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[Forum RPG] Embers of Peace - In Character Thread

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    Starcraft Forum RPG: Embers of Peace

    Posting Guidelines:

    1.) Character Creation and out of character comments and discussion should go in this thread.

    2.) All posts in this thread should be in Narrative format, or in the format of a story. This will be enforced through liberal use of TheAlmaity's DeleteHammer.

    3.) Every post happens directly after the one before it. There should be no time skipping or backtracking without GM approval. This also means that posts should tell a coherent story and should not contradict a previous post.

    4.) Please include in your posts a Summary of Actions, as it is sometimes difficult, or not within narrative bounds to state clearly all of what you are doing. The Summary of Actions should include: Travel Information, Losses or damages, and any expendature of points, as well as a short summary of relevent events.

    5.) All posts that involve a conflict between players, or even between a player and an NPC, should be discussed outside of this thread before a post is made. This is to avoid simple skirmishes being longer then extensive travels, and heated debates allowing a character to travel across the map. Some of this is inevitable, but please try to keep it to a minimum.

    6.) All combat between armies should follow the rules of the Starcraft 2 game. Any battle where resources are available should play out as a melee game with those exceptions provided by your flagship supply, and army technology. When resources are not available, players may choose 200 supply of units to be 'active' at any single time.

    7.) Any editing to your posts, other then grammar and spelling changes, should be accompanied by a notification in the Brainstorming thread. This is so that those who have already read your post know to go back and reread.

    The setting: The Eurim Sector.  

    Travel Time is 4d/s where 'S' is the speed of your ship per hex and 'D' is the distance traveled. The result should always be rounded up. For instance, if my ship has a speed of 4 and I wanted to travel from the Dras Lana System to the Zaratun System (5 squares) (4(5)/(4)) It would take me 5 posts from when I say that I'm leaving to when I could post my arrival.
    If real life days equal to your travel time in time posts passes before the amount of posts themselves, it counts as you arriving at your destination. (Example: You have a travel time of 4 posts. Over the next 4 days only three other people post leaving you with 1 post of travel time to go, but since 4 days passed your travel time is over and you can post again even while missing that post. Also, you can't combine days with posts (waiting 2 days + 2 people posting =/= 4 posts of travel time. One of both has to pass))

    We reserve the right to extend or speed up travel time as I wish for any reason I deem necessary.

    Approved Characters

    Mozared - Garamar Brood, Zerg  
    Akkazurami - David Kanaro, Gambit  
    Chaos Lord - Shadow Blade  
    Mozared 2 - The Magrathean-Tirion Collective  

    Inactive characters removed from list as long as they stay inactive. PM or post to get them put back up here
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    In Character:  

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    In Character:  


    Introducing the Protoss.

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    In Character:  


    An intro to zerg politics. Aria's fleet is traveling from Dvergar to Pern.

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    Location: EOM734

    Character: Yi'fury and surrounding Zerg




    This is what Yi'fury awoke to, after relaxing to a dreamless sleep for what seemed an eternity. He searched his expansive body for the source of the emotion, and found a rather persistent, annoying, larvae gnawing at his flesh. With a surge of his mental link with the little beast, it scurried off in search of easier food.

    {When next we are in need of a scourge, that one will be it.} Having cataloged his promise, he then expanded his mind to touch upon the Zerg in the area. He was exiled for disputing territory with the others in his brood, and he would make sure to avoid the mistake of getting caught again. {Territory is power, and power is always good.} He briefly glanced at the borders, browsing through the eyes of a zergling. {Nothing can beat the sensation of walking...Is it bad to envy my creature?} A split second after having the thought, he dismissed the notion as foolish. It is better to control than be controlled. Still, he maintained his control over the puppet, and emphasized to the rest of the brood to stay away from it.

    Walking to the edges of his territory, He gazed into the distance; actively searching for an enemy scout who might witness what he had planned. While he did not dream in his slumber, he still thought. He had been planning this for what seemed an he just had to do it. {There!} He found the object he was searching for. It was inanimate, but just to be sure he sent a mental impulse through it, hoping to arouse a response. {Nothing...that is just as good}. He picked up the heavy object, and proceeded to move it three or four feet away from the edge of his territory. {This is even better than I thought, the object should roll once I drop it...}

    A sound appeared, and Yi'fury retreated from his puppet. Only then did he realize that he had heard the sound from the zergling. He quickly berated himself for being so foolish, and reconnected the link. {Good, it didn't drop it.} He searched in the vicinity of the sound he heard, and found nothing. {Must have been a bird....I'll have my pets run down the trees when this is over.} Adequately satisfied that he was no longer being watched, he set his plan into motion. He dropped the object. More precisely, he `rolled` it. It had been at the northern edge of his territory since he got here, and as such believed that to be the marker. {Still rolling...} Time began to slow, as he focused his consciousness on the object. One, two, three more feet and then it capsized on itself. {Six more feet of territory, and no one saw. Success.}

    Having completed his objective, he then sent his army to expand his creep in that direction; and to subsequently cut down all of the trees. Only then did he realize that he had other matters to attend to. Several of his soldiers were squabbling over rights to a kill; another was already injured and limping back to the security of his body. He quickly settled the dispute by giving the food to the puppet who killed it, and that was the end of it. The injured zergling would be healed soon enough, and his list of woes wasn't even close to being finished. One of the tunnels he had commissioned his “Tunneling Squad” to dig had collapsed, and a member of the squad was trapped. He set the rest of the squad to clearing the debris, and sent an impulse to the trapped member to sleep; as to conserve energy. {If i'm to execute more plans like today's in the future, I will need every soldier I can get. The more I have, the more territory I can sustain. Territory is power.} He quickly rooted what caused the cave-in, cataloged it, and moved on. The humans he had captured before his exile were doing well enough to leave be, and there were no more pressing matters to attend to.

    Having accomplished his goal, he proceeded to return to dreamless sleep. Before he was committed, however, he located the larvae that awoke him and emphasized what would happen if he tried to gnaw at his flesh again. {And now I sleep...}

    SOA: Yi'fury awakens from sleep and performs his grand master plan. He subsequently returns back to sleep. (Essentially introduces Yi'fury as a character)

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    Paleora, The Exiled Tribes Capital

    "Sit. Come on. Sit, already."
    The only response Kelanin receives was a humming of his zergling pet Grogir.
    "You should have to know that each zergling can sit down on command." But the zerg rotate his short head a little with a straight question in his eyes. Kelanin sights with no hope for his teachings.
    "{Master, you received a message from the Tama Tribe and they await a quick answer.}" One of his countless fellows and students stands in the door to tell him this word.
    "{Thank you, ...}" Kelanin knows that he was the oldest and most devoted students, but he always forget his name.
    "{Daelash, was it.}"
    "{Ah, right, thank you, thank you. And stop call me master. It's Kelanin, for all of you.}"
    "{Sure, Master.}"
    "{Are my teachings so bad?}"
    "{I'll guess so, Master.}"
    "{Then take your leave, student.}" He already forget the name again and both of them know it. "I'll guess I should use some reminders.", whispers he to himself.
    "Be a good boy, Grogir." And he responds with another humming. "I will be back soon enough." The door closes automatically when he passed through them.
    On the floor another one of his students comes to Kelanin telling him the details about the message while going to the embassy meeting room, which wasn't far away from his labs, where he spend most of his time.

    The dark room got filled with light when he enters it and only a sole desk stands in the middle. In front of it a screen lights up and U'lun shows up.
    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador Kelanin."
    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador U'lun."
    "I'm sorry for this short-dated call and I'm very glad you could made it."
    "The realtionship between the Tama and the Exiled is always my first priority."
    "That is good to hear." U'lun seems to be confident about his coming question. "Maybe you heared about Erana?"
    "Yes, they want to move her to Vetras."
    "Exactly, but the Exiled Council refuses to help Erana's Order. You and I know what she have done in the past and imprison her isn't the right option."
    "I know what you want to point at, but no. The past is the past and maybe Erana could change something with her solely presence. But starting a war only for a change is too vague. We don't what will this lead up to."
    "It disappoints me to know that your council won't help the Order, but I thought the relationship of our tribes is important to you."
    "It is, but I won't risk the life of my people for a single person. I always searching for a way to peace. Not only for the Protoss."
    "I know that your words have high expectations and I respect you for this. But it always leave you in stagnation. And without changing your way of feeling is maybe too slow for this universe. Maybe you won't experience your fruits of your labour."
    "I don't work for experience, I work for peace and the freedom of everybody."
    "I'm tired to hear this." Kelanin is about to end this conversation. "You said to want freedom for all?"
    "Yes." He knows what would come next.
    "But it seems that Erana isn't anybody in everybody for you."
    "As I already said, I won't risk the lifes of my people for the sake of a single person."
    "I'll guess you won't change your mind. En Taro."
    "No, I won't. En Taro." And the screen darkens again.

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    Unnamed Orange System near Dras Lana and Zaratun

    {This should keep me safe for a while...}, Dagganoth said to no-one in particular, as his Leviathan Murkag landed on an unnamed jungle planet in the unnamed orange system. After another quick shave with the Gracken brood in the Borus system, Dagganoth decided to make his way out of there and sought temporary refuge in this unknown system. {As I am the first to enter this planet, so shall I be the first to utter its name... Barkanos}. With Dagganoth's Drones leaving Murkag and starting to set up a simple base, the Cerebrate used the eyes of some of his minions to look around the planet. With nothing specific to be found on his exact landing spot, Dagganoth ordered some of his minions to scout around the planet, while the bulk of his forces remained in the base in an attempt to mine the minerals that could be found in the immediate vicinity. {Be passive!}, he told his scouting minions as he always does. Unless attacked and unable to get out wholesome, he did not want his creatures to harm anything he might find on the planet, for now.

    With the landing post secured, Dagganoth turned his attention towards the other planets in the system and sent off Mutalisks with the same orders as his scouts on Barkanos.

    {My sons and daughterss... for now we hide, until I am positive Gracken forcess have left the area. I want to see every inch of this sysstem I can. Otherwise, resst and bide your time. Once we can find the opportunity we are looking for, we will achieve our goalss, and we will all get closer to perfection.}


    -Murkag and Dagganoth's entire force landed on the planet Barkanos in the unidentified orange system between Dras Lana and Zaratun.
    -Most of his forces have been set to work on mining whatever resources they can from the planet.
    -Scout parties have been dispatched to scout the entire planet, with the order to retreat and not engage in any kind of conflict unless not otherwise possible.
    -Mutalisks have been dispatched to other planets in the system with similar orders.

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    In Character:  


    Dagganoth's Mutalisk spot a terran flagship heading for the planet.
    Dagganoth's scouts find humans, concentrating mostly around a single mountain. No houses or anything related is found, although many places where humans "work" is found (Mining areas, small farms). The humans behave in a rather odd fashion and don't communicate at all.
    Something plural is rather unhappy about the unexpected visitors.

    OOC: This post turned out awful >.> Well, it got the point across... hopefully...
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    Location: Asteroid City Domus

    “Hurry up Mike, you take to damn long getting ready.” Grell said as he checked the watch on his left hand. He had just gotten done fixing the coolant systems with Mike, his best mechanic and probably the only person he would dare trust on his ship without having a deep pocket. The repair hadn't went flawless, as one of the pipes had burst splattering the light blue liquid on his friend and him. Even now after showering he still had the slight smell of citrus and old motor oil lingering from him as he waited for his friend to finish getting dressed up. He himself did not mind what he wore most the time, this meeting with this pirate was the same as he had only taken the time to pull out a plain red shirt, a leather jacket and some unstained jeans. After getting ready he had taken the time to secure a knife to his side, and revolver just inside the jacket he wore. Could never be to careful he always had said.

    The door slid open and Mike stepped out. He was dressed nicer then him, with dark black slacks, a white dress shirt, and black overcoat he almost looked like a man of business. Looking at him Grell let out a small laugh, yet was quickly silenced by the cold stare he got. Mike was defiantly out of place in the piece of rock he lived in. He had come from a rich family, the way he talked, dressed, and looked all made it apparent. Why he had come he hadn't said, yet he had lost everything here and Grell had agreed to take him into his crew not only because he was good with any machine he got his hands on, but also because he was plain deadly with any weapon he got his hands on. If there was anyone you would not cross, it was him. He pushed his long blond hair to the sides of his head and looked at Grell. “Alright, lets get going then.” he said in a neutral tone.

    “Its bout damn time you finished in there, let me guess you couldn't find your hairbrush again?” he said as he stepped out towards corridor leading to the cantina.

    “No, just took my time getting the smell off me, besides who the hell goes to a business meeting wearing rags, and smelling of citrusy oil?” he said following closely behind.

    “Me obviously, now tell me, whats the statues of the ship?”

    “Everything should be in working order, any problems we have are just small inconveniences nothing more.”

    “Good, then if we can get this job we might actually be able to make it to the planet without the ship breaking apart.” he finished his sentence as they stepped into the bar. It was almost empty, set aside the few people sitting at the bar drinking there troubles away. He scanned the room, looking for anyone out of the ordinary, yet found no one. He let out a sigh and checked the time again, he was afew minutes late and might of missed his chance. Saying a curse to himself silently he stepped towards the bar, his friend staying mute as he took a seat and dropped a coin on the table. “Give me a shot of Tauren Whiskey.” he said looking at the grusky man infront of him. He waited as the man prepared the drink, the feeling of being watched beginning to nudge him. The bartender slid the drink infront of him, and he took it in his hand, swirling it around, debating afew things in his head. He downed the drink quickly, setting the glass down and letting out a sigh as a man walked up beside him. He turned, looking him over. He wore all black, a heavy trench coat covering his body. He had olive skin, with dark black hair coming down to ear length. He looked at Grell with a neutral expression. “Are you Grell.” he asked his voice devoid of emotions.

    “Yes, and you wouldn't happen to be the man offering the job were you?”

    “follow me to a more . . . private place if your interested.”

    He stood up his friend giving him an uneasy look. “Alright, lets go.” he followed the man to one of the sub routes leading out of the bar, it was equivalent to an ally in the old cities. Turning around he pulled out a small datapad, which lit up green, holographics displaying from the device. “The job is simple, go to the Dvergar System, head to planet Dalar and recover some research data. This is very important information, and if you view it, not only will we know what you have done, we will by all means exact a price of failure.” Finishing the terse details of the job, he held the datapad out which was quickly snatched up by Mike whom began working his way through it.

    “Your offering quite a lot for this data, so tell me, whats the catch.”

    “There is no catch, it is either you take the job, or not.”

    Grell looked at his friend whom was still going over the datapad, he wondered if he should debate it with him yet the thought of the money and simplicity of the job made his mind up for him. “its a deal then, but on the condition on partial payment before we head out.” he said to the man.

    “Grell.” Mike said now looking at him. “this is more than just the coordinates and data on the job, its a million dollar payment.”

    Looking abit shocked he turned to thank the man, yet was surprised to see he had vanished. Stepping out of the ally, he went to the bar and set another coin on the table, and was soon met with another glass of whiskey. “Well its a start.” he said as he downed the drink and looked at his friend who was already issuing the preparation of the ship through his datapad.

    SoA - Grell's character introduction and info on job taken from asteroid city. The ship is traveling to Dvergar System, Planet Dalar which will take 12 posts/days.

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    Planet Barkanos, inside the unnamed Orange System near Dras Lana and Zaratun

    From the moment he had landed on Barkanos Dagganoth had felt some kind of psionic presence - something on this planet was off indeed. He had not been able to guess what it was until his scouts returned to him, though, and now shards of conversations kept coming through to him. There was some kind of mind control or slavery going on here, and the Overlord performing it was referring to himself in plural. {He must be an Archon}, Dagganoth announced to his beings. {Stay clear of all Terran forces, I will give you your instructions soon}. With some focused thought, Dagganoth located the psionic Archon and figured him to be located inside an underground cave underneath the mountain.

    After a moment of careful consideration, the Cerebrate decided on his next move.
    {My brothers and sisters. We have left the old Broods in order to perform our own quest for perfection. Not through conflict, but through conversation. We shall have a hard time proving our intentions to the younger and older races, but our first step begins here. These Terrans are under some kind of mind control by an Archon. We will free their minds as a show of good will. Go forth, and do my will, and we will have taken the first step on the path of redeeming ourselves.}

    With several bursts of thought, Dagganoth said his plan into motion. Groups of Zerglings set out to raid the Terran encampments - not to make casualties, but to destroy any sort of useful equipment and ruin crops. His Overlords streamed forth to belch creep all over the planet. Mutalisks were patrolling the skies to find and intercept the viking fleet that had come with the reinforcements, should it attempt to engage the Overlords. Swarm Hosts covertly crept up on the mountain the Terran were centralized around, and, when finding the entrance to a cave, burrowed there to set up a careful ambush. The remains of his forces stayed at his landing post to defend his base, while Dagganoth's Avatar hid near the forest's edge as closeby to the cave entrance as possible.

    {We are to lure this Archon out of his little hole, brothers and sisters. We shall wreck his palace, challenge his supreme will, and ambush him to free these Humans. I want all Mutalisks to be ready to hasten to and engage the Archon, once he leaves his cave. I want my Avatar ready to spit Symbiotic Saliva over any units engaging in battle with him.}

    As the raids started, Dagganoth figured that this was as ready as he'll ever be. It's up to the Archon to make the next move now...


    -Overlords have spread out all over the planet, belching creep all over it.
    -30 Mutalisks are patrolling the planet, on the lookout for Viking movement, ready to intercept any Vikings attempting to attack Overlords.
    -100 Zerglings are raiding small, defenseless Terran encampments, destroying crops and valuable property but leaving the inhabitants undisturbed.
    -2 Swarm hosts, 40 Zerglings and 15 Mutalisks are left defending the base.
    -All Mutalisks have the order to hasten to the Archons location and engage him in combat if he leaves his cave and gets attacked by the Swarm Hosts.
    -Dagganoth's Avatar is closeby the cave entrance in order to cast his Symbiotic Saliva to attempt to prevent Mutalisk (and/or Swarm Host) casualties when/if needed.

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    OOC: This is a bit of a long one. Didn't want this encounter to end too quickly and simply :p
    In Character  


    Dagganoth's forces destroy the "plural something"
    Dagganoth loses 10 mutalisks to the Archon and vikings, and 20 zerglings to spidermines
    Mind control over terrans fades
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    Planet Barkanos, inside the unnamed Orange System near Dras Lana and Zaratun

    Silence fell upon the planet as Adam regained consciousness. He was lying on the ground, soaked in sweat. He had no idea what just happened, but memories slowly started to come back to him. There was some being of power... and worshippers... it had somehow controlled his mind! He heard a rustling sound and tilted his head to the right. There was a Zergling. Right there, next to him. Adam startled and thought to himself that this was the end. For a moment he saw his life flash before his eyes as he felt emotions of fear and anger. Then he told himself that if he had to go, he'd at least go with a free will. It was at that moment that Adam realized that the Zergling wasn't attacking him. In fact, it was simply standing there, looking at him. Adam sat upright and the scene playing itself out in front of his eyes was unreal: he was surrounded by others humans and a pack of Zerglings. Some of the humans were just waking up, looking just as startled as he just had, while others were already standing up, talking about their odd visitors and pointing and staring at all the surrounding Zerglings. Adam stood up himself and was just about to walk over to a group of fellow humans when there was a voice.

    {Citizens of Barkanos. There is no need to feel fear. My name is Dagganoth, Cerebrate of the Garamar Brood. I mean you no harm. As you might have realized by now, there was an Archon who had established psionic control over your minds, turning all of you into his minions. My brothers and sisters have succesfully freed you from his grasp. I know you will naturally feel fear towards one of my kind, but I ask you to lay down your weapons; my brothers and sisters shall not attack you. If you have a representative, then please make him known to one of my Brood so we can conversate.}

    Captain Rodrick stepped down from his chair. "Well what in the world... James, are you hearing this?"
    -"As clearly as you, sir"
    -"Are you picking up any signs of battle on the planet?"
    -"None whatsoever, sir, though are own forces are still following your old orders and are hunting Overlords"
    -"Alright... Tell them to hold all fire for now, and then put her down. I never thought I'd say this, but... I want to talk to that Cerebrate"

    As the Terran flagship landed, Rodrick left the bridge. The planet's surface was still a wonderful chaos, with Zerg troops standing all over the place, simply looking at any Terrans in a non-hostile manner. Rodrick walked up to a Zergling, scratched himself on the head and said to it "I'm captain Rodrick of the SS Raven over there... I feel silly for askin', but I think I can represent this colony right now... should I be talkin' to ye?"
    {This brother of my Brood will serve the function just fine, captain Rodrick of the SS Raven. I'm afraid I shall have to give my reply through the minds of your people, though.}
    "I... guess that's fine. So, I... thank you, I suppose? I don't even know whether I should thank you. I have no idea what's going on.
    {This is understandable, captain Rodrick of the SS Raven. As I mentioned, your minds were being controlled by a Protoss Archon. I sympathized and freed your people from his control.}
    "How do I know yer not lying? This could easily be some kind of trick! And how could something like you 'sympathize' with us?"
    {The proof is around you, captain Rodrick of the SS Raven. My brothers and sisters are in a perfect position to destroy your colony, yet they are not doing so, because it is not my wish. Feel free to check the mountain cave, I'm sure you will find trails of the Archon in there. As for sympathizing... I will just say that not all of my kind are alike. We all pursue perfection in our own way. My way simply involves more discussion than conflict.}

    Rodrick nods for two nearby officers to check out the nearby cave.

    "Alright... then let me ask you another question. I recognize a lost situation. What do ye want with us?"
    {That is simple. I want your allegiance. Or perhaps more than that. I am uncertain. I think you call it friendship}
    "You want to be our friend?!"
    {That is correct. And as a gesture of good will I have some offerings.}
    "Offerings? This might be the craziest thing a've ever heard!"

    Rodrick's officers return and show him a scanner that reads a high residue of psionic waveforms.

    "Alright, so ye might be tellin' the truth about this Archon... but lets hear it"
    {First, I shall tell my brothers and sisters to retreat}

    All of the Zerg in the area immediately turned around and retreated into the woods, except for the one Zergling standing in front of Rodrick.

    {Second, to destroy the Archon controlling you I had to destroy a lot of your equipment and crops. Unless you want my Brood to leave, my offer is to remain and help with repairs. My brothers and sisters aren't exactly suited for building, but I can share biomanipulative tricks that will help you to regrow your crops in a more effective manner. My only request here is that you allow me to continue my mining operation while my Brood remains on your planet.}

    "Alright... with the state our planet's in, I guess we have little choice but to accept"

    {Excellent. Most of your old laboratories are still intact. I shall sent my messengers there}

    "Works fer us. Rodrick out, then... I guess we'll be talkin' again sometime soon"

    "James, tell all forces to go on standby. We have no choice but to accept this offer right now, but if those Zerg so much as look at one of our own in the wrong way, I want all our troops to be ready to fight to the death. I don't trust this 'Dagganaught'."


    -Hostilities between the Terran faction and Garamar Brood have ceased for the moment.
    -Garamar Brood remains on the planet, mining, while 'helping the Terrans out with the repairs'.
    -All troops except for a few Zerglings for communication have been pulled back to the Zerg outpost.
    -Terran forces remain on standby, ready for any sort of hostility.

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    Character: Yi'fury

    The morning had proved eventful. Several days had passed since the execution of the plan, and as each day came and went Yi'fury sped up the process of increasing his territory. It was currently three-fold of what it was before, and it was still accelerating. Alas, this had also proved to be an impasse – he was having troubles effectively guarding the compound. Ultimately, he decided the best course of action was to “hotwire” the creep directly to his neural system. This gave him the ability to locate any intruders that were not zerg the moment they touched on the living earth, and for the skies he set his mutalisks on patrols.

    It had proven to be an effective strategy, as many of his minions were gorging on fresh food caught from the Jungle of the Bird (named for his mishap with the noise a few days past). Even his humans were eating well. {Perhaps they are eating....too well....I believe I should teach them a lesson in fidelity...} Having cataloged his newest promise, he proceeded to go over the surrounding area. {Everything is too familiar...even at this accelerated growth nothing is happening. I don't believe the zerg were ever meant to be static. My minions are growing complacent and I am growing bored. Perhaps there is another brood nearby that I could ransack for resources...or there may be some terrans or protoss that are looking to be enslaved....}

    That must be it. That must be the reason they sent him out here. This must be a proving ground of sorts, where the winner takes all. {I must send out my scouts further to locate my enemies. Surely this will please the she-bitch of a leader...} Yi'fury sent out the mental impulse to his zergling squads (He loved categorizing his units into squads) and then pictured a map of the planet as he knew it. Relatively simple, plenty of trees, plenty of water. Nothing truly amiss. Aside from the immediate vicinity, his knowledge of the planet was limited. He didn't even know if there were any other broods on this rock. He didn't even think about scouting whilst in space with the husk. {Next time, I will need to remember to do that...}

    SOA: Yi'fury begins to expand his territory at an accelerated rate.

    He is also scouting the planet, looking for something to ransack and cause general chaos.

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    ~Anna, Pern System~

    Razarac growled as one of the resident brood's zerglings came too close to him. He shook his entire body to warn the creature of his mood. But the zergling did not listen. It edged closer towards him, its purpose unknown to Razarac.

    Razarac growled again, louder this time and the zergling stopped... and he pounced. His muscles flexed and he sprang at the intruder. The zergling yelped and tried to run but was too slow. His jaws snapped shut just as he landed on the ground, shaking it with the force of his fall. Then, he swallowed the zergling whole, not even bothering to crush its body with his inner jaw: the acid in his stomach would be more than enough to break down the corpse, for it was real acid, not the stuff of lesser creatures.

    Satisfaction filled his mind as warmth spread through his body, a sensation he knew was connected to the rapid dispersion of the zergling's energy and nutrients through his body. He went back into the same prone position he had been in before the planet dweller's intrusion. He growled to scare of the remaining planet brood zerglings and closed his eyes.

    He was a magnificent beast. A massive zergling, four of his lesser brethren in length and three in height, with wings twice as long, Razarac dwarfed most any zerg creature. And those he did not dwarf, he outmatched, outperformed or outran.

    Flexible spikes covered his entire body, not for defense, but for the rapid absorption of water to aid his metabolism. His carapace matched that of an ultralisk's in strength but weighed no more than a zergling's. His claws, teeth and scythe-claw-appendages were sharper than a hydralisk spine and as sturdy as a kaiser blade. The constant secretion of small amounts of acid served to both make tearing enemy armor easier and to lubricate his own weapons for unhindered slashing and stabbing.

    Of all this and more he was aware for Shaharaz had blessed him with sentience, a power he prized more than any other. He was the epitome of zerg: deadly, resilient, adaptable and ruthlessly efficient: the peak of evolution. And he was ready to act.

    The Brood Mother's call had been heard and it was being answered. Razarac watched through an Overseer's eyes as the Fenrir Brood's forces departed the planet. The Fenrir spore sailed on ahead with its cargo while the two Swarm Lords that was accompanying them followed at a slower pace.

    The plan was to have the spore land on the planet and create a suitable amount of chaos on the planet's surface. The Swarm Lords would use the chaos to find an advantageous angle of attack and strike the Themos in a favorable way. The knowledge that the enemy had at least one Battlecruiser with them changed Razarac's battle plan considerably. He had faced the terran counterpart many times and knew enough about the Themos version to know it would be a big threat.

    They would have to destroy any battlecruisers before really attacking the planet and they could only do that if the fight favored them from the start. They would have to attack the ships from the inside and outside while defending their own ships from enemy flyers. It would not be easy.

    One of the Spores would stay behind on Anna to guard the planet against counter attacks but would be called if help was needed. Dangerous as the attack was, Razarac was not willing to leave Anna unguarded.

    Razarac let out a roar as the fury of the Fenrir Brood surged forward to prove themselves in battle.


    Aria's old Battlecruiser, the Rossvelt, returned to normal space in time to witness the Fenrir spore blaze into light as it began entering Mary's atmosphere, releasing the raw materials to start amassing a brood on the planet's surface. The Infested Battlecruiser in high orbit was joined by two other dark forms, maneuvering for position in preparation for a fight.

    {Aria! Glad to have you back! Reinforcements have been called from Sharon, but your presence is sorely needed in the skies.}

    The Infested directed her ship to join the other in the skies, and in quick bursts of thought relayed Orloth's insight to her brother and sister Prophets of Baal. In a discussion that lasted only a few seconds, and consisted of more emotion then words, it was decided. The battle would go on, but Aria was allowed to attempt to communicate with the Fenrir. Aria reached out her mind to the Fenrir, and traced their lines of command back to find its strongest will, its dominate personality, its Alpha Wolf. She found something, not too high, but definitely the driving force behind this particular attack. With an effort of will she stretched out her mind in an effort to communicate.


    Razarac felt a presence in his mind, totally alien to anything he had ever felt before. It was zerg, but it did not think like zerg. It gave an image of a smaller zergling, showing due respect to a larger zergling, and spoke {We recognize the dominance of the Fenrir Brood. We wish to discuss a cessation of hostilities.}

    For a moment silence reigned and the Themos and Fenrir forces floated in space as if frozen.

    {Brood Mother?} asked Razarac. All he got was a short instinctual answer that roughly translated to 'go on'.

    Razarac ordered his own brood and the Fenrir forces to stand down but stay ready to attack in case the enemy was trying to trick them. Then he focused on the alien mind inside his own an probed it as he would inspect a lesser zerg. It did not recoil from him.

    {The weak recoil. That is domination.} he said more through feelings than words. He felt the alien mind retreat away from his own somewhat and was satisfied.

    {The weak show subordination to the strong in order to live. But subordination is not simply... peace without... consequence} his imperfect vocabulary was made up for by his ability to send images and feelings directly to the other mind. He felt the mind of the Themos agree to his statement.

    {Who are you?} he asked.

    {I am Aria of the Themos Brood, servant to Lilith, its leader.} came the reply and Razarac knew at once that he was talking to a halfling. An infested. Not a zerg. The information angered him.

    {So the Themos rely on halflings to command. I am not surprised then, that you wish to end the... hunt before it is begun.} His words seemed to cause a reaction in the infested but whatever it was, the halfling seemed to repress it. This angered Razarac further. True zerg did not hide their emotions!

    {You do not talk. Perhaps you fear my dominance or perhaps you seek my favor. I do not care which for both end in the same outcome if you truly fear our might}

    {And that outcome is?}

    {The Themos will surrender immediately and depart this world, leaving only a small force behind. You will redirect half of this planet's resources to the Fenrir Brood and cease all fighting with us. In turn, your existence shall be spared. These are the conditions of domination. You must give up land and rank to live. And if you do not, you have neither land, rank or life. Are our terms understood?} It was there again. The ancient instinct. He talked without thinking, driven by instincts and skills he was not aware of.

    {Very well. The Themos brood agrees to your terms and they will satisfy them immediately. Since this is possibly the last time we will meet, I would ask of you to receive one our own as an ambassador to the Fenrir Brood so that future communication between our Broods can be quick and fluent.} The response came after a minute of silence during which the halfling had probably weighed up its options.

    {Would this ambassador be a halfling such as yourself?} Razarac asked, full of suspicion.

    {Yes. Is that a problem?}

    {Only if you value it highly, for I will rend the flesh off its bones the moment it sets foot on our territory.}

    {Very well. We will have to rely on other methods of communication in the future, then.} Aria answered, not in the least disturbed by the creature's words. But she was late: Razarac had already expelled her from his mind.


    ~~EOM734 Single Star System, Ort cloud~~

    Far outside the unnamed star, a rift was torn in the fabric of space, and a single leviathan glided out of the wormhole. This system had once been claimed by the late Cerebrate, Shuul, but it's location would make it an excellent target for the expansion of the Gracken Brood. That is, assuming the rival broods had not had that very idea first. That was why the creature had been deposited so far outside the usual realms of the Star, to not be seen by the enemy. It was purposed with carefully picking it's way through the system, to see what had been left here by the late Shuul, and if anyone else had been by to pick the bones; a task it dutifully began as the Wormhole closed.


    Reposting relevant data from previous game that I want to keep, with previous player's permission. If he doesn't pick it up, I imagine I will. I liked Raz.

    Aria arrives in the Pern System just in time to stop fighting between the Themos and Fenrir broods. The Fenrir commander, Razarac, makes his demands, which are promptly met. Aria along with several Themos Armies will be headed to Sharon as soon as things are in order. The Fenrir and the Themos Broods are now ... not actively killing each other.

    A Gracken Leviathan has shown up in the EOM734 system with the mission of looking for hostiles and scout for possible future colony sites.

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    OOC: Let's call the orange system... Davir.
    In Character  


    The Zerg are doing a good job at fixing the damage they did.
    Two dozen of the humans on Barkanos have decided they'd prefer to explore the universe with the Zerg than return to their frustrating lives in terran space or bore themselves to death on Barkanos.
    The humans have a cargo vessel of their own with just enough space for them, and are willing to show the zerg the location of a wrecked protoss ship on the planet that can be salvaged.
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    Planet Barkanos, Davir System

    The offer confused Dagganoth at first. He had not considered this possibility. Considering the options, however, he figured the offer was a generous one.

    {Your offer is indeed generouss. I am not sure I understand your reasons, for I do not know the concept of 'boredom' - they seem to amount to exploration? However, I shall accept and welcome you within my Brood as brothers and sisterss. I believe our symbiosis shall further both our causes, and I feel I have uses for your services. Traveling might be problematic through a cargo vessel. Provide me with samples from the walls of your houses and I should be able to morph an area inside Murkag in a similar fashion to what your resting pods look like. You will have to bring your own equipment and will not be able to breathe outside these rooms, but you can perform your research and reside in areas suited for it. You will then be able to use the cargo ship to interact with other Terrans on my behalf, or undertake your own smaller missions}.

    Adam grinned at his colleagues. "I hope you're ready for some adventure!".

    {The repairs are starting to finish. Lead me to the Protoss ship and we shall attempt to salvage it in order to sell it for minerals.}

    And so it happened. Adam and his crew of scientists led Dagganoth to the wreckage of a large Protoss ship. As the Zerg forces immediately began to salvage anything worthwhile aboard the ruins, Dagganoth received the Terran home samples and proceeded to evolve an area inside Murkag into a small complex of Terran rooms. The drones at the main base proceeded to mine out the minerals found in the area and then started working on dissolving the base back into pure DNA. A day passed after all this was done, and at noon the next day Garamar Brood was ready to leave. A group of Terran forces had gathered to say goodbye to the scientists and Brood.

    "Well, thank ye for all of this I s'pose... Dagganoth", captain Rodrick said.
    {I am not sure if you should be thanking me, or if I should be thanking you. Either way, we are in symbiosis here. People of Barkanos: though you might not have personally seen me, I have learned about the behaviour of some of you over these couple of days, watching through the eyes of my Brood. I wish to honor my... friendship with you as I hope you shall remain to honor it with me. If any sort of trouble arises, find a way to contact me - Garamar Brood will not forget the events that took place here and shall assist you.}
    "Where will ye head now?"
    {I have not yet divulged a plan yet.}
    "Then I suggest ye head on over to Domus, the asteroid city. It should be near and you can easily buy and sell goods there... should be good for the likes of you - no offense meant.
    {Thank you for the information. I shall attempt to sell the parts of the Protoss ship there, then.}
    "Well... , I for one wish to honor this... friendship, Dagganoth, and I hope the people of Barkanos will follow me in this. Farewell, and good luck on your journeys."
    {Farewell, ... friends}

    As the gathered group of Terrans cheered, Murkag slowly took off from the planet and calculated a course towards Domus.


    -The outpost finished mining the remaining resources in the area and all salvegeable material from it has returned into Murkag.
    -The 24 scientists are located in a small Terran-like complex inside Murkag with their own equipment on-board. The cargo ship, taking up 6 food worth of cargo, is also on board.
    -The Protoss equipment is worth 5.5 points, taking up that amount of cargo in my cargo bay. The gathered minerals would be 6 points (10 posts of mining -3 for Terrans harassing my mineral line, -1 for deploying troops).
    -All of this makes my cargo bay look like this: 120 Zerglings (60 food/cargo), 35 Mutalisks (70 food/cargo), 10 Swarm Hosts (30 food/cargo), Terran scientists (24 food/cargo), Terran cargo ship (6 cargo), Protoss artifacts (5.5 cargo) and Minerals (6 points) = 201.5 / 400 cargo.
    -Murkag is flying towards Domus (2 squares above Myrym), which is 6 squares away. With a speed of 6, my travel time is (4 X 6) / 6, which makes 4 posts of waiting time for me from this point.

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    Planet Thanus, Idum System

    "{Praetor Armul, preparations have been finalized. Our fleet is ready to leave the system}"

    There was a moment of silence in which Zhedril waited anxiously for the Praetor's response.

    "{Do you know what this means? Violating the treaty?}" came the response.

    "{We are not the first to break it. The Exiled have done it many times before and we have not objected so I see no reason for them to do so now.}" Zhedril replied without missing a heartbeat. The significance of their actions had been going through his head the entire day and this was merely an opportunity to speak out.

    "{I am not talking about justification, Zhedril. I am referring to how this reflects our tribe's relationship with the Exiled as of late.}" Armul replied as quickly as Zhedril had. Had he anticipated such a response?

    "{Praetor?}" Zhedril asked, not knowing how else to respond. There was another, longer moment of silence.

    "{No. It is nothing. Inform the Exiled of our imminent departure. You are dismissed.}"

    Planet Paleora, Idum System


    Kelanin gave the mental equivalent of a sigh and looked up from his ongoing experiment to see one of his students enter the lab.

    "{What is it now, Daelash?}" he asked, only remembering the student's name because they had conversed the previous day. Daelash rose his right arm to reveal a slim tablet and handed it to Kelanin.

    "{An urgent message from the Council. I was only told to bring it to you, not what it was about,}" the student explained.

    "{Is that so?}" Kelanin said absentmindedly, his fingers already tapping away at the storage tablet's crystal surface in order to access the message. The tablet flashed twice and then played a recorded psionic message:

    "{Greetings, Ambassador Kelanin. About an hour ago, the Tama fleet present on Thanus informed us that they would depart the system in less than a day's time. This not only violates the Zamar Treaty but also exposes our capital to the Imperium. A meeting has been arranged between you and the Tama ambassador. Do all that is within your power to rectify this situation. Do not fail us.}" The tablet went dark.

    "{Well, what did it say?}" Daelash asked, not containing his curiosity. Kelanin's shoulder's slumped as he looked back at his student.

    "{I am to meet with Ambassador U'lun immediately. Please clean up after me,}" he answered, gesturing at his experiment as he left the laboratory.


    The Tama fleet positioned on Thanus, Idum system as part of the Zamar Treaty (an alliance between the Exiled Tribes and the Tama Tribe) has announced that it will depart the system promptly, leaving behind a stationary ground force which would be unable to defend the rest of the system in the case of an attack. The Exiled Tribes Council has "asked" Ambassador Kelanin to rectify the situation. The Tama fleet is under direct orders of Patriarch Myr and is not acting independently.

    @Zanryu: Details in PM.

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    Character: Yi'fury

    {This planet is absolutely devoid of any sentient life...} Yi'fury was beginning to get irritated at this. {The She-bitch exiled me out here, and there is nothing to do on this god-forsaken rock!} He had managed to scout about half of the planet since starting the exploration, but only a few things were interesting and none had held his interest for very long. Nothing had fought back, let alone given him a challenge. {There has to be....something... here of interest. Something to give to the she-bitch for favor.} But then there it was, a feeling. An impulse. Something pulled him not outward, to the planet, but upward.

    Only then did he realize that he was exiled to the system. Not the planet. Only then did he focus his attention to the star, and realized how many planets there were. Only then did he realize the scope of the galaxy, how massive it was. It was pointless to scout the planet in the degree he was currently doing so, as he could have scouted several planets by now using similar techniques. The tunnels he was digging? While they may prove to be useful in the future, the best course of action was through numbers. The more forces he had scouting, the more information he could process. The more information he had, the more power he had. He could sell information to the she-bitch...but to that he would need to change his current methods.

    {Yes...this must have been what they sent me out here for. To learn from my mistakes. Territory is not power. Knowledge and strength is power.} Yi'fury directed his mutalisks to dispatch to the other planets, in hopes of finding some more interesting. While this planet had taught him much, it was obvious it held no secrets. Through a series of mental impulses, he ordered his zerglings and drones to collect what resources they had, and started to prepare The Husk for planetary excursion.

    {I can see now how humans have survived. They thrive on information. The Protoss as well, albeit in a different manner. If one could combine the technological superiority of the protoss with the commitment and determination of the terrans alongside the Zerg instinct and brute strength....

    {One could rule the galaxy...}

    SoA: Yi'fury has learned how to evolve past the current Zerg state-of-mind, and now has a goal.

    He has also sent out mutalisk scouts into the system, ordered to maintain in space and send the data received to Yi'fury.

    He has also prepped “The Husk” for planetary excursion. This means that the entire base surrounding Yi'fury is being transported and prepared.

    He has also ordered all resources found to be put into the Husk's cargo bay for transportation (+13 points, 15 total)

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    OOC: Love the way you're playing Yi'fury, Halfdead. Great stuff there, very interesting to read! :)

    On board the leviathan Murkag, at some distance from the Davir System

    Adam woke up to a rustling sound. It startled him for a moment. Space travel was something he wasn't unaccquainted with, but it usually came with the soft buzz of an engine - not the muffled sounds of flesh molding and shaping around him. As he checked his watched he quickly calculated that he had been asleep for roughly nine hours. Plenty of time to recuperate from the events of all the previous days. As he sat up he looked around his room. Adam was lying in the top of a bunk bed, his roommate Gary still breathing quietly beneath him. There were two automatic metallic looking doors, and the walls and ceiling were made out of what appeared to be solid concrete. On the ground was a soft green carpet. One door, he knew, led to his personal bathroom - a room he yet had to access. The other led towards the common room that was intended to be used as a recreational area for the Terrans aboard this 'ship'.

    That's when he again realized that he was actually traveling aboard a Zerg vessel. "Wow...", he whispered quietly to himself. After rubbing his eyes and stretching his arms, he jumped out of bed. What I need is a good shower to get ready for the day - because it would no doubt be an interesting one. He stumbled over towards the left door and opened it up.

    The room was pitch black, but as soon as Adam set a foot inside of it he saw what seemed to be tiny jolts of fire crawling through the cracks of the concrete wall. They rapidly converged at the middle of the ceiling and started to emit a comfortable deep yellow light. Adam grinned; electricity was one of the things the Zerg did different from his own race. The jolts in the wall must have been sparks of energy directed at one single point by a subconcious mind network of Dagganoth, or perhaps even Murkag himself. He looked around for a shower, noting to himself that the room was on the large end for a personal bathroom. As he glimpsed past the sink, toilet and shower, his jaw dropped when his eye felt on the remaining corner of the room.

    "Gary... Hey, Gary! Gary, wake up, you need to see this!"
    -"Hmmmwhat?", Gary mumbled as he opened his eyes and slowly sat upright.
    "Come check this out man! Looks like traveling with this Brood does have its advantages!", Adam said with a big grin.

    Gary sleepily stept out of bed towards the bathroom doorframe and peered inside. His jaw dropped as well when, tucked neatly into the corner next to an ordinary shower, he saw a jacuzzi.


    -Establishing some detail on the Terran quarters inside Murkag while underway towards Domus. Otherwise no relevant actions taken.

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    Paleora, Idum System

    Kelanin enters the meeting room which is filled with false expectations. After a shot time ambassador U'lun appears on the screen.
    "Ambassador. En Taro Tassadar."

    "En Taro Tassadar. Ambassador U'lun."

    "What is about this meeting?"

    "I was informed that the treaty fleet is leaving Thanus. Which purpose does this action has? Give me some details."

    U'lun showed no signs of surprise. Had he been anticipating this meeting?
    "Patriarch Myr has decided to act upon the information acquired by Erana's Order. The fleet is headed towards an advanced position in order to better respond to future developments regarding Erana. Does that answer your question?" he said.

    "No, it does not. This acting is a contempt to the Zaratun Treaty and your patriarch knows that, too. Maybe the Imperium wants exactly that. You're exposing us to them."

    "We are not the first to act outside of the restrictions of the treaty. Your military has acted in this way many times in the past, exposing our capital to attack, if not by the Imperium then by the terrans and zerg."

    "Until now there was never any harm for you. We took care about our choices. We made sure that neither terrans nor zerg could threated you as those times. But it is different now. The Imperium stands before our very eyes everytime ready to charge."

    "That is true. However, if the information regarding Praetor Erana's transfer is to be believed, we can assume that the Imperium is not willing to make a move until the transfer is over. Knowing the Imperium's methods and attitude, Praetor Erana is likely to be transferred by a large fleet, making the Imperium unable to succesfully attack your capital. Should an offensive take place, rest assured that we, the Tama, will rush to your defense without a moment's hesitation.
    However, for now, we believe that the benefits of freeing Praetor Erana outweigh the risks of leaving your capital system temporarily undefended. If your Council had agreed to help with the endeavor, this action would not have been necessary."

    "Is to be believed? In the time of war there is no time for faith. And even if it is true that operation would be a one way ticket. You should consider that involving your tribe into this 'rescue mission' will make you an enemy to the Imperium.
    Sadly, I can't influence my councils descisions. Elsewise I would gather more, trustable, sources of information to consider my options."

    "Nothing can be truly known before it happens. Even then, it remains obscured. The Patriarch is basing this action upon centuries of observation and leadership. We both know that the Imperium already considers the Tama a threat, albeit a dormant one. The Patriarch is well aware that this mission may very well provoke the Imperium and make it unleash the full might of its forces upon our tribes.
    However, given your Council's refusal to take part in the mission, we are left with few other choices. Erana's Order cannot do this alone without exposing its planets to the zerg and that is one thing they will never do. They need our help."

    "For the sake of our relationship and the sake of all our planets. Exposing our main system to the Imperium at a time like this will force us to return our forces from your system to ours to defend ourselves.
    If you really want us to do it we have to expose you to the zerg and terrans.
    You can leave this stagnation as it is right now or one of us have to expose to one of our enemies. It is your will to choose from. We will act as you choose. And I hope it is a choice for peace."

    "So you would permanently expose your oldest allies' home to the enemy instead of commiting but a fraction of your forces towards helping Erana's Order who, I feel the need to mention, is also your ally? Very well. If this is what you wish, then you shall get it. The Tama will fully abandon your Idum as soon as the Exiled abandon Zaratun."

    "I've never said it would be permanently. Fo course it would be only temporary. We would never think of that lonely fact to reject our allies. Neither I want to leave this triangle. Rather I am willing to join this operation myself to maintain the current situation if I have the opportunity to do so."

    U'lun's eyes flared with surprise.
    "You would aid us?"

    "Only me and solely myself, with my own escort of course. But this would require the continuance in place of all our treaty troops."

    "I shall discuss this with the Patriarch. En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador Kelanin."

    "En Taro Tassadar, Ambassador U'lun."

    The screen darkens and Kelanin realizes what will come to him and a strange feeling of fear and confidence comes over him.
    After leaving the conference room Daelash joins his way to the council.
    "{What happened, Master?}", he asked.

    "{Please prepare my ship and the escort. I have to leave as soon as possible after I talked to the council.}"

    "{It fills me with pain to see you leaving. It reminds me to your past.}"

    "{I won't fail.}" Daelash turns and heads to the escort quarters while Kelanin continues his path to the council.

    With a shattered thunder Kelanin enters the council hall.
    "{Ambassador Kelanin, It fills us with anticipation to see you this soon.}"

    "{Council members. I have to tell you that the Tama Tribe is about to rethink their decision to drawback out of our system.}"

    "{These are great news. I hope you didn't offer a trade to sympathize yourself.}"

    "{I did and I won't regret it. I exchange myself and my escort with the whole Tama Fleet."} The council cuts the mental link to him to discuss his descision.

    "{Maybe you already know that nobody of us will ever endorse it.}"

    "{Sure and I am fully aware of it and each consequences it could have.}"

    "{Great. As soon we will get any answer from the Tama we will inform you immediately. All of us hope that you can come back as soon as possible. Your position is not at the battlefield.}"

    "{Sure, but sometimes even the pacifist has to bear arms to restore peace.}"

    "{We hope your sword will be as sharp as your wisdom, ambassador Kelanin.}"

    "{Council members.}"

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