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New Lurker(burrowed) - adding new unit issue

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    #1 Nov 02, 2013 at 02:30 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello all. After using search, I did not come across the specific issue that I'm having right now. And I watched videos and tutorials on making a new unit, but none of them had the new unit based off of abilities when a unit is burrowed, like infestor spells ect.

    I understand the basics of adding a new unit, and having that new unit based off of an existing unit. But with the Lurker I have run into an issue that others don't seem to be running into. I want create a new lurker unit for a melee map, but also keep the original Lurker stats for comparison.

    Galaxy Editor for HOTS

    In the Data editor, under units,

    • If I add a new unit, called Lurker_AV, based off of the original Lurker (Swarm, Multi) in the editor, with all the right settings, it works fine.

    • Then create an Actor called LurkerAVActor, based off of Lurker MP in the editor. Then go to the Actor LurkerAVActor and connect it to the Unit Lurker_AV
      done, everything worked fine.

    • However, I want to customize its attack, damage, cooldown etc. The lurker's attack only exists when its burrowed, and so I need to make a new unit for when the lurker is burrowed.

    • When I add new unit, and have it based off of Lurker (Swarm Multi, Burrowed) All the original lurker units and lurker names in the entire editor turn to Lurker_AV and I have no clue on how to fix that. Remember I want the original Lurker to still exist and have new ones with different stats.

      The original HOTS Lurker in the editor, called Lurker(Swarm Multi) and Lurker(Swarm Multi, Burrowed) share the same Actor Lurker MP which I don't understand how this is possible since the Actor Lurker MP shows that its only connected to Lurker (Swarm Multi). Creating a new unit based off of Lurker(Swarm Multi, Burrowed) bugs out everything in the editor and replaces all the names with the new name that you used for your new unit, including Lurker cocoon/egg, etc.

      I need help, I don't know what I'm missing exactly or what I'm doing wrong.
    • please note that the original Lurker Actor Lurker MP has its Parent set to Generic Burrower Standard so when I made a new actor, I set its parent to this setting,
    #2 Nov 02, 2013 at 20:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Did you make a new morph ability and set that to your custom units?

    #3 Nov 03, 2013 at 03:20 UTC - 0 likes

    Thank you for replying.

    No I did not. But I can't find the files for the HOTS Lurker morph either. The SC2 HOTS multiplayer Lurker is giving me a headache. I am quickly realizing there are a lot more complicated things going on.
    Like the Lurker Cacoon has an ability, under ability tab, Lurker Aspect MP that somehow connects Lurker(Swarm Multi), and Lurker Cacoon together and the Hydralisk. But my attempts to do that when making my own abiltiy failed. Also Lurker(Swarm Multi) has Lurker(Swarm Multi, Burrowed) attached,

    However Lurker(Swarm Multi, Burrowed) has an ability, under ability tab called Lurker Burrowed Dwn that is attached to Lurker(Swarm Multi). I don't know how to do all this lol

    At this point I am realizing I don't have the experience to make a new lurker unit. And really have no clue on all the steps necessary to make one. I just wanted to tweak the stats like attack, supply, cooldown, morph time, etc. and test it in a melee map with other custom units.

    #4 Nov 03, 2013 at 19:14 UTC - 0 likes

    It is the dummy unit created while the unit is morphing into a lurker. It is the cocoon unit you can kill before morph completes.

    Well the lurker attack animations are complex. Still it is often easier to start from scratch than dupe. Else copy individual components at a time.

    You need two units (one normal and one burrowed), the associated Unit type actors, a weapon for the burrowed on and associated Model and Action type actors, Morph abilities to go between the two, the attack and move abilities for the obvious and that is about it for the basics.

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