from 1.5 to HOTS ... I think Hots will just be 2.0.xxxx or something. no idea , they will keep updating liberty but it won't be over 2.0 ,

    I just don't want to start the project now and find it's totally incompatible with HOTS. ... i think im going to do the galaxy code and data parameters for my stuff , that shouldn't change a lot and would not be too low-level, need to avoid the map since we'll get new physics and all that stuff. So i think it'll

    THe biggest thing is now ... that Im not sure whether to use GAx3 or not ... but since it's not for 1.5 it's looking like ... nada

    Basiclly I think the patch 1.5 is kind of like the "Before the Storm" patch of WoW, so I don't think there would be big gap between SC2 1.5 and the first version of Hots(I actually think the gap would be much smaller than 1.4.3 to 1.5).

    As I see, many of the new system which added in 1.5 are definitly designed for Hots, like the new launch missile effect, it could be the core effect of the viper. And the new catalogs, they are definitly for storing Kerrigan's data between the campaign maps. And the new cutscene system, its format is compelety different from the old one, so it is impossible that they designed it only for 1.5. And the new UI stuff, could be there for the Blizzard Dota. etc.

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