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Rotating decals not working ingame

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    I thought, it would be cool to place some rotating decals on the ground. So I started creating them, and they worked right away in the editor. However, when I started the map, they didn't rotate ingame anymore.

    I added an example map; you can clearly see the decals rotating in the editor, but once you start the map, they just stop doing so.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Your marines are rotating. Any specific reason you are using Doodad and not Model actors? I find Doodad actors behave like a Unit actor in that there can only be one.

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    I use a doodad, because the decals are/should be doodads. It works the same with model actors, though.

    I experimented a little further, and it seems, that decal models seem to have some hard-coded properties to them; once set, they cannot be changed. Using actor cheats, I attached a decal to a unit at runtime; it got created properly at the correct attachment point (as far as I could tell, since decals are always projected to the ground). However, once it was created, it did not move any further. Setting its rotation, position or scale did not work. However setting tint color or texture worked flawlessly. Also I could do a model swap, which then showed up at the correct attachment point and was attached properly, and responded to the actor messages. Another model swap back to the decal created a new decal visual at the updated position of the actor.

    So its not the actor having the issue, its just the model behaving strange. Also, for the model objects I used duplicates of each other (same XML data besides the model path), so its the model file causing the issue.

    So this leads to a somewhat working solution: Rotate an actor and make this actor create new decals periodically (or periodically swap models); works and looks okay for slow rotation speeds. However, I would prefer a different solution.

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    Dunno, will it help you, or not, I just crudely rotate a unit (by trigger) with 2d model attached, so it is rotating in game, but the same model used as unit's natural model doesn't.

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    Interesting. For doodad, model or unit type actors, it doesn't seem to work. But the splat type actor you used seems to support ingame rotation of the decal model.

    Now I am curious, if it is just caused by some setting, or if the base actor type is the reason.

    € doesn't seem to be a setting... and unfortunately, splats suffer from some other issues, like not supporting ModelSwap or TextureSelectByID messages, which makes them not particularly useful for my desired application

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    I find a Model type actor that has a model that follows the terrain is best.

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    Quote from DrSuperEvil: Go

    I find a Model type actor that has a model that follows the terrain is best.

    I agree, but I didn't get it to work for a model actor... could you elaborate or provide an example map?

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    It might have something to do with your video settings in-game.

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    @Kueken531: Go

    Sorry, not before the 1st of May.

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