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Weekly Terraining Exercise #107: Asset Contest - WINNERS!

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    WTE #107: Asset Contest - Winners

    Greetings everyone! After a few days of both real-life exams and careful thinking about your submissions, I've gotten to my verdict. Before I go into the juicy part, let me explain how I rated the submissions. Note that only the top 3 submissions will receive a price in the form of a HOTS beta key.

    For every submission I asked myself three questions;
    1. How many people would be able to use this asset?
    2. How cool does this asset look?
    3. How much of stuff is there in this asset?

    I've given each asset a mark from 1 to 5 for each of these questions. The first question translated to the mark I've dubbed 'Usefulness', the second to 'Quality' and the third to 'Quantity'. After ranking these properties of each asset I added them and divided them by 3 to gain the average mark for the entire submission. For people who turned in multiple submissions (like Dragoneles, who turned in both a set of doodads and a skeleton AoS terrain) I've only counted the best submission. Additionally, I've chosen to count the submissions of Terminator8 and Victiln but penalize both their averages by -1 since their submissions were obviously projects they had been working on for a long time, and not assets developped specifically for this contest. That said, let's start with the honorable mentions and work our way upwards to the #1.

    Honorable mentions

    Three submissions that unfortunately didn't make the top 3 but instead all share a 4th place (all scoring a 3.66/5) are the following:
    4) Deltacadimus' Assorted City Buildings. Though the buildings are quite useful and very pleasant in terms of eye-candy, it's the somewhat low quantity that caused the submission's mark to drop.
    4) Terminator8's WoW Model Library. Though extremely useful, highly detailed and stocked with a ridiculous quantity of models, it's the penalty that kept this submission from winning.
    4) Victiln's Tons of Terrains. Similar to Terminator's submission, it's the penalty that kept Victiln out of the prize zone, even if his terrains were delicious to look at and useful for anyone because of the sheer amount of them he's made.

    The top 3 (prize winners)

    3) The first submission to win a HOTS beta key is SheogorathSC's Modified city buildings and assorted decals. Though the buildings may not be all that beautiful, the decals more than make up for this. Numbers, letters and logo's ranging from the Kel-Morian Combine to the United Earth Directorate all give this mapper a sneak-peek into HOTS.

    1) There is no number 2 because our top two submissions share a first spot, both scoring a 4/5 average. Congratulations to both SGTMeowmers9 and Dragoneles, your respective submissions of Custom Protoss Buildings and Third Person Doodads have earned you both a HOTS beta key. Meowmers' buildings were not only beautifully done, but also useful for anyone who would ever want to create any sort of Protoss base. Dragoneles' third person trees, detailed archs and custom moons were not only original but also extremely good looking and useful to a lot of people.

    Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everybody who participated! Keep in mind the contests aren't over yet and those who know their way around the data and trigger editors can still join those contests in their respective boards...

    P.S. If you are a winner, you will receive your HOTS beta key within several days. All assets can be found here.

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    I don't know if I posted my map. So here it is. Thanks in any case.

    Name Size MD5
    WTE__107_Assets.SC2Map 28.5 KiB 3e1ff11a3e26...

    Any and all SC2 related things put on hold for now.

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    Congratulations guys ;)

    Feel free to Send me a PM if you have any questions/concerns!

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