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Monthly(ish) Triggering Exercise- Beta Key Editon

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    Monthly(ish) Triggering Exercise #8.5

    Upon reading that title, you might think to yourself "What do you mean, exercise 8.5? Good sir, you surely meant exercise 8 or exercise 9, did you not?". And to that I would answer "Nope!". We've recently gotten our hands on some shiny Heart of the Swarm Beta keys- our Data Editors and Terrainers have had the chance to win some keys, but we wouldn't want to leave our triggerers out! Because our current MTE won't be over for quite a while, we're squeezing in this special "Beta Key Edition" of the exercise, which will only last 2 weeks instead of the usual 4.

    The Challenge

    For this beta key edition of the challenge, create something super awesome. That's our main requirement- we want to see the awesome stuff you guys have been working on. Maybe you just finished up your awesome but never-before-seen game engine- show it to us! Maybe you want to create a very helpful library for future mapmakers to utilize- let us see it! If you're out of ideas, check out the past triggering exercises for some examples of creative ideas.

    Requirements & Rewards

    • You must either release the map file or a video to showcase your "awesome thing". If you provide the map file, a video is not required, but is certainly encouraged.
    • Be the actual creator of your "awesome thing"- no stealing other people's work!
    • Post your submission in this thread no later than December 19th. Winning submissions will be selected by the moderation team and announced on the 22nd of December. The winner(s) will receive a Heart of the Swarm Beta Key.

    Good luck to you all!

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    Feel free to Send me a PM if you have any questions/concerns!

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    I hereby put forward Tofu. I win and already have a key ... now what?

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    @zeldarules28: Go

    I would put forward my quest system but it's not done yet. :(

    I am largely inactive, but I am still around. Feel free to poke me if you need some help, just be warned that I only really come back if I need help and/or if I'm posting a new map/library.

    #4 Dec 10, 2012 at 05:08 UTC - 1 like

    I HERE BY !!!!!!! PUT FORWARD MY CHEAT!!!, if you type Dookie, you get 1000 Minerals ITS OP!!!

    my maps will always be Free. and Available to the public at the earliest possible date.

    If you need a tester feel free to ask IShadowWolf.258

    You can also catch me on the IRC most times.

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    My submission: planetarium

    A sun in the middle with planets around them. The planets have moons (smaller planets). I added some pylons to show how you can use any building as a planet.

    Unfortunately, some evil protoss wants to destroy these pylons, so i added some defensive structures and units as well.

    The planetarium is trigger based, but if you want to use the planet units you would have to make a mod that includes the planet-units


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    Planetarium_with_pylon_defence.SC2Map 98.6 KiB a94c262adf45...
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    I have so many neat ideas for submission, but I think I know which one I will use once I get home to record video!

    By the way, I shall now put forth a suggestion for the new MTE moniker:


    Say it out loud for the full effect. Go ahead. Maaahntreeeekssssss

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    My Projects:
    Malum Ruina: SC2Mapster
    Eternal Exile: SC2Mapster
    Spine Crawler Madness: SC2Mapster
    Xeno Crisis: SC2Mapster

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    Here is my entry. Its a simple but challenging mission where one needs to get 10,000 minerals :D

    Name Size MD5
    MTE8.5.SC2Map 2.6 MiB a0f22b09ad31...

    Good day sir!

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    I have created a spawning system (description in map) for submission for the exercise.

    Name Size MD5
    Spawning_system_test_map.SC2Map 21.7 KiB e019462b6462...

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    @Monkalizer: Go

    It's cool and all but aren't planets closer to the host the ones that spin faster?

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    I feel like a noob for aking this(which i am), but how do i post my map here.

    Edit: TY Zelda

    This is a ranndom spawn trigger set, i'm using it in a map i'm making. It allows you to spawn the unit at any region within a list and also customize their team colors while keeping their original owners(or whatever you would like to change for the unit).


    Added an old map of mine to which I inputted my random generation kit and also has a bunch of triggers that are really interesting such as
    1. chat system where chat appears at players unit instead of in chat area
    2. a massive amount of triggers for a computer(not an AI, but a simulated computer) that does stuff.
    3. some other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head.

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    random_generator.SC2Map 112.1 KiB febc14644b2c...
    Symmetry2.SC2Map 1.1 MiB d01d134c6972...

    Still alive and kicking, just busy.
    My guide to the trigger editor (still a work in progress)

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    @willuwontu: Go

    No problem :P You can click the 'add attachment' button below the post edit box when you're about to post something, or you can click the 'attach' button in the top right of a post once you've already posted it.

    #12 Dec 11, 2012 at 07:44 UTC - 1 like

    @Yaksmanofage: Go

    No no. Not in the sc universe, where animals fart their way through space.

    #13 Dec 11, 2012 at 12:26 UTC - 0 likes
    Quote from Monkalizer: Go

    @Yaksmanofage: Go

    No no. Not in the sc universe, where animals fart their way through space.

    Um it's called the Zerg Gastric Drive upgrade, tyvm.

    #14 Dec 11, 2012 at 14:28 UTC - 0 likes

    I made a voting system some time ago, which finds the average vote of all votes cast after a specified amount of time. I do not expect anything but maybe one person finding it usefull, but I thought I'd put it out here :)

    When launching the map, a dialog will be shown for all players, where they can vote. Each vote will increase a global value by a value specific to the vote. For instance voting Very Easy will increase the value by 1, while voting Hard will increase it by 4. After the vote time has passed, the global value will be devided by the amount of people who have voted, and the average will be found. When the average have been found a trigger will determine what difficulty value should be set.

    So if 1 person votes Very Easy (1) and 1 person votes Normal (3) the average will be 2, and the difficulty will be set to Easy (2).

    Right now the only thing happening when voting is to display a Text Message displaying what the final result is, but to set a difficulty you could easily just set an upgrade for a player, or allow/disable a behavior, depending on what difficulty is set.

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    Demtrod_Vote_System.SC2Map 21.5 KiB 850ac4e7bc60...
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    I dare say I am out of time. My quest system will never be finished in 8 days. Even if it is, it won't be presentation ready.

    So I submit my leveling system I made forever ago. Hopefully you'll have some beta keys laying around when my quest system is finished enough for presentation. I feel very good about it. :)

    EDIT: added much more functionality. Will not post this up "officially" as of yet as sort of a treat. May work on this more as the days go on.

    EDIT+: Make sure to re-download. The version number for this latest edit will be .9 when officially updated.

    EDIT+,+: As ANOTHER added treat, here is a encryption/decryption system that is fully customizable (as much as I could think of, anyway). I know, I know, starcode. I don't like it and even if I did it errors out on me.

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    Name Size MD5
    Custom_Leveler_Subedit.SC2Map 244.3 KiB 26e85941ed1b...
    Custom_Leveler_Version_0.8B.SC2Lib 855.3 KiB 3ca74b9c7323...
    Basic_Encryption_System.SC2Lib 80.2 KiB 8d6a0d895609...
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    I am working on one of my maps now and I might be submitting 2 maps. I cant choose between the two and thought that It would be a good idea to post both! They will be up on the 18th Hopefully.

    The First map That I am submitting was a test map that I was using for future maps, What I did is make it so that a bank saves the entire base that you make as the game goes along. It is only half complete.

    Alpha Squad Map is actually a mission that I was messing around with and it turned out pretty good.

    P.S. My computer cant handle Ultra settings so the map looks a little better

    - Austin

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    Name Description Size MD5
    Austin_-_Base_Saving.SC2Map A Test map I made 108.0 KiB 550d0885e4a2...
    Alpha_Squad-Bravo_Needs_Help.SC2Map -Uploaded Picture- 1.4 MiB 09570e7e66e3...
    • Alpha_Squad_-_Bravo_needs_Help.png
      Next Map being Uploaded


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    @ausgray10: Go

    Yes, some data can be changed, as long as the "cool feature" is done in triggers. I understand that sometimes minor things must be changed in data, even if you want to do stuff with 100% triggers.

    #18 Dec 13, 2012 at 21:39 UTC - 0 likes

    My teammates Vailreth and Soulcarverr made this,

    (The hero select)

    #19 Dec 14, 2012 at 04:03 UTC - 1 like

    I already have HotS beta but I wanted to share...
    Ignore the UI as HotS has destroyed mine. lol.

    This first one is for projectiles. It basically allows projectiles (and all units) to interact with the terrain and with basic physics.

    This second one is a "swarm test". If you haven't seen the trailer for the new DayZ movie coming out, I highly suggest you watch that first so it kind of makes sense.

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    Looking for a data editor for a tactical shooter. PM for application.

    #20 Dec 14, 2012 at 17:54 UTC - 1 like

    Not sure whether this fits into the category "awsome thing", as there are many similar mods out there, but ... anyways ... here's my mod Orion:

    Orion is an extensive mod providing great support for creating RPGs, Shooters or anything similar (e. g. a car race). I think the main difference to usual RPG mods is its flexibility: The user of the mod (i. e. the mapper) may configure almost everything. For instance, they can completely change the controls (they can even create own controls), the camera behavior, the UI (Orion provides a predefined RPG UI), and so on. The mod also includes a quest system with quest log (unfortunately I used SC2Layout files for this one ;) ).

    Orion isn't finished yet and I haven't worked on it for some month now (due to little free time). I already presented it in a German forum, including a German tutorial. The trigger stuff is completely based on Galaxy, but I implemented a (hopefully) easy-to-use GUI support. If you want to use the mod, just PM me. It is public on EU servers and should be public in the US too (not sure about that).

    I attached the mod and a sample map to this post. The map needs the mod to work, so if you want to test it, do the following: First download the mod file and save it to "<Starcraft II Directory>/Mods/orion.SC2Mod". Then download the map and enjoy ;)

    The following video shows some features of the mod. It is outdated however, as today Orion offers many more things!

    Edit: Mod and Map are now attached.

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    Name Description Size MD5
    orion.SC2Mod This is the mod. Download this ... 226.3 KiB 601538cb2282...
    orion_sample_local.SC2Map This is the map. It requires ... 1.2 MiB e23347894c47...

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