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WDE #25 - Showcase and Beta Keys... what?

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Times up

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    @Taintedwisp: Go

    Meh. At least mine is still the highest quality one lol.

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    @Nebuli2: Go

    lmao i was looking at SC2 gifs on google images and found this and liked it

    EDIT: Ok i got dibs on immortal now, Immortal Avatar™ lol

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    @abvdzh: Go

    In your random things map the Mhiari's plasma balls are not destroyed if there active when the unit is killed. Just need to add an event for the plasma balls for when the mihari dies that those are destroyed. Other then that those spells are really really nice.

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    Did ZHRPG not have an overload ability for the immortal shields doing damage based on the remaining shield cap?

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    Quote from DrSuperEvil: Go

    Did ZHRPG not have an overload ability for the immortal shields doing damage based on the remaining shield cap?

    Whats ZHRPG? lol. I was working on my map (secret) and came up with it, used the hardened sheild actor then psi storm

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    @Cybrok: Go

    Zerg Hunter RPG it is a project that got to the second map before being shelved. Was quite nicely done.

    On the plus side, it is now open source.

    The immortal based hero called sphinx had an ability that drained all shields and then did damage based on the shield amount consumed and leveled skills.

    #27 Dec 13, 2012 at 03:18 UTC - 1 like

    @Cybrok: Go

    Your Fel Burst was originally a skill created by me (sorry I forgot the information for my old account). I called it Energy Absolution. Please remove that skill from your list of entries. Thank you.


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    XD facepalm

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    Just a reminder there are 5 days left to go before this WDE rounds up

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    @iATEM4P5: Go

    I perfected your ability :P

    Also this is my entry


    Some abilities were from tutorials


    Sorry dont wanna post the map.

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    @Taintedwisp: Go

    Nice background jibes to the movies but those dont count. Your abilities are heavy on the visuals but low on originality. Your final one was just scraping the barrel with a rainbow archon with a slowed attack effect.

    Having two spwaned units reduce damage is cool with loss of protection on death but it has been done so many times. I will not even get to the periodic searches of increasing area.

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    @DrSuperEvil: Go

    Edit: Uncalled for no point, but regardless, be a bit more polite next time...

    First off, I was showcasing the heroes as a whole, not one ability, yeah those crazy ass abilities are cool, but they are not practical, and would not work in an actual game. - also the terrain is for my project evofrenzy :P

    Second Off, I specialize mostly in Actors, so yes my abilities will look good.... thanks for that compliment

    third, The Rainbow Archon was more of a joke Otherwise I would have done more with it.... Didnt have to just talk shit about it :P

    And Last, King zhakuls looks as attachments are part of the submission.

    Oh and the final little cherry on the top, I already have a beta key, I only submitted these so if they do win I can give it to my data editor who doesnt have one.

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    Just giving a down to earth critique. If you want to improve on those areas it is up to you.

    Try and find a muse.

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    @DrSuperEvil: Go

    Just re-read what you had posted.... Slowed attack effect? the rainbow archon doesnt have that... :P. He has a Rainbow Psi Storm haahah. like I said he was more of a joke, and way to not comment on the Music too, you should feel ashamed of yourself... thats classic Starcraft 1 BW music there...

    #35 Dec 13, 2012 at 22:44 UTC - 0 likes

    @Taintedwisp: Go

    For the sake of arguement we are talking data, not doing the funky zergling. No matter how good the music is we cannot let it influence the evaluation of the piece presented.

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    @DrSuperEvil: Go Edit: My above post the one about the music was a joke... but since you insist on arguing and taking this contest way too seriously:

    Music is Decided through the data editor, therefore it is part of the data. AS well as the actor attachments, and retexturing, and (in my particular case, and others) the use of certain skybox with certain other ground textures(Not their placement though), are all Data driven things Therefore they are data.

    If I wanted to i could make it so that each time a unit attacks it plays a sound and then create an actual musical out of it, that would still be data driven. :P.

    and sense the theme of this one is "what have you been working on " then there you go, thats what I have been working on (with help from my teammates, and advice from others)

    It does count... i'm sorry, the fact that you posted and then said it didnt count shows that you are scared it will beat yours if your that worried about your own creations then please go upgrade yours, these are my final ones :P. Though i may make a new Rainbow Archon as a serious entry.

    and for the last time, my entry is presented as a whole, not part.

    Ambiance is also data.

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    #37 Dec 14, 2012 at 00:10 UTC - 1 like

    @Taintedwisp: Go

    Ah, the rules for the data competition are different from the Trigger competition. I only called out Cy since I thought the skills had to be original work. Guess that doesn't apply here. So then I guess, Tainted & Cy would tie if they both won off the skill.

    Regardless, it's not THAT amazing of a skill... I'm sure in 5 days you could both pull something out way better. Tainted, all the ones you showed were from forever ago, I know you've had new ideas since then.

    Cmon' peeps, I came in here hoping to see amazing assets. The data community used to be super poppin'

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    @iATEM4P5: Go

    mine isnt about that skill :P that skill is my heroes ultimate, but thats all :P. Mine is the hero in his full. Though I really like your ability, this was my submission. I will admit the skill is really cool though, and actually your username is on a long list of people to thank.

    yeah cybroks was yours:P mine was changed quite a bit, and i think 1 more from king zhakul is from a tutorial, :P if i really wanted to I could show sooo many more. but those arent completed yet

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    Here's my entry, the companion to the QoB, the Zerg King. His main point is that he becomes more powerful when special swarm units are inside of him, raising several stats as well as granting the use of abilities. He has 3 abilities, Soul Drain, Ling Blast and Zerg World.

    Soul Drain: The ZK begins absorbing life from a target biological unit, absorbing 1 life per second. Also, up to 3 units can be drained from at once and while draining, the ZK cannot attack. You can target a unit that is being drained with Stop Soul Drain in order to stop the drain. The ZK requires 1 swarm unit inside him in order to drain a target, requiring 3 to drain 3 targets and the ability automatically drops targets if swarm units leave.

    Ling Blast: The ZK fires an egg full of zerglings at a target, which spawns 2-6 zerglings on impact as well as doing splash damage to surrounding enemy units. The ZK requires 4 swarm units inside him.

    Zerg World: The ZK begins a channel that causes nearby biological units to join his side, with zerg units switching immeadiatly and all other bio units having a chance to resist. After 10 secondes, creep begins to spread around the ZK and also zerglings begin to spawn. Swarm units that venture near to the ZK can carry the Zerg World effect, mind-controlling and spawning zerglings as well. The ZK requires 5 swarm units inside him and Zerg World is cancelled if the amount of swarm units drop to less than 5.

    The Zerg King also has a powerful Acid Cannon attack, which deals splash damage on impact, knocking away enemy units and also melting their armor and blinds them.

    The map includes a set of neutral marines, hydralisks and medivacs in the bottom right corner, and a group of enemy zerglings and hydralisks in the top right corner.

    Thanks to ZeldaRules28 for the video, although I would still suggest checking out the map.

    We've recorded a video for Spoolofwhool's deadly Zerg King. Check it out below if you're not up to downloading the map yourself!

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    @Spoolofwhool: Go

    Sounds awesome. Hope theres a video made i would really like to see it.