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"Bloodsplosion" Style Ability? >>
by Coffee_HotS
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How to give a structure the “burn down” animations >>
by darthuser3220
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How do I make a prayer of mending type ability? I have done some basic stuff but I need help. >>
by keevinba
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How to make several workers construct the same building faster? >>
by Kabelkorven
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How do I change this picture of the unit? >>
by keevinba
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Need to make more then 128 entries in upgrade >>
by onlyleviathan
3 149
Is it possible to show the amount of stacks and the duration for a behavior? >>
by Demtrod
5 610
Modify Unit - Effect and Modification >>
by zeroLamberg
2 38
How to lower te height of a unit so it appears to be under ground? >>
by Kabelkorven
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How to make the Virophage turn towards its target when casting a spell? >>
by Kabelkorven
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Retain Experience after morph. >>
by Snuffy421
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How to make a Dropship create Marines in its cargo? >>
by Kabelkorven
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[Solved] Modifications to Chrono Boost ability has no affect in-game >>
by masterlink950
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[SOLVED] How to add Splash Damage to Thor? >>
by SergiuHellDragon
2 64
[SOLVED] How to Add More than 2 Broodlings to the Brood Lord? >>
by SergiuHellDragon
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