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Weekly Terraining Exercise #107: Assets (HOTS beta keys inside!)

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Contest/WTE has ended! Stay tuned for the winners!

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    Weekly Terraining Exercise #107

    NOTE: This contest has ended. Look here for the winners!

    Hello again folks!

    This week a new WTE with a bit of a surprise for you. Over the coming weeks we're going to hold a couple of small contests in order to hand out some of the HOTS beta keys we've received. The theme of these contests will be for you folks to produce all sorts of "Assets", in the terraining as well as the data, triggering and UI sections. Today I'm kicking off the first of these contests with this week's WTE. What you need to do before next week is provide us with anything that goes as a terraining asset. Whether this is a custom tileset, a basic lay-out template for a map or a beautiful copy-pastable bit of background scenery is up to you, as long as it's useful for the community. As a reward, the top submissions shall receive HOTS beta keys, courtesy of Sixen.

    Whip up all you've got guys, this should be good!

    Edit: As for a little bit of clarification - you submit your entries simply by posting them here. Add a screenshot or two, and possibly the files involved.

    The Global Information/Idea thread for Terraining Exercises can be found here:

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    Are doodads included? Or at least kitbashed pieces forming a singular, different doodad?

    The Light will blind you. Step away from it!!!

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    @DeltaCadimus: Go

    Sure. Anything that can be used as an asset, really. It could even be a full-blown DOTA-style terrain or such if you so desire. I won't look too much at how many specific uses a submission has when judging it.

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    Good to see you guys finally got them.

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    @Mozared: Go

    Phew. Good. 'Coz making an entirely custom tileset would be a pain in the ass for me, so, sorry gentlemen, but I'll stick with kitbashing for this one.

    Don't expect anything "OMG, it's awesome!" too.

    LEFT TO RIGHT: Administration Building, Watch Tower for border/mining outposts, and a Dominion factory complex of sorts.

    Name Size MD5
    107.Assets.SC2Map 27.1 KiB e41f4d41c299...
    • WTE107Terrain.jpg
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    @DeltaCadimus: Go

    You seem to have a knack for buildings, but I think you can do better. See how much more you can make and if you can make them any more detailed. Liking where you're going :)

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    @Mozared: Go

    Hey I already have beta :P, But i have a great idea that multiple people could use, of course I would go all out on it haha, If I win can i Contest it off again on here :P. I still need a loading screen ahahah.

    Okay I am sick, but from what I gather I think you mean by asset is to build a terrain that can be used by other people for their project. for example, a Tower Defense terrain, or a RPG terrain, or an Arena. Correct?

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    my maps will always be Free. and Available to the public at the earliest possible date.

    If you need a tester feel free to ask IShadowWolf.258

    You can also catch me on the IRC most times.

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    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    Okay I am sick, but from what I gather I think you mean by asset is to build a terrain that can be used by other people for their project. for example, a Tower Defense terrain, or a RPG terrain, or an Arena. Correct?

    That is a type of asset that would be fine, yes.

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    Hmmm a beta key eh?

    Maybe me and a modeler friend will whip up a nice little cloud texture/cliff set. Maybe some rainbows... maybe some unicorns.

    Good day sir!

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    @grenegg: Go

    The cow king is "Mooved".

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    @Mozared: Go

    Doubt so. Unless I'm on my genuine chi or I want a specific building that fits the exact demand, I'm somewhat empty of ideas for buildings. Also, lack of manmade models doesn't help at all. The only other Terran structure I can think of, so far, is a hospital.

    Also, I kind of suck in making Protoss and Zerg kitbashes.

    #12 Dec 04, 2012 at 00:24 UTC - 1 like

    Here, one more building. Tried the Hospital, but it kinda sucked the first try.

    A hotel based on "Tower Heist", "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol", "Ocean's 13"... Liked the movies.

    Well, if you people excuse me, gotta get back to mine map- OOOPS! Almost let it out. Dammit!

    Name Size MD5
    107.AssetsUPD.SC2Map 33.3 KiB a41a1930838a...
    • WTE107Terrain002.jpg
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    Well I was going to make a really awesome Zombie defense camp, but I feel like crap, Soooo theres this, The Facility( let the record show it would still be a badass zombie defense camp :P)

    There are only 6 units, 4 SM, and 2 Perdition. Sorry It just wouldnt look good without them.

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    Name Size MD5
    The_Facility.SC2Map 26.0 KiB 813cbee618ec...
    • Terrain_071.jpg
    • Terrain_072.jpg
    • Terrain_073.jpg
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    Facility 2.0 This is a bit less paste able :P but i added a few things mainly an outer fence.

    Name Size MD5
    The_Facility.SC2Map 29.7 KiB 840ad2878278...
    • Terrain_077.jpg
    • Terrain_078.jpg
    • Terrain_079.jpg
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    Name Size MD5
    WTE_107.SC2Map 28.6 KiB 4d458630c766...
    • Terrain_234.jpg
    • Terrain_235.jpg
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    @Nebuli2: Go

    Hehehe, that's one cutie kitbash you made. Liked it.

    But, uh, in all seriousness... Isn't there a Tanker Truck in the editor already?

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    HAHA :3 DONE

    And someone is already using this asset and modifying it for their project!!!!!!

    Props to Thrikidias.... for creating the barrier.m3 model that I used for a LOS doodad

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    Name Size MD5
    MichaelKnivesAlphaContestEntry.SC2Map 202.4 KiB 26603244f986...
    Space_Platform_Alpha.SC2Map 211.3 KiB d0bb07ce2c18...
    • MichaelsMarineArenaEntryAlpha1.jpg
    • center.jpg
    • b.jpg
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    Hey can we enter mod files with custom abilities.

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    I decided to create an asset: Mega Small Protoss Building. I only created one version, I may include a second, but most Small Protoss Buildings already have larger versions. The reason I created Mega versions are because of the sadness of the THIRD PICTURE }:(.

    Also working on another thing which I'll post tommorow.

    • Terrain_016.jpg
      Game View
    • Terrain_017.jpg
      Side View
    • Terrain_018.jpg
      Unlike the real world, models ...
    • Terrain_020.jpg
      Second Model
    • Terrain_021.jpg
      Well, not really a model, but...

    Any and all SC2 related things put on hold for now.

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    In the tradition of secret paths, the secret path is not appreciable unless one walks it in-game.

    included are: Cabin (Futuristic Hut): "The Solar House," Secret Path, and Waterfall (from Development of my Water World)

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    • secret_path.png
    • Waterfall.png
      water world development
    • Cabin.png
    • Cabin2.png

    Currently working on data assets; custom abilities.