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Weekly Data Exercise #6 - The Ubers

    #1 Dec 23, 2010 at 20:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Weekly Data Exercise

    First of all for those of you who celebrate it, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, if your travelling please so so safely!

    This weeks will be 2 - 3 weeks long so I'm going to just make one mega post with the challanges as well. If you havn't had time to do the previous exercises why not give them a go too!

    Weekly Data Exercise #6

    Everyone has seen the Uberlisk blizzard made, and the rainbow archon, so we are going to make units just like that, make them incredibly over powered with awesome attacks. You can do what ever you please, just think that the final result must be Uber!


    Challenge 1

    Challenge one will be to make a unit that when it comes in range of enemies, several(8-12) lasers emitting from the unit itself sping around the unit and one shot anything they touch. Think like a spinning top. so they are attatched to the unit but spin around.

    Challenge 2

    A marine that when it kills a unit another marine is spawned from the dead unit and runs towards the first marine, when those two marines comer close enough together they combine to create a stronger marine, this makes the marine larger, deal more damage. Should stack indefinetly if possible

    Challenge 3

    Some of you may have seen the tower of seige towers stacked upon each other. But I don't think it was done properly This stack of seige towers only the bottom seige tank shot. Recreate it but with all 5 tanks shooting! (the seige tanks get smaller as they get to the top).

    Challenge 4

    Unbeatable Photon Cannon, rather than the cannon just shooting one missile that hits one target, see if you can get the missile to bounce of each unit infinetly killing anything within range.

    Challenge 5

    Infestor that uses its mind control move as an attack but every unit it attacks it transforms the unit it attacks into an infested marine, to fight for the infestor

    Challenge 6

    High templar with a psi storm that starts at the casted unit(does not affect allies) but storms continue to be cast in several random directions continously.

    Challenge 7

    A marauder that when its missile impacts actually has a nuke effect rather than its normal small explosion of splash.

    Challenge 8

    A collosus with more beams firing from the unit that continously surround the colossus that will chase any nearby units.

    Challenge 9

    A stalker that recreates itself in small distances around a unit ( thing about a mass of stalkers surrounding a unit in a circle), so would start with 1 stalker then 2 would appear either side of that stalker and 1 more on each to those stalkers untill they met together on the other side.

    And i'm sure you guys will come up with several more ideas, going to leave this WDE up for a while over the christmas new year period. Look forward to seeing some ridciously over powered units

    Have an Idea for the WDE, post it here!

    Why not turn your results into an asset for others to use!

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    Challenges go! I want to fulfill some of them!

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    @Lilianna: Go

    OMG sweet. LOL! I just happened to do something pretty damn Uber today.

    Background "Story": A Top Secret Viking of massive proportions codenamed "Frigg" [ Haha see what I did there... Odin... Frigg... get it.... no???? :'( ] was being developed at an undisclosed location when the Zerg invaded the planet said base was located on. The Zerg overran the planet, and Kerrigan, realizing the power and uses this could have, decided to have it infested. This is the Hulking Horror released upon the Starcraft Universe.

    The Ubers post in General Chat:

    EDIT: What the hell? 11 hours? LOL... I guess this thread got buried damn fast because I did not see it at all today... it finally got stickied and I saw it and went "perfect timing!" and then after posting... noticed '11 hours ago' lol... ah well.

    EDIT 2: WHOA WHOA WHOA!! Who made the Uberlisk??? Blizzard??? I think not... tsk tsk tsk!!! It was ProzaicMuze that made the Uberlisk... and Blizzard answered with a Rainbow Archon. Yeah... =D

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    @BorgDragon: Go

    I thought the uberlisk was presented at a blizzcon event and proziac muze created a tutorial to remake it? I may be mistaken

    sorry for not having challanges up, will do so on boxing day!

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    @nevjmac: Go

    Really?? Hmm, I dunno, I always thought ProzaicMuze was the one who did it 100%. Now I may be mistaken, LOL.

    By the way, is that "Uber" enough for you? I think it fits the bill, at least in the "look" department. Depending on the challenge, I might make it like, Morph or something... Oh god, lol.

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    Does my Overseer from WDE #2 (the one that shoot Spore Crawler fire to all enemies in 7 range and one shot enemy buildings, remember?) fit into the UBERS? I'll make a new UBER anyway though. You know I love UBERS, don't you? (Actually partly due to my habbit of making anything OP unintentionally)

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    @ftbhrygvn: Go

    I think everyone loves Ubers, lol. They're just so fun to make, trying to 1-up every other uber in one department or the other. I went for Look... I just think my Hulking Horror is just... amazing looking. I knew it looked awesome when I FINALLY got the 'MorphZergSpire' to "freeze" it's animation at the right time (Left Auto Cannon, those "toothed-appendages") and suddenly it just looked.... ridiculously cool, in my opinion, haha.

    PS: Thor's SUCK to work with... originally I had the Collector's Edition Thor as the base model, but it's got very craptacular attachment points, found the Merc Viking had ALOT of attachment points that are actually connected and move WITH the animation.

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    The Uberlisk was originally from Blizzard, it was a preview of things the Map Editor could do the Blizzcon the year before the game went to beta. They also demoed the Lost vikings mini game and a 3rd person shooter type map at the same Blizzcon in the same panel.

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    @Lilianna: Go

    Ahh I see. Good to know, thx for the input!

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    @BorgDragon: Go

    Haha that unit does look awesome, nice work of attatchements. I plan to do attatchments as an exercise some time in the future :)

    Also challenges are up in the first post!

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    @nevjmac: Go

    I can tell you right now that I am going to combine Challenge 1(partial) and Challenge 8.... OMG!

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    Don't quite understand 6 & 8

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    @ftbhrygvn: Go

    I see #6 as like, a High Templar has a Behavior that casts Psi Storms continuously, random period, random offset.

    I see #8 as like, the beams are always active and move around and hunt down nearby units.

    I've already got most of #8 done, I just can't get the beam to create from the colo to the 'target point'. I've gotten target point to 'colossus middle' and it doesn't follow...

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    @BorgDragon: Go

    Challenge 6 too me sounds like it was inspired by the storms created by the eventual Dark Templar before their banishment; when Adun was still tutoring them in secret. A great Psi Strom was set loose and just kept going on its own, obliterating many lives O.o; I had an Idea for this using Normal High Templars. If Multiple High Templar casted (3 or more) Storm over the top of one another (or at least within AoE range of the other storms) they would become a roaming wave of Psionic destruction that persisted for a period of time like the challenge describes. An actual, Psi Storm.

    Challenge 8, unless greatly exaggerated by whom ever accomplishes this, doesn't sound all THAT uber. This challenge sounds like one is basically recreating the old Collosi weapon, where it DID continuously fire its beam and it continuously searched targets. All I see this challenge being is basically the replacement but not so cool version of the UBERCRUISER, which was made back in Beta. NEED MOAR LAZORZ!

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    @Pimpmunkeh: Go

    i saw challenge 8 as a Collosi shooting its laser once basically then its like chain lighting it bounces but then it might not be because challenge 4 is like that tho but thats how i saw it.

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    Its nice to see that I have left some of them vauge enough to allow you to come up with different ideas, when I described them I had an image of what they would all look like but I can understand how everyone has their different views, and honestly none of you are wrong.

    Create the challenge how you interpret it and make it uber :P

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    @nevjmac: Go

    ugh im having problems with challenge 2 and its really confusing me i have no idea whats going wrong

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    Very nice BorgDragon, that Uber looks amazing. I'm an attachment lover, myself :). I think they have the most potential for neat effects.

    If your Colossi beams aren't working, it's because copying the Colossus' beams attack actors always results in a bug. You must alter the existing actors or create your own from scratch. Don't ask me why, but I ran into this problem a long time ago. Searching these forums comes up with alot of people with that same problem. It's the same as trying to copy the medic beam IIRC.

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    @wingednosering: Go

    The only problem I am having with the beam is having the Beams connect from the Colossus' head to a unit, PERMANENTLY, so that it would follow that unit.

    I do not ever duplicate crap, I havent duplicated anything since like november. Always some odd little 'bugs' happen when I do, so I've learned to make from scratch.

    My great idea is this... I gave the Colossus the Carrier - Hanger Ability, and I made 12 interceptors "external" of the colossus. I made the Interceptors "invisible" and no radius on minimap. I got it working fine, and they move... hangar's are real easy to do. Anyways, the problem I am having is having the "beam" connect from the Colossus' Head attachment to the Interceptors.

    Actor, Beam(Simple), Beam Simple Animation Style Continuous.

    Events +

    • UnitBirth.Interceptor
      • Create
    • UnitDeath.Interceptor
      • Destroy
    • if 'unitbirth/death' = colossus, nothing shows up. Even when I had my 2 closest working "looks"(read below). For some reason it HAS to be Interceptor birth.
    • Host Impact +
    • Host Impact Site Ops +
    • Host Launch +
    • Host Launch Site Ops +

    Impact/Launch +: one is Colossus, the other is Interceptor.
    Impact Site Ops/Launch Site Ops +: set to SOpAttachHead or SOpAttachCenter, switch them around depending on whatever.

    I've tried just using _Selectable/_Unit, Scope Target/Source/Caster, nothing seems to work. The closest I got it to working, was, there was a beam connected to the ground, under the colossus, and went to each interceptor. But the center point never moved with the colossus. Second best, there's the beam AT the interceptor but not connected.

    Nothing I do seems to make it work... why are beams so RETARDED? SIMPLE? LOL bull. *sigh*

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    i can not find out why two marines spawn the behavior stack is one and the unit create is one sc2 help

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