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[M] (2) Clearwater

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    I'm too lazy to re-post the entire thread, so i'll just link it.... here you go! It's a beach map :)

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    @IronManSC: Go

    A mod with 18 posts?! (;


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    Quote from Neonsz: Go

    @IronManSC: Go

    A mod with 18 posts?! (;

    My mapping experience has made me a moderator, I just don't post a lot, but I pay attention :)

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    Quote from IronManSC: Go

    @Neonsz: Go

    My mapping experience has made me a moderator I bribed Sixen with cookies and pizza. I just don't post a lot, but I pay attention :)

    FTFY =P

    Anyway, you should fix your link; it goes to the TL melee section, not directly to your thread.

    That said, it looks pretty awesome. What this map needs is some coral reef, though. I'll refer you here, around the 6 min mark, for more detail on that. Aside from that, here's a simple list of stuff I like or dislike about your map:

    -Overall feeling, lighting and setting. Feels good, feels tropical, overal pretty to look at and play on.
    -Overall playability. Looks like a really solid and decently balanced map. Great balance between open areas and closed off areas and the natural's destructable rocks compliment that in an excellent way.
    -The map isn't filled with jungle, but there's enough trees to not make it seem overkill while still making it not feel empty.
    -Nice unique use of dooads. Pretty statues on the XN Towers' plateaus, cool play with temple walls in the same area, beautiful centre area and pretty temple 'pillars' next to them (the things on the bottom left of your last screenshot under 'eyecandy').
    -The pink glow at the sides of the map. No idea where it's coming from or what it means, but it suits the map and I like it.
    -Texture play in the mains; you did a great job on seperating the sand from the tiles, and it looks pretty cool.
    -The destructable rocks to open up more space in thos middle areas of the map. They add a great and original sense of playability to the map.

    -Pathing near the very edge of the map seems unclear. If I'd be, for example, banshee harassing a Protoss player near one of those beach expos, I'd have no idea exactly how far his Stalkers could come to the edge of the 'beach' and thus wouldn't have reliable information on how to position my banshee. Not to mention that small path from one beach base to another.
    -Some of your texture play. It's obvious you've put some effort into all textured areas of the map, but I think you can throw some Bel'shir Brush in there to make the whole thing look a lot more spectacular.
    -Those original statues on your XN Towers' plateaus; I don't like that the rock textures goes outside of the line of Temple Bricks that you put down. Once again; think this'd look better with some limited textures.

    Overall, if I'd had to rate your map, I'd give it a 9 for playability and about an 8.5 for looks, bringing you down to a 8.8 overall. Definitely one of the better melee maps maps I've seen: good job!

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    Guess I didn't make clear that I really like the map as well! (;

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    lol how can they confirm that? yu could be lieing and youve only been signed up for like 11 hours lol Btw IronManSC I like the map :) looks nice It has a nice tropical feel and the textures are very nicely melded toghther. Good Job!

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    Sixen talked to me and wanted to put the melee map forums in the hands of someone who understands it more, so he asked me since I have experience with it. No bribing involved :) Expect changes soon on this map!

    Also, here is the correct map thread:

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    I am pretty sure IronManSC's submission for the recent TL map contest, Ohana, took 2nd place out of what seems to be hundreds of maps.

    Glad to have you here as a Mod for the melee Subforum :D

    As for this map, i can tell that the overall appearance is based on Ohana :) and it is very beautiful.

    Gameplay-wise: I would say that the map provides several options for a player's third. Love how the natural is easy to get to, but a destructible rock can be destroyed to create an opening. Challenging.

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    Very beautiful map with a tropical feel. I'd add some detail to the water though. Like plants or corals.

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