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Weekly Data Exercise #1 - Sticky Bombs!

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    #1 Nov 11, 2010 at 23:11 UTC - 0 likes

    Weekly Data Exercise

    The admins have given me permission to give this a try to see how it pans out. Much like the weekly terraining exercise, each week I am going to post an idea, this may be an ability or a custom weapon, basically anything to do with the Data Editor.

    All you have to do is try to recreate the idea in the data editor and post your map and a video if you can, and a short paragraph on how came to your final result. This is so we can see what you did to acheive your result and learn a thing or two.

    The data editor seems to be the hardest learning curve in the editor and so by running these exercises I hope that the new people to the data editor can learn a thing or two and the more experienced can help guide in the right direction or even learn something themselves.

    The Result hopefully will be seeing a few more maps on bnet with some better abilities rather than just using the standard Starcraft ones.

    Weekly Data Exercise #1

    This week we are going to recreate a simply Ability "Sticky Bombs". Now for those that don't know what a sticky bomb is, basically its a type of grenade with a adhesive outside that would usually be used to stick to tanks and after 5 seconds would explode.


    • This ability can only be cast on mechanical units, meaning it cannot be targetted on biological units.
    • It will have an area of effect explosion, which can hurt any units in the surrounding area including the caster.
    • This Grenade can be launchable, so you can give it a 5 yard cast range.
    • It must have a delay before exploding and causing damage.

    I think the marauder is a suitable unit to be attatching this ability to. Any Questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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    I encourage the notion to create exercises ... but this ability sounds like it coudl be done in several ways, although the results will be nearly the same.. so what's the point?

    An exercise sounds to me like a tutorial lacking the means of the exercise. This looks more like a challenge of some sorts

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    Quote from MeltAge: Go

    I encourage the notion to create exercises ... but this ability sounds like it coudl be done in several ways, although the results will be nearly the same.. so what's the point?

    Well thats exactly the point, to see how different people would construct this ability to get new ideas about the data editor out there, the final result would all be similar but we would be seeing some new model effects and ideas on how to make this work

    Quote from MeltAge: Go

    An exercise sounds to me like a tutorial lacking the means of the exercise. This looks more like a challenge of some sorts

    If you have some ideas by all means post them in the other sticky and they will be considered for next weeks WDE, they will also be a bit more area for originality, not as many restrictions

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    Note that SCV is BOTH Mech and Bio. My abil can target SCVs.

    Map attached, vid here:

    First of all, I am not a very good editor. Bunch of ppl here can do much better than me. I'm just taking this exercise as a challenge.

    Time taken: 1hr

    The following list follow roughly chronological order in which they happen when the ability is used. So you will find Objects specified in one field appear later in the list.
    If you feel confused, summary is after the list.

    Ability - Sticky Bomb (Effect - Target)
    -1st row, Default Button: Sticky Bomb (D8Charge(Unnamed) if you don't want to create new button)
    Target Filters: Required: Ground, Mechanical, Visible; Excluded: Dead, Invulnerable, Missile, Stasis
    Effect: Sticky Bomb (Missile)
    Range: (5)

    Effect - Sticky Bomb (Missile) (Duplicated Reaper - D-8 Charge (Launch Missile), the one from Liberty:SC2Mod)
    Impact Effect: Sticky Bomb (Behaviour)
    Launch Location: Caster Unit (Not sure this make a difference though)

    Effect - Sticky Bomb (Behaviour) (Apply Behaviour)
    Behaviour: Sticky Bomb

    Behaviour - Sticky Bomb (Buff)
    Alignment: Negative
    Expire Effect: D-8 Cluster Bomb Explode Damage
    Duration: 3
    Display Countdown: Self, Ally, Neutral, Enemy
    Icon: Assets\Textures\
    Tooltip: Sticked on

    Actor - Sticky Bomb (Duplicated IrradiateEffect(Unnamed))
    Model: Sticky Bomb (Attach)
    -Behaviour.StickyBomb.On: Create
    -Behaviour.StickyBomb.Off: Destroy
    -ActorCreation: AnimPlay Stand Stand PlayForever -1 -1 2.7 AsDuration
    -ActorOrphan: Destroy (Unedited)
    Host Site Operations:
    -Operations: SOpAttachOverhead

    Actor - Sticky Bomb (Sounds) (Duplicated ReaperD8Attack(Unnamed))
    Impact Effect: Sticky Bomb (Behaviour)
    Launch Effect: Sticky Bomb (Missile)
    (I believe editing the above 2 tokens will fix all field not taken care about below)
    Missile: ReaperD8AttackMissile
    Model: Sticky Bomb (Attach)
    Impact Map:
    -Index: None
    -Art-Model: (None)
    -Sound: Reaper_D8ChargeAttackImpact

    Model - Sticky Bomb (Attach) (Duplicated D-8 Charge)
    Scale Maximum: (1.2,1.2,1.2)
    Scale Minimum: (1.2,1.2,1.2)

    Effect - D-8 Cluster Bomb Explode Damage (Edit)
    Amount: 100 (Arbitary, I set to 100 to show splash effect in vid)
    -Radius: 3

    Model - D8 Cluster Bomb Attack Launch (Edit)
    Scale Maximum: (5,5,5)
    Scale Minimum: (5,5,5)

    The following are kinda optional......

    Button - Sticky Bomb (Duplicated D8Charge(Unnamed))
    Tooltip: Throw Sticky Bomb.

    Actor - Sticky Bomb Range (Duplicated G4ChargeRange(Unnamed))
    Ability: Sticky Bomb

    Actor - Sticky Bomb Splash Range (Range, Based on Range Behaviour)
    Range: 3
    -Behaviour.StickyBomb.On: Create
    -Behaviour.StickyBomb.Off: Destroy
    -ActorOrphan: Destroy (Unedited)

    This ability used existing data for G-4 Cluster Bomb of Reaper and Irradiate.
    The ability Sticky Bomb uses Sticky Bomb (Missile) launch missile effect from G-4. The missile applies a behaviour (buff) Sticky Bomb to the target and Sticky Bomb actor, copied from Irradiate since it has a "follow" effect, attaches the Sticky Bomb (Attach) model to the target, while Sticky Bomb (Sounds) add sounds properly. After the 3-second delay expired, D-8 Cluster Bomb Explode Damage is used to deal splash damage, and D8 Cluster Bomb Attack Launch create explode visual effect.

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    @ftbhrygvn: Go

    My entry, also attached my Map.

    Originally, I roughly followed the Reaper G4/D8/Cluster Bomb whatever skill from the campaign. Problems arose where I could NOT get the unit (my grenade) spawned, but could not get it to attach. Everything else worked fine.

    Then, with a nudge in the right direction thanks to Dryeyece on IRC, I went with a ModelAddition actor and Buff, and linked up it's Events as :

    • Behavior.GrenadeTimer.On
      • Create
    • ActorCreation
      • SetTint
    • Behavior.GrenadeTimer.On
      • AnimPlay Attach Stand PlayForever
    • Behavior.GrenadeTimer.Off
      • AnimPlay BirdlimeDeath Death
    • AnimDone
      • AnimName BirdlimeDeath
      • Destroy

    Oh, and my Site Operations Host was SOpAttachHead

    I _HAD_ to use AnimPlay Stand PlayForever, because it was the only way I could get my "sticky" to show up. I had been previously using PodMissile as my grenade, but I wanted it too glow and whatnot. Just changing the model made it disappear, so figuring out that PlayForever was crucial, and I figured that one out on my own.

    My ability HAD been called Birdlime Grenade, because that's what they had used in some ACTUAL Sticky Grenades during WW2. Eventually just renamed to Sticky Grenade.

    You will notice in my map I added "NO LONGER USED -" as a suffix to artifact effects/units/actors, used in my original attempt.

    ... of course I forgot to add bio units in my vid, haha.

    EDIT: I learned ALOT doing this WDE. I might actually be able to finish my Uber Infestor at this rate! I'll certainly be participating in EVERY WDE, unlike the WTE unfortunately where I attempt and then give up if I don't like where it's going, lol. The Data Editor is my fave to play in.

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    @ftbhrygvn: Go

    Thats very well done, I like how you have added a timer to the unit so you can tell when its going off. and thank you for posting all your information from the data editor :) makes it easier to try and reconstruct! The final effect is a very modern looking sticky Bomb. Nice work!

    One suggestion the sound effect that plays and the exlposion seem to be a bit off, you could reduce the time of the delay just a little bit so it works with the sound effect you have.

    @BorgDragon: Go

    Great news to hear you will be participating :) and its even better to know that you learnt a thing or two, that is the plan with this exercise!

    As for your Birdlime Grenade, Looks great! I love you have given it a starcraft feel, and it has an electric looking explosion. The visual effect of the bomb sticking overhead is a nice touch so that with a bit of micro you may be able to save some units!

    You both followed the same restrictions and came out with different methods and results, This is exactly what I had been hoping for with running this exercise! Stay Tuned for next weeks on Thurs/Fri (depending on where you are in the world)

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    #7 Nov 16, 2010 at 00:46 UTC - 0 likes

    @nevjmac: Go

    Ya, I gave it 2 explosion animations, that both play at the same time. One was EMP, the other was called something akin to ElectricShock or ElectricDetonate?

    I did not have the Thor in the video because apparently SOpAttachHead is INSIDE the Thor's body. So I could not see my glowing sticky, or even the solid metal looking charge when I was at that stage.

    #8 Nov 16, 2010 at 01:06 UTC - 0 likes

    @BorgDragon: Go

    Haha, well thors are overated they deserve to die /evilgrin

    #9 Nov 16, 2010 at 11:07 UTC - 0 likes

    @nevjmac: Go

    The sound was off because I wanted the attached bomb animation to finish countdown so the players know when the bomb go off without the buff countdown. But I just figured out how to quicken the animation. Uploading lastest version......

    Now the bomb goes off in 3 secs

    EDIT: Yet another new version.
    I have added explosion range indicator
    Vid remake later.

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    #10 Nov 18, 2010 at 11:04 UTC - 0 likes

    I will not be participating because of the lack of time. Nontheless I want to encourage this sort of exercise. I'm still a beginner at data editing and I plan to follow these exercises closely in the coming months, with the idea of trying to recreate even past exercises for learning purposes. So please continue. If possible, make it so the learning courve and difficulty increases slightly over time.

    #11 Nov 18, 2010 at 21:04 UTC - 0 likes

    @OutsiderXE: Go

    There will be a wide range, I won't get harder over time, as new people will come along each week, every so often I may through a slightly more difficult one in there :)

    #12 Nov 18, 2010 at 21:23 UTC - 0 likes

    @nevjmac: Go

    so... when you gonna post the next one? It's been 7... I am eagerly anticipating the next one ;)

    #13 Nov 18, 2010 at 21:58 UTC - 0 likes

    @BorgDragon: Go

    Shortly ;)

    #14 Nov 19, 2010 at 17:14 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey there, just wanted to post a short video of my remake of the c4 sticky bomb by ftbhrygvn. Just modified it abit and added the Vortex ability of the mothership to it :P

    One little bug I encountered is that the first time the explosion animation doesn't show up. I believe it does show for mechanical units but not sure.

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